Axie Infinity: The New Pet Craze in Town

15 July 2021
axie infinity lumina homes house and lot for sale investment min

As everything slowly turns digital these days, cryptocurrency or crypto, in short, also rose to fame. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency secured with cryptography that can make it almost impossible to counterfeit and make online transactions more secure. You can also use this to buy items and services.


What is Axie Infinity?

how to play axie infinity lumina homes house and lot for sale philippines

Axie Infinity is like a haven to gamers as it combines cryptocurrency and online gaming. Now, game-lovers can enjoy playing this game either on mobile or desktop while earning money. Axie's objective is to make blockchain technology accessible to the general public in a fun way. It's an Ethereum (ETH)-based play-to-earn cryptocurrency. Inspired by Pokemon and CryptoKitties, Sky Mavis created this game.


How to play Axie Infinity?

how to earn in axie lumina homes house and lot for sale min

Axie Infinity can be downloaded through your desktop or android phone. For iOS, it is still in the beta version. You need to sign-up first before playing it, and you will also be required to have an Ethereum wallet. After that, you need to buy your own 3 Axies to start the game. Prices start at 0.065 ETH and above.


To download Axie Infinity on your desktop, you must first download it in the installation .zip file for PC. Then open the installation file zip file and extract the file mavis_hub_setup up. Then, you must turn on the Mavis Hub Setup file and select the Mavis Hub icon. Next is to choose the option Create a new account in the Mavis Hub login interface. After that, select Sign Up with MetaMask, then fill in Password and press Unlock in the login interface. For the next step, click on the MetaMask extension icon and select Sign below. With that, you will then log in to your MetaMask account and return to the Mavis Hub interface. Install the game by clicking on Install.


Select Edit, then click the folder containing the game, then start to install if you wish to alter the game installation directory. Wait for the game to finish installing before selecting Play to begin playing. Then you can begin playing Axie Infinity right away!


Meanwhile, playing Axie Infinity is more convenient on smartphones than on PC. To download Axie Infinity for iPhone, you need the TestFlight app. Then click on the Axie Infinity download link for iOS below to download the game. Currently, the Axie Infinity beta on iPhone is now full. We will have to wait for the next beta opening of this version.


By the way, you will use these Axies in battles, so make sure to choose and buy them wisely. The more expensive the Axies are, the stronger they are, so you will have more chances to win on advanced levels. Players can also breed their Axies to create more powerful ones that they can utilize in battles or sell on the marketplace.


Don't have enough money to buy good enough Axies? Try Axie scholarships where other players lend their Axies to the newbies who can't still afford to buy decent ones. Usually, in this kind of setup, lenders get a commission from the borrower's earnings.


How to Earn in Axie Infinity?

how to earn money in axie infinity lumina homes house and lot


Users can either earn the Axie Infinity Shard token (AXS) or Smooth Love Potion (SLP), which is the in-game token you get from nurturing your cute unique digital pets or Axies. In this Pokemon-inspired universe, players need to breed, nurture, and combat their Axies to win tokens. Those who do not wish to participate in the game can purchase both tokens on decentralized markets. These Axies are also non-fungible tokens or NFTs that can be bought or sold by the players.


The most valuable Axie ever sold on their marketplace, according to their website, was for 300 ETH. Now, it is true that the value of cryptocurrencies can fluctuate at any time, but recently, its value spikes up that 1 ETH is presently valued at over P100,000, giving you a sense of how much Axies is worth are.


Players can earn money from the game in three ways right now:

  1. SLP mining or farming- Simply doing some tasks in the game will earn you 150 SLPs per day. The adventure mode has a daily cap of 100 SLP, with a 50 SLP reward for completing all of the daily quests. Based on the SLP rate, which is PhP16 at the time of writing, this alone may get you PhP2,400 points.
  2. Breed Axies for sale- Axies can only be bred if two unrelated Axies are mated. While you will have to spend some SLPs and AXS to do so, you will be able to manufacture a new Axie for a fraction of the price of purchasing one. The Axies can then be sold in the marketplace for a profit.
  3. Flipping Axies- Just like the flip term in real estate, the concept is the same. Purchase Axies at a lower price and then sell them when the price rises.


What is a better investment: Real Estate or Axie Infinity?

better investment in axie vs real estate lumina homes house and lot for sale in the Philippines

With many people certifying that you can absolutely earn money from this game, and some even wield it as their new source of income, we should still be wary of investing in Axie Infinity. As the cryptocurrency market keeps fluctuating, playing and earning from Axie Infinity would be like a gamble, unlike when you choose a real estate investment.


So, if you are looking forward to a more stable kind of investment for your future, something that you don't need to put your money on risks, I suggest investing in a house and lot instead.


House and lot investment can't just give you the stability and the security that you need but also, money-wise, can give you an affirmative and fair growth every year. Unlike Axie Infinity's value that keeps on changing and a bit chaotic, real estate values are consistently appraising every year. This means that you will have more chances to have a bigger remuneration as time goes by.


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