Wordle: The Newest Viral Word Game in Town!

9 February 2022
Wordle The Newest Viral Word Game in Town

How much time have you spent lately on Twitter? Do your curiosity spike when you see those postings with yellow, green, and gray boxes and wonder, what are these all about? There you go, that's Wordle.


Although Wordle has only been around for a few weeks, the popular puzzle game has quickly become a must-have internet game for many people.


Wordle and creator Josh Wardle

Wordle and creator Josh Wardle

The game was created by Josh Wardle, a New York software developer, and it was introduced in the autumn of 2021. Wordle's player base grew from 90 on November 1 to 2 million by mid-January this year! A growing number of players started sharing their Wordle results on social media, which attracted new players but also drew ridicule from non-players fed up with the viral spread of Wordle results from postings in their social media feeds. This results in a more curious audience that sooner than later became viral in the world!


So, let's talk more about what Wordle is and the rules of this word gameplay.


What is this daily word game all about?

On this you may play Wordle, a daily word game. You may only play it once a day, like a crossword puzzle. It's a lot of fun! A new word of the day is announced every 24 hours, and it's up to you to figure it out. Even the site itself does an excellent job of laying out the rules and goals in playing this word game.


Fan of puzzles? Try Wordle and have six chances or six tries to guess the correct letter!

Fan of puzzles? Try Wordle and have six chances or six tries to guess the correct letter!

The five letter word game play

The goal of this free-to-play game is to identify the five-letter word in six attempts or less. A green square appears on the screen if you receive a letter that's in the right location on each subsequent try. When you place a proper letter is typed in the incorrect place, it appears yellow. Gray squares appear on any letter that is not part of the word.


You are allowed to submit a total of six words, which translates to five burner words from which you may glean information about the letters and their positions. When the time comes, you'll only have one shot at putting these pointers to use. You may even go for speed and guess the word of the day in three, two, or even one go.


Wordle’s tips and tricks

If you're a word game enthusiast, you may want to disregard the following advice and depend solely on your own intuition. For those of you who are fed up with seeing gray boxes or beginners of this word gameplay, here are some tips that you can find useful in playing this game:

1. The most crucial word is the first one. Choose a term with three vowels and five distinct letters to increase the impact of your opening gambit.
2. What letters are green, yellow, and gray are shown on the bottom of the Wordle board by a keyboard Gray characters should not be used again.


Why is it so addicting?

Playing Wordle is so popular that the New York Times reports that more than 300,000 individuals play it every day. Though it's hard to fathom, there are a few little aspects that have contributed to the phenomenon's astronomical rise in popularity:


Reason # 1: Only one puzzle is given out each day.

This generates a degree of suspense. Each time you try to play Wordle, you only get one chance. If you make a mistake, you will have to wait until the next day to get a new puzzle.


Reason # 2: The same puzzle is being played by everyone.

This is essential since it makes it easy to ping your friend and discuss the day's puzzle. You can easily share how difficult today's puzzle is, ask your friend how did they be able to solve it, or if they were able to solve the puzzle already. 


Reason # 3: Sharing your results is a cinch.

Feeling happy and proudly accomplished of completing your puzzle for the day? You can easily share your day's achievement to your friends by posting it on social media like Twitter, as after completing the puzzle, you would be invited by the site to share your Wordle journey of the day on your preferred social media account! Just take note, though, that the letters and words you choose are concealed. In a sequence of yellow, green, and gray boxes, your trip to the word is all that is revealed.


This word game definitely has a stronghold on the player's attention. There's a gloating aspect where you have to share to your followers how brilliant you are and post if you get it easily, maybe on the second or third time. It's also a great tale if you get it by the skin of your teeth on the sixth attempt. But, most significantly, the solution to the riddle isn't revealed.


Wordle isn't just a word game; it's also a great way to start a discussion and brag about yourself on social media. It's for this reason that it's gone viral.


More apps for your brain this weekend? Search for games like Saltong the Filipino version of Wordle!

More apps for your brain this weekend? Search for games like Saltong the Filipino version of Wordle!

But do you know that the Philippines also has its own version of Wordle? Yep! You heard it right!


Saltong: a Filipino clone of Wordle

It is not necessary to download an app to use Saltong since, just like Wordle, it is a web-based service, too.


Neither is your name, email address, or any other identifying information requested. Pop-up advertising and video snippets can't be found on this site, and there are no social networking restrictions. Since the next word is not given until the next day, there is no danger of being lost in the shuffle.


New and existing players and fans of Wordle game point out that the game is free and a good past time

New and existing players and fans of Wordle game point out that the game is free and a good past time

Other than its standard five word puzzle like Wordle, Saltong also offers a "Mini" version for its players in which you can play a four-letter puzzle with five tries. Meanwhile, Saltong also offers a "Max" version that has a seven-letter puzzle with eight tries.


About its creator

Carl de Guia is the creator of this Filipino Wordle, Saltong, which he made while working as an Accenture application development lead. These days, he is currently pursuing his masters in electrical engineering with an emphasis on artificial intelligence, digital signal processing, and computer vision. 


According to him, provided the word list for the game while GitHub is where its code is stored.


Why "Saltong"?

According to de Guia, Saltong is an amalgamation of the Filipino words "salita" and "bugtong." It is because he believed that the word "Wordle" was a combination of "word" and "riddle." He finds it a funny name to call the Filipino version of Wordle.


It was then that he decided to share the prototype with his friends only when he observed that others were also tweeting the results of their word gameplay. That is the time when he decided to launch it. 


With better internet connection, enjoy the Wordle game in your new home!

With better internet connection, enjoy the Wordle game in your new home!

Whether it is Wordle or Saltong, it is definitely like a breath of fresh air that we were able to find a new source of entertainment and fun this pandemic. Thanks to these developers, we were still able to share fun and laughter! Wordle is an enjoyable game to play with our friends and loved ones, just like being a correct letter placed in the right spot!


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