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Juan Support, Your Lumina Homes' Virtual Admin Assistant

17 December 2020
Written by: Ness Albito


If there is one thing that we are greatly thankful for at this age and this pandemic period, it would be the constant evolution of technology all around the globe. The information highway absolutely manifests its serviceability and expediency by providing us means to communicate and still be progressive even at the comforts of our own homes.


Lumina Homes, the affordable house and lot segment of Vista Land, ceaselessly find new platforms in expanding its presence in the online market. Having over 50 house and lot projects nationwide, Lumina Homes wants to consistently provide convenience for the homeowners and existing clients. So Lumina Homes developed a new system in order to guarantee its reachability obligation.


Juan Support is the Official Facebook Page of the Lumina Homes Admin Support Team.



Talk to Juan on Messenger



Through this, you can easily reach out to the Lumina Homes Admin for any concerns that you have regarding your acquired house and lot.


No need to visit, fall in line, and proceed to the nearest Lumina Homes Offices for your immediate concerns! With the scope of prioritizing safety and convenience Lumina Homeowners, Lumina Homes created Juan Support, your own virtual admin assistant that always stands ready on your every housing query. 


Some of the concerns that Juan Support is capable of answering are the frequently asked questions like payments, Statement of Account, requirements, house construction updates, home improvements and restrictions, and title processing.


For payment inquiries, Juan Support also informs you about the list of channel options for the payment of your dues. Juan Support can also provide guidance on how you may inquire about your Statement of Account through Lumina e-Text!


Plus, a gentle reminder that missed payments have a cumulative 4% monthly penalty and 3 months consecutive non-payment will make your account tagged as a subject for cancellation.


It also emphasizes important reminders like the number of days to submit the requirements needed after your Lumina house and lot reservation. This is to make sure that you meet the deadline for this process. 


This is an awesome virtual assistant since you don’t have to undergo the hassle and stress of knowing the details and information about your affordable house and lot!


Aside from this, you still have the option to contact the Lumina Homes Admin Team through their mobile number at 0917-836-8962 or through their email at [email protected]


Undoubtedly, technology revolutionizes our life and Lumina Homes with its innovative ideas in providing quality yet affordable house and lot to every Filipino.


So, what are you waiting for? “PM Sent, KABARANGAY!” Juan is always happy to assist you!


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For more information on Lumina Homes, contact (0917) 629 6523.
Visit our official website at and like/follow our official online channels: FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube, Google MyBusiness & Google Maps, PinterestSpotifyViberTelegramLazada, and Shopee.

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