7 Virtual Valentine's Day Ideas for Work That Officemates Will Surely Enjoy

23 January 2022
7 Virtual Valentines Day Ideas for Work That Officemates Will Surely Enjoy

 This year's Valentine's Day is set on a Monday. I know, right? It's a working day, and the worst part is it's the starting day of the workweek. Yikes! I know many of us dreaded this day, thus the tagline Manic Monday but you can still celebrate Valentine's day in a fun way and yet be productive even though you need to work before your date night. 


As all of us know, Valentine's Day is a day of romance. This is a special time to show your love and affection for those you care about. Love is in the air that even your colleagues would appreciate it if you take advantage of the holidays to show them some of the affection you have for them. Remember that employees like us are the ones that put in long hours to run the business operations every day of the year and have enough right to spend Valentine's day or virtual dates.


In light of the fact, however, it is said that 87% of workers express that they don't have enough employee engagement or employee recognition. So make sure to grab the opportunity this Valentine's Day to show appreciation to your colleagues creatively and acceptably through virtual Valentine's day activities.


Making your coworkers feel valued and having engaged employees, as it happens, has been shown to enhance productivity and decrease the likelihood of looking for a new job, and this can be achieved by showing them that you value their contributions to the entire company.


How to celebrate Valentine's Day virtually at work?

Here are a few creative ideas for your reference in celebrating Valentine's Day with a remote team aside from a virtual cooking class and usual chocolate giving.


1. Valentine's icebreakers for employee engagement

The best way to start engaging your employees is by creating activities that can break the ice or stress at work. It is an excellent gesture to exchange Valentine's Day icebreakers at the beginning of meetings or team-building activities. With these ideas, you may honor the occasion without feeling obligated to do something extravagant or formal.


You are welcome to come up with other topics of discourse. Just make sure to keep them PG and work-appropriate. You can use some of these icebreakers during your lighten up the mood of your meeting on Valentine's Day:

  • What is your ideal Valentine's Day gift?
  • Have you experienced going on a blind date on the day of Valentine's?
  • Name one past celebrity crush.
  • What is your favorite love song, and why is it special to you?
  • What is your deal-breaker in a relationship?


2. Remote movie night to include on your virtual date ideas

Just use an application like Watch2Gether to synchronize your video feeds once you've convened using software like Zoom or WebEx. You may either watch one of your old favorites or discover a new film to get hooked on together. You can even discover a new TV show or take turns sharing short web movies with one other during your lunch break. A movie night may still be enjoyed remotely even though you can't go to the theater or relax on the sofa together.


3. Heart's Day scavenger hunt

Your video call participants should be given one prompt at a time to complete the Valentine's Day scavenger hunt. Assign points to the team whose member completes the assignment first or best, and make sure to split into teams at the start of the game. The winning team will be determined at the end of the game. Using online treasure hunts during video calls is fun to entertain and engage your colleagues during work hours.


4. VDay Virtual Bingo 

The first step is to distribute Bingo cards to your members. Players complete squares by mingling with their other colleagues. In the event that a member locates squares that characterize by other participants, they put their names in the box. The player who marks five consecutive squares first will win the game. Just make sure that you randomly assign the squares so that no one wins all at once!


Players have the option of mingling in a big group or having more private discussions in breakout rooms. This game can be played from 10 minutes to the whole duration of the video call. As a fun method to get people talking during a video conference call, remote bingo may help get people warmed up before the meeting even starts.


5. Guess the love song

There are hundreds of songs that are about love or include the word "love" in their titles or lyrics. A fun Valentine's Day game to play through video calls is "Guess the love song." To play this, you need to split first your team into groups. Each group will then take turns in singing or humming a love song or even playing a minus one of the songs. Other groups will then try to guess the love song and the group that gets most of the points by answering the tune correctly wins the game. To add extra fun, you can ask the losing team to serenade the winners!


6. Send Valentines e-cards

Even after graduating from high school, adults are still delighted to get Valentine's Day cards in the mail. It's always nice to hear a kind word from a coworker, and sending virtual Valentine's Day e-cards may make remote workers feel less alone and isolated. You can use an online tool to make your own unique cards or send originally published Valentine's e-cards from companies like American Greetings or Hallmark.


7. Online Valentines Day Jam

Because this holiday is all about love, not only romantic relationships, you can take advantage of the occasion to talk about the things you like most about your work and your colleagues during a video call party. Coworkers may join you in a video conference using Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams to celebrate V-Day virtually.


Some of the ideas you can incorporate into your VDay party are:

  • Wear a pink and bright red ensemble. The member with the finest accessory may win an award for the costume contest.
  • Customize the Zoom backdrop with hearts or romantic places.
  • Play Valentine's Day video games online.
  • Send sweets, pastries, stationery, costume jewelry, and heart-shaped socks to your members, as well as a handwritten greeting.
  • Make a playlist of your favorite songs and share it with your loved ones.


Organizing a virtual Valentine's Day celebration for your remote staff is a terrific method to combat loneliness and isolation at this time of pandemic and boost morale. If you live in an area where it's cold, February is a perfect month to share warmth by expressing your care and love to your colleagues.


And nothing beats this remote Valentine's day celebration than a fast internet connection, especially when you are at a work-from-home setup!


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