How to Effectively Manage Real Estate Listings on Social Media

12 April 2023
How to Effectively Manage Real Estate Listings on Social Media

Social media has ceased becoming just an avenue for families and friends to connect and virtually communicate. For many years now, it has also become a marketing platform for businesses to advertise their products, including real estate professionals representing sellers to list their real estate properties and reach aspiring property owners online.


But social media use for property listings in the real industry requires real estate professionals to be committed and hands-on to reach and convert potential buyers into actual satisfied consumers. In this article, we've gathered various social media platforms where real estate agents can build a strong web presence and produce sales.



How to Effectively Manage Real Estate Listings on Social Media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for real estate professionals. Below is a list of social media channels to promote your property brand and reach your target customers.



Real estate Listing on Facebook

One of the best, if not the utmost best, social media platforms for realtors is Facebook. The social media giant's user demographics reflect the target market of real estate agents. Utilizing Facebook Ads, for example, is especially valuable for agents who are searching for potential clients who are home-hunting in a specific area. With a Facebook Business page, meanwhile, real estate companies can publish listings, client testimonials, and industry updates to keep their audience engaged and informed.



Real Estate Listing on Instagram

While less popular for realtors than Facebook, Instagram can still be utilized in addition to establishing a strong Facebook visibility. After all, Instagram is the social media application that zeroes in on featuring visually appealing photos, ranging from celebrities, companies, and ordinary netizens. As such, realtors can publish high-resolution property photos to attract buyers. Instagram is also an ideal platform to sell fairly expensive properties that may earn the attention of influencers looking for a luxury home to invest in.



Real Estate Listing on Twitter

The social media of hashtags and trending topics is likewise valuable for industry professionals if used correctly. Twitter marketing for real estate agents can help boost your real estate brand by means of sharing relevant content, properly using hashtags, and posting high-quality graphics and photos about your best real estate offers worldwide.



Real Estate Listing on LinkedIn

While it is less likely that you'll gain serious buyers via LinkedIn, this social networking site for job seekers and employers remains a valuable marketing tool for real estate professionals. As a social media platform, you can sign up for an account with LinkedIn and establish connections with fellow professionals in the industry. You can also share smart real estate tips using your LinkedIn account and create a carefully created profile that will be known to publish insightful industry pearls of wisdom.



Real Estate Listing on TikTok

If there is a worthy contender to Facebook as the most widely used social networking site, it would be Tiktok. In fact, Facebook copied the latter's short-form video content through Reels — its own version to compete with the meteoric rise of Tiktok's short-form videos. Having said that, this platform is tremendously useful for real estate agents to reach property buyers online. As a real estate TikToker, you should utilize the platform to post properties and their quality features. If done excellently, Tiktok can prove to be a very powerful marketing tool not only for real estate but for other industries as well.



Real Estate Listing on YouTube

Another worthy platform to build a strong online visibility would be YouTube. Real estate professionals on YouTube can post long-form vlogs visiting a housing community and make their audience feel like they're also there at the site, albeit only virtually. They can use this as an opportunity to sell a real estate property online by highlighting the location of the property, its perks and amenities, and even whether it's close enough to essential establishments so future homeowners will experience less hassle.



5 Social Media Content Ideas for Real Estate Agents

There are multiple ways you can boost your social media presence as a real estate professional. Aside from real estate listing, be it commercial properties, foreclosed properties, or condominiums, there are more than a few social media content ideas that you should try to keep your followers interested. Refer to our quick list below.



1. Publish property pictures

This is a no-brainer. You must post high-quality pictures of a new property on all your social media channels. These will give your audience quick previews of available condos or houses and lots that they may have an interest in buying. As a result, expect potential clients to direct message your account to make further inquiries about the property you just posted.



2. Feature client testimonials

Positive feedback from former clients always serves as a powerful testament that will boost your image as a property seller or provider. Hence, take advantage of this by featuring client testimonials on all your social media accounts to show your other followers that you are a legitimate and trusted real estate brand.



3. Real estate market news and trends

As a real estate company or professional, clients expect you to have a thorough and updated knowledge of the industry. Therefore, part of your social media content should include real estate market news and trends to keep your audience informed about what's the latest in the local or international market.



4. Homeownership tips

Aside from market trends, it is also wise to publish homeownership tips that will be valuable for those looking for advice regarding home management. Just be sure that the topics you come up with are in fact subjects that homeowners really search for on Google. There are some SEO rules that will apply here, though this needs a separate blog for discussion.



5. Live coverage of events

If your company has upcoming events, you can use all your social media channels to conduct live event coverage to provide your followers with the latest happenings of your company. If you publish Facebook Live, for example, you can see how many are watching your video and therefore develop useful methods to increase your social media engagement.


At Lumina Homes, this is what we do to keep our followers informed, engaged, and interested. In fact, we use this website not only to list properties but also to publish relevant industry tips to inform our interested readers about practically everything related to real estate, homeownership, and investment in the Philippine setting.


What is more, we have built a strong social media visibility and are present on all mentioned platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. This is our way to reach more clients and for these valued clients to reach us if they are looking for an affordable house and lot for sale to invest their hard-earned money in.


Metro Manila is overly congested, so Lumina Homes caters to Filipino families who wish to live in flourishing provinces without being deprived of perks and amenities that are only commonly found in urbanized cities. Hence, Lumina Homes built housing projects in top locations such as Cavite, Rizal, Bulacan, Tarlac, Batangas, Laguna, Cebu, Iloilo, Negros Occidental, and Zamboanga del Sur, among many, many other properties from the country's three main islands.


If an affordable house and lot are what you're hunting for, Lumina Homes is definitely the suitable housing brand for you. Get your house and lot in the Philippines today and experience what it's like to live outside the overwhelmingly bustling metropolis without sacrificing quality and convenience.

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