Get your Daily Dose of Kilig in these Love is in the LuminAir Entries

7 February 2022
og get your daily dose of kilig in these love is in the luminair entries optimized

It is just a few more days before Valentine's Day. If you feel like you still don't have enough dose of inspiration or kilig factor this Heart's Month, you can grab some with these unique and fascinating stories from Lumina Homes Facebook Contest. 


Love is in the LuminAIR is an online contest launched by Lumina Homes for Valentine's celebration by letting its followers share their unique love story and win a cash prize of Php 3,000! Here are some of the sweetest stories to inspire you this Valentine's Day:


A match made in heaven

Fate and destiny make way to meet your other half in this world.

This love story all started on a jeepney ride on the way to work. The girl's bag was snatched. And in the middle of the chaos, a gentleman lends his phone to help her make a phone call. She was thankful for the man's help and wanted to know the gentleman's name, but unfortunately, he alighted from the jeepney that she didn't have the chance to ask him.


Never had she imagined that she could meet him again in their office and soon became her officemate. And of course, she didn't miss this opportunity and introduced herself, got closer to him, and sooner they became friends. She finds him amusing because of his funny antics and yet still responsible, loving, and sweet.


Although they are completely the opposite of each other, this gentleman courted her. The guy put his best foot forward to make her feel special, and that made her swoon. Years passed, and the guy proposed to her, and she said yes! After five years of being in a relationship, they got married the next year. Like many other married couples, they also faced many challenges in their journey but were still able and continue to hold on to their vows.


Finding love in a hopeless place

Do you feel hopeless since you just got out of failed marriage? Ever wonder if you can still find the right man for you even if you are already a separated mom? This is a story of a woman who lost hope and is scared to fall in love again until she meets her lifetime partner.


The couple started going out as friends. After a month, the guy courted her. Although she had doubts about him and had already lost confidence in love, the man showed her his sincerity by consistently courting her until she said yes after a month.


Happy as she is to find a new love once again, the woman immediately introduced him to her family, and they accepted him. They had a great time together at first, but just like any other relationship that came from a failed marriage, they also went through a lot of trials. Her ex-husband threatened and tried to mess up their relationship aside from having problems with the guy's family as they can't accept the fact that their son's partner already has a child. They still fought their love for each other, and now, they also have their 10-year-old child.


Living together for more than ten years, the guy remains true with his love, sincerity, and intention to the woman. With that, they stay strong together, facing all the challenges that life throws at them.


A high school love story

Can you still remember your first love from high school? Well, this love story started from that and already got tested with time.


The girl was already in her 3rd year in high school and was a transferee that she didn't know a lot of friends from her new school until this random boy from the other class saw her and fell hard in love with her.


The courting started with a love letter made by one of the boy's friends, whom he paid Php 50 for the written letter. The boy courted for three months straight, but she decided to stop it since they were both young and she wanted to focus and finish her studies first.


Fast forward after her college graduation, the girl went back to the Metro to look for a job. She was in fast food restaurant when she accidentally slipped, and a guy caught her. She was totally surprised when she saw the man who caught her falling—it was her schoolmate and suitor from high school!


Right then, they became close again to each other and started dating. Soon they got married and now have two kids. Who would have thought that destiny would let these two love birds cross each other's path again after five years?


A codename for L.O.V.E.

In the past, when the internet was not yet accessible by everyone, the means of communication for friends were through SMS or text clans. Members were using codenames instead of their real names and were able to meet friends and even a partner through it. Just like the couple in this story.


The guy joined a texting club launched by a famous mobile network provider and met a girl two years older than him. Eventually, they became close to each other as he treated her as her "ate" or older sister. Six months had passed, and they got closer when the girl admitted and told her true feelings for the guy.


The guy got nervous and told the girl that her feelings for him would soon pass. The girl was hurt and stopped communicating with the guy. That's the time when the guy realized that he also has feelings for the girl. He immediately contacted her and told her what he really felt. Soon enough, they started dating and now have one daughter. They are now also planning to get married after 12 years of living together.


Can you relate to these love stories? These are just some of the charming stories you can see from LOVE IS IN THE LUMINAIR! Facebook post. On the Lumina Official Facebook page, the top 3 comments with the most scores in terms of reactions (50%) and uniqueness (50%) will be announced on February 16, 2022. Great prizes await the winners:

  • 1st Place - 3,000 
  • 2nd Place - 2,000 
  • 3rd Place - 1,000


So hurry and visit Lumina's Official Facebook Page now and get your daily dose of kilig love stories this coming Valentine's Day. Don't also forget to react and support your favorite unique love story!


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Do you also have a kilig love story to share? Comment down below, and we will be glad to feel the love too!

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