Top Reasons Why Homeowners are Choosing Lumina Iloilo

23 March 2023
Top Reasons Why Homeowners are Choosing Lumina Iloilo

Located in the province of Western Visayas in the Philippines, Iloilo City is a thriving metropolis that provides a fascinating fusion of contemporary and traditional lifestyles. Iloilo City is a popular choice for those looking for a good quality of life at a reasonable cost inside a master-planned community as a result of its rich history, culture, and lovely local towns.


The city of Iloilo in the Philippines has a lot to offer its residents that might be hard to find in other, bigger urban centers. For one, its compact size means that commute times are shorter and parking is easier to come by compared to the capital city, Manila. The city is also surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, including verdant parks, breathtaking beaches, and scenic rural areas. Because of its kind and hospitable people, Iloilo City is an amazing location to call home.



Province of Iloilo: A Home for Rich History, Natural Beauty, and Friendly Communities

The province of Iloilo is commonly regarded as the Heart of the Philippines as it is situated in the midst of the archipelago. It is composed of 26 towns and cities like San Joaquin, San Miguel, Santa Barbara, Barotac Viejo, and San Rafael.


Its people, the Ilonggos, are recognized for their kind nature and the fact that its capital city, Iloilo City, is also known as the City of Love.


In addition to its rich history, Iloilo also has picturesque beaches and islands, charming heritage residences that survived World War II, and delectable, locally-sourced food. The gorgeous natural beauties of the region and the welcoming residents will make this a perfect location for your brand-new home.



What Region does Iloilo City belong to?

Region VI, sometimes known as Western Visayas, is home to the heavily urbanized metropolis of Iloilo. Despite its status as a highly developed metropolis, which gives it administrative independence, Iloilo City is often associated with the province of Iloilo. Besides being the province capital, this densely populated metropolis is also Western Visayas's regional hub.


The landmass occupied by the city proper is 78.34 square kilometers. According to estimates from 2020 Census, the population was 457,626, which is around 5.75 percent of the entire population in the Western Visayas.



Advantages of Living in Iloilo City

Iloilo City, on the island of Panay, is a bustling metropolis surrounded by historical landmarks and breathtaking natural scenery. Lately, the provincial capital of Iloilo, Philippines, has gained worldwide notice for its eco-friendly initiatives. As the city develops, more and more individuals are drawn to live there after visiting for the first time.



1. Commercial prospects and economic growth

Despite its lesser size in comparison to Cebu and Manila, Iloilo City has been drawing investors in recent years.


More hotels, shopping centers, business process outsourcing (BPO) firms and restaurants have sprung up in the city because of the area's attractive investment climate. The municipal administration is also proactive and pays close attention to its citizens, pooling infrastructure projects and adopting wise policies for the public.



2. Educational hub of Western Visayas

The majority of the Western Visayas' best schools are located in Iloilo. It is home to three public colleges that provide free higher education to residents namely, the University of the Philippines Visayas (main campus in Miag-ao), the West Visayas State University, and the Iloilo Science and Technology University.


Many private colleges and universities may be found in and around Iloilo as well.



3. A plethora of medical facilities

Public and private hospitals are plentiful on both the local and regional levels, making quality medical care easily accessible. Apart from state hospitals like the West Visayas State University Medical Center and the Western Visayas Medical Center, the city is home to a number of reputable private medical facilities as well.



4. More environment-friendly choices

Iloilo City has more bikeable and pedestrian-friendly streets than any other in the Philippines. Also, cleanup campaigns and the introduction of fresh fingerlings helped the city's dwindling Iloilo river make a comeback. It's become a staple dish for many Ilonggos.



5. Benefits of city life in the province

Because of its rapid growth, Iloilo City is an excellent place to make your permanent home. You may also find some peace and quiet in the midst of your hectic schedule thanks to the city's manageable population and well-kept neighborhoods. In addition, the city also serves as a gateway to neighboring towns, giving you the proximity to top Bacolod tourist spots, Islas de Gigantes, Jaro Cathedral, Heritage Homes in Basa Street, other adjacent attractions, through the Iloilo International Airport, which also serves direct flights from other major Philippine airlines.



Arts and Culture

Cultural diversity is one of Iloilo's distinguishing features. The city was given the title "Luy muy leal y noble Ciudad" or Most Loyal and Noble City during the Spanish era, indicating its devotion to the Spanish monarchy. There are also quite a number of heritage houses from colonial era existing in the city up to this date. Some of them are now considered as historical landmark such as the Mansion de Lopez and the Molo Mansion.


Meanwhile, Molo Church is one of the popular century-old churches in the country that you can also find in Iloilo.


These days, modern Ilonggo artisans are similarly well-educated and skillful. Crafts like hablon and sinamay weaving, as well as more modern shell crafts, bamboo crafts, vine crafts, and furniture that highlight current Filipino design, all show the artists' dedication to their trade.



Iloilo City's Food and Delicacies

Those on a quest for delicious cuisine will find Iloilo City to be a fascinating pit stop. Among the distinctive dishes from the Ilonggo cuisine are the well-known La Paz batchoy and Pancit Molo. KBL, kansi, guinamos, and linutik are sure to impress if you have a penchant for the Philippines traditional food.


Because of its sumptuous famous Filipino snacks, the city becomes popular with tourists and the best place to go in Christmas Philippines, as well as during the other types of holidays in the Philippines.



Housing Market Trends

Iloilo City is well on its way to being one of the Top 5 Most Livable Highly Urbanized Cities in the Philippines by 2028, thanks in large part to its many development projects, some of which have won accolades.


The city administration also prioritizes both "vertical" infrastructure development and "horizontal" initiatives and programs that improve the city's approach to urban planning and management as well as to Iloilo's economy.



Lumina Iloilo, Your Natural Harbor to Cultural and Economic Opportunities

Living in Iloilo means being surrounded by a wholesome atmosphere rich in artistic and cultural opportunities. You may also find a wide variety of restaurants and entertainment venues in this area. Furthermore, a getaway is no more than a day trip away.


Besides that, Iloilo's thriving banking sector and major commercial centers make doing business there a breeze.

Getting a home investment in Iloilo City proper is now made easier and achievable through Lumina Iloilo's affordable house and lot for sale.


Strategically located in Brgy. Abilay Norte, Oton, Iloilo, this affordable house and lot is close to almost everything that you need, giving you a quality living experience away from Metro Manila.


You can choose from our two-storey house and lot in the Philippines which varies from townhouses, duplexes, as well as single firewall units. Your Lumina Homes investment in Iloilo City comes with a package of amenities that includes a Multi-Purpose Hall, a Guarded Entrance, as well as Mini Gardens & Playgrounds.


Savor the peaceful and laidback lifestyle while enjoying all the comforts of the city in Lumina Iloilo, your next home destination!

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