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Reasons Why Rizal Province Makes a Perfect Home Location

23 February 2021
Written by: Cielo Fernando


Living in the metro is often loud, polluted, and chaotic enough to convince us to move to calmer and more laid-back (and picturesque, if we're lucky) provinces. However, making the big move is often questioned because the metro is where most of the huge opportunities are to fulfill the "dreams of making it big one day." 


Just an hour or two away from the metro lies a province that could be the perfect place to choose your home—Rizal. But the question lies: Is Rizal province really worth it to sacrifice our nearness to our family, friends, and workplace? That is what we are about to find out in this article. 


Advantages of Living in Rizal Province

Rizal province may not be the first home location that comes to mind, but it gives us a lot of convincing reasons why it makes a good place to live in. Here we've rounded up a list of eight reasons you should choose Rizal as your home location.


1. Rizal is more accessible than ever.

If accessibility is an issue for you well, Rizal province could be the answer you are looking for. Even if the Philippines' traffic situation, let alone in Metro Manila, worsens the travel from Rizal will not be too problematic, especially with the new infrastructure developments. 

 Access advantages of development in the community going to the city

In a few years, a new toll road called the Metro Manila Expressway will link Rizal to the Metro and CALABARZON (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon). It will also act as a faster route to EDSA and C-5.


And here's more, Rizal is getting more commuter-friendly! This April 2021, LRT-2 Extension in Masinag, Antipolo City will be opened. Transportation going to Metro Manila will be much easier through this, since there is also an existing Pililla-Masinag terminal via UV Express in SM Masinag. Also, there are many public transportations such as jeepneys, buses, and vans that travel directly to several Metro Manila cities. For example, Starmall Shaw is just one ride away from any points in Rizal. Starmall Shaw is where you can take several routes to get around Metro Manila.


2. Work-life balance is achievable.

Rizal offers benefits of its proximity to city

Being in an ideally accessible location supports work-life balance, and this is what Rizal province gives. There are many leisure spots in Rizal that you and your family can enjoy, like private resorts. And since it is just an hour or two away from the metro and there are lots of transportation options, you get to dedicate more time to the things that really matter—getting your work done and having some quality time with your family. What more could you ask for?


3. You will be closer to nature.

One of the main points of choosing to reside in Rizal is the nature-meets-city life it entails. The province lies at the the Sierra Madre's foot, the mountain range popular for being the longest in the Philippines.

Imagine waking up in a place where rice fields are the usual sights, rees and mountains block the sun rays instead of skyscrapers, and you'll hear the chirpings of the birds and roosters are the alarm clocks, and where the air is clean and safe enough to inhale. These are just some of the simple things to greatly appreciate on what the Province of Rizal offers. With green landscapes, stunning waterfalls, and fresh cool air, how can you say no to living in a place close to paradise? 


4. It's a sought-after destination by weekend travelers.

Because of its proximity to Metro Manila, Rizal province is a favorite quick vacation destination for weekend travelers. Just one to two hours away from the metro, you will find the best tourist spots in Rizal composed of wonders of nature and Instagrammable spots fit for any type of traveler. Whether you are an adventurous traveler looking for mountains to hike or a chill person who wants to go for a quick dip to get the much-needed respite from the city life's hustle and bustle there is a destination for everyone.

 Ideal place for nature spots for being surrounded by Sierra Madre

Some of the most beautiful destinations to visit in Rizal are Cloud 9, Hinulugang Taktak, Pinto Art Museum, Masungi Georeserve, Daranak Falls, Batlag Falls, Regina Rica, Treasure Mountain, Mt. Daraitan, Tinipak River, Pililla Windmills, and so much more. What makes Rizal even more attractive is that it is budget-friendly. So, if you are an avid traveler, Rizal could be the perfect location for your dream home. No need to travel long distances just to feel relaxed.


5. It has a lot of pilgrimage sites for the faithful.

If you are someone who is devoted and faithful to your religious beliefs, then Rizal is a great place to reflect. The province boasts a lot of churches, both historic and modern, that became popular pilgrimage sites. In fact, most people who live in Metro Manila or neighboring provinces go to Rizal every Holy Week to visit the churches for Visita Iglesia.

 Rizal churches are most ideal place for Visita Iglesia for devout Catholics

Among the popular churches in Rizal province are the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage (Antipolo Cathedral) and the church of the Virgin Mary in Antipolo, Regina Rica in Tanay, St. Jerome Parish Church in Morong, St. Joseph Church in Baras, St. Mary Magdalene Parish Church in Pililla, The Nuestra Señora de la Annunciata Parish Church (Bosoboso Church) in Antipolo, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in Cardona, Sta. Ursula Church in Binangonan, and more.


6. It has a rich culture.

While technology now takes a huge part of our everyday lives, the locals of Rizal never forget their culture. In fact, it's very much alive in the province. From the old Filipino culture of pamamanhikan to the history and religion, you can count on Rizal province to let you experience the rich culture.


7. A haven for art lovers and nature lovers

As mentioned above, culture is very much alive in the province of Rizal. And part of their culture is the art scene where the province is most known, especially in Angono, the Art Capital of the Philippines.


Angono is the home of two Philippine National Artists: Carlos "Botong" Francisco (National Artist for Visual Arts), who is well-known for his undeniably good murals; and Lucio San Pedro (National Artist for Music), who was a great Filipino composer, conductor, and teacher. In Angono, street murals are a normal sight. And these are not just any other street murals, and they're really a masterpiece.


One of the best examples of history and art coming together is the Angono Binangonan Petroglyphs, which is known as the oldest work of art in the Philippines. 


If you're someone who loves to go to museums, you will enjoy the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo, Art Sector in Binangonan, and Lutong Pugon in Tanay. 


8. It has a lot of restaurants with great views and delicious food.

Foodies will certainly enjoy Rizal as the province offers a lot of cafes and restaurants with great views, delicious food, and cool weather that will give Tagaytay restaurants a run for their money.


Antipolo, Tanay, and Pililla are the best options to go on a food trip with a view. In Antipolo, you can start by going to Tahanan Bistro, Burrow Cafe, Tipulo Filipino, Café Rizal by Peppermill, Cafe Lupe, Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant, Luljetta's Hanging Gardens, and Spa, and Oscar's at Eugenio Lopez Center. While in Tanay, you have Lutong Pugon, Ricardo's Vista del Cielo, and La Franco's Veranda. In Pililla, you have Bulawan Floating Restaurant, Barandilya Restaurant, and Cassandra's Peak.


Best Home Location in Rizal Province

Mention Rizal as a place for building a home, and what usually come to mind are Antipolo, Cainta, and Taytay. For a good reason, these towns are closer to Metro Manila and more developed than other towns in Rizal.


But what many fail to realize is that while these areas are popular and near the metro, the cost of living as well as the value of property is a bit more expensive. If you research more, you will find out that there are other towns that are also promising. 


The municipalities of Binangonan, Baras, and Pililla also deserve a spotlight when talking about an affordable house and lot in Rizal. These areas are also accessible from Metro Manila and have lots of best nature spots, history, tourist destinations you can visit.


Find your affordable house and lot in Rizal through Lumina Homes.


Lumina Homes, the affordable housing arm of Vista Land, is a great option if you're looking for an property for sale in the Province of Rizal, you may try the loan calculator of Lumina Homes and have the sample computation appearing on your screen for the following houses, such as:


Lumina Binangonan

Address: Brgy. Bilibiran, Binangonan, Rizal

Amenities: Guarded Entrance, Basketball Court, Play Area, Gazebo

Financing Options: Bank Financing

House and Lot in Binangonan: Angelique Townhouse, Angeli Townhouse, Angeli Single Firewall


Lumina Pililla

Address: San Antonio Feeder Road Brgy. Quisao Pililla, Rizal

Amenities: Basketball Court, Play Area, Gazebo

Financing Options: Pag Ibig Housing Loan, Bank Financing

Affordable House and Lot in Pililla:

  • Anna Rowhouse
  • Angeli Townhouse
  • Angeli Single Firewall


Lumina Baras

Address: Brgy. Concepcion Baras, Rizal

Amenities: Basketball Court, Play Area, Gazebo

Financing Options: Pag Ibig Housing Loan, Bank Financing

Affordable House and Lot in Baras:

  • Anna Rowhouse (low cost house 24 sqm house on 36 sqm lot with provision for one bedroom)
  • Angelique Duplex (35 sqm house on 36 sqm lot with provision for two bedrooms and carport)
  • Angeli Single Firewall (42 sqm house on 54 sqm lot with provision for three bedrooms and carport) Also available in Duplex type.
  • Armina Single Firewall (42 sqm house on 54 sqm lot with three bedrooms and carport provision) Also available in Duplex type.
  • Athena Single Firewall (53 sqm house on 63 sqm lot, with provision for three bedrooms, family area, and carport) Also available in Duplex type.


Living near the Metro with practicality made possible with Lumina Homes, where you can get your affordable house and lot in Rizal! Achieve your dream home without sacrificing your budget and proximity to your family, friends, and workplace.


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