Why Live in Calauan Laguna?

25 February 2023
Why Live in Calauan Laguna

When on the hunt for an affordable house and lot for sale, location plays a quintessential role in the desirability of a real estate property purchase. No one would choose a neighborhood that's devoid of valuable perks and lifestyle amenities, would they?


The province of Laguna is the opposite of a poor location. With a thriving economy and more, Laguna province as a real estate investment choice is something that serious homebuyers would not be disappointed to choose as their place of residence. If you want to know more about why living in Calauan Laguna is the best property investment choice, Lumina Homes will give you a comprehensive guide.



Quick Facts about Calauan

Located southeast of Metro Manila, Calauan is a second-class municipality in Laguna province. Its town's name is derived from the Tagalog word "kalawang," which means rust. According to folklore, the town derived its name from when the Spaniards began building the Municipal Church and water seeped into the ground. The water is said to be color brown, which resembles rust. According to the 2020 census, Calauan is home to 87,693 residents.


The town's patron saint is Isidore the Laborer, the patron of farmers, and better known in Spanish as San Isidro Labrador. In Barangay Lamot 2, meanwhile, lies Mount Kalisungan which used to be the site for withdrawing Japanese soldiers during World War II. In addition to its historical relevance, this 760-MASL mountain is also a frequented destination during Holy Week among locals, giving them a magnificent view of the following famous Laguna destinations: Mount Tagapo, Talim Island, Mount Sembrano, Calliraya Islands, the seven lakes of San Pablo, Mount Banahaw, and Mount Makiling, among others.

The municipality of Calauan is part of Laguna province. Hence, the town is part of the Calabarzon region or Region IV-A in Luzon, alongside Cavite, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon Province. Laguna is ranked as the seventh richest province in the Philippines and is known for the largest lake in the country — Laguna de Bay — and as the birthplace of the country's de facto national hero, Jose Rizal, forming a major role in Philippine history.


Laguna, which is composed of 60,624 hectares of disposable agricultural land, more than 23 percent of which is forest land, comprises five (5) component cities, including San Pedro, San Pablo, Santa Rosa, Calamba, Biñan, and Cabuyao. It has 24 other municipalities, of which Calauan is a part. It is the country's seventh richest province with a population of 3,382,193 per the 2020 census.



Advantages of Living in Laguna Province

Southern Luzon comprising Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon province is a leading region outside Metro Manila for property investors and developers. Laguna is doubtless one of the key drivers of this real estate boom for a variety of good reasons. These are as follows.



1. Accessible modes of transportation

If you're not originally from this province, you won't have any problems with its modes of transportation. From buses, jeepneys, and tricycles, reaching many areas in Laguna are reachable via these public utility vehicles.



2. Thriving local economy

As Laguna thrives economically every year, it attracts more and more businesses to establish their presence in this province and provide employment opportunities for Laguna residents. To date, the province earned three major monikers: 'Detroit of the Philipines' for having major manufacturing vehicle companies present in Santa Rosa, 'Silicon Valley of the Philippines' for having a vast presence of electronic and semi-conductor businesses, and 'Resort Capital of the Philippines' for being home to more than 700 hot springs' resorts, especially in Los Baños and Calamba.



3. Tourism spots are aplenty

Most aspiring property owners hunt for a location that could be close to leisure spots and tourist destinations, which will enable them to relax and unwind outdoors without traveling too far from their house and lot in the Philippines. Laguna provides this major perk as it is strategically located near top tourist spots for those who seek places of relaxation. Some of these top destinations are:



  • Enchanted Kingdom (Santa Rosa)

  • Rizal Shrine (Calamba)

  • Alberto House (Biñan)

  • Cuartel de Santo Domingo (Santa Rosa)

  • Pagsanjan Falls (Pagsanjan)

  • Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery (Nagcarlan)

  • Emilio Jacinto Shrine (Santa Cruz)

  • Field of Faith Sanctuary (Calauan)

  • Tipakan (Luisiana)

  • Japanese Garden (Lumban)

  • Seven Lakes (San Pablo)



4. Nature-friendly provincial living

If you're one of the multitudes of people who grew tired of Metro Manila's overwhelming hustle and bustle, the province will invite you to its calming and nature-friendly atmosphere. Laguna is one such province that will surely click to Filipino families who want to live a modest life without being deprived of essential establishments for comfort and convenience.


If you commit to knowing more about your future residence, here are other interesting facts about Laguna province as a whole.



It is wealthy in culture and the arts

The province of Laguna contributed significantly to the development of arts in the country. The town of Paete, for one, is recognized as the Woodcarving Capital of the Philippines. This distinction is attributed to the large murals of saints as well as depictions of Earth, Heaven, and Hell in the Saint James the Apostle Parish Church. These murals were created by Josef Luciano Dans, one of the earliest recorded Filipino artists, a true Paete pride.


The Philippines being remarkably wealthy with culture, Laguna has its fair share of feasts and festivals in various parts of the province. These include the Itik Festival in Victoria, Coconut Festival in San Pablo City, Anilag Festival in Sta. Cruz, and of course, the Pinya Festival in Calauan, where a Lumina Homes project stands for prospective homeowners who wish to achieve tranquil living in the province while being served with plenty of urban perks.



Delicious dishes and delicacies for the foodies

Laguna is not only famous for its historical relevance as Gat Jose Rizal's birthplace, Lagunenses are also known for their appetizing food and delicacies that local and international tourists will surely love, crave, and get as pasalubong for their loved ones. Whether it's in restaurants, souvenir shops, or roadside stalls, Laguna is arguably an underexplored haven for foodies. In Laguna, they have the following as a specialty.


  • Buko Pie

  • Bibingka de Macapuno

  • Kesong Puti

  • Pako Salad

  • Pansit Kalabuko

  • Kulawong Talong

  • Espasol

  • Monay Bae



Real estate is remarkably booming in Laguna

Reports hype up the Calabarzon region as a top spot for real estate properties, be it commercial, industrial, or affordable house and lot for sale. The growing population in the region is also seen as a driver for businesses and real estate developers to invest in the region. As more and more residents choose residential sites outside Metro Manila, South Luzon, of which Laguna is a part, has become a top choice for homebuyers and home builders alike.


This trend in Laguna real estate is also set to increase employment opportunities for Lagunenses as more and more companies and businesses will build their presence near sites where there are real estate developments, such as the housing communities built in Calauan.



Past and present infrastructure projects boost Laguna's accessibility

With more infrastructure programs developed to ease travel for commuters and logistics management for businesses in Laguna, this all the more fuels demand for real estate properties in the province. The horror of traffic in the capital region will be replaced with convenience for those who now plan to reside in Laguna to escape the noise pollution in the metropolis.


Some of the key infrastructure projects in Laguna include the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), the partially operated Cavite–Laguna Expressway, the proposed Laguna Lakeshore Expressway Dike, and the Calamba–Los Baños Expressway. Aside from these major roads, many other infrastructure projects have greatly benefitted Laguna residents and those who visit the province.



Laguna is a prosperous province and the town of Calauan is contributing to its boom through real estate properties. Lumina Homes, an affordable house and lot provider for more than 10 years, is the real estate brand partner you can trust for your new home in Calauan, Laguna.


With proximity to reputable academic institutions, marketplaces, shopping malls, hospitals and clinics, government offices, and major roads, you can never worry about going to other cities just to avail of essential services as Calauan has it readily available for you within the community. Own your Laguna house and lot in the town of Calauan and experience convenient homeownership situated in a relaxing provincial setting.

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