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Handog Para Kay Juan, Community Pantry of Lumina Homes

9 May 2021

Inspired by community pantry initiatives across the country, Lumina Homes launched the "Handog Para Kay Juan" Community Pantry for Lumina Homeowners and Sellers last May 8, 2021.


Lumina Homes also followed the Maginhawa-inspired community pantry offering rice, vegetables, fruits, bread, canned goods, dairy products, and other consumables. 


Here are some of Lumina house and lot project locations that launched community pantries:


1. Lumina Bacolod


In the spirit of volunteerism and compassion, Lumina Bacolod shed light by being one with the organizers of various community pantries. The main goal of this program is not just to jive with the trend but to help homeowners and inspire them by being warm and sensitive to others. Handog Para Kay Juan represents a true Bayanihan spirit reflected on every Bacolodnon and of every Filipino.


Houses in the Philippines Lumina Homes in Bacolod Community Pantry

Lumina Bacolod Handog Para Kay Juan Community Pantry


According to Ritcheal Lambating, one of the organizers of Handog Para Kay Juan in Lumina Bacolod, "Maghatag base sa imo masarangan; magkuha base sa imo kinahanglan." Donate according to your ability, get according to your needs, has inspired individuals and groups. Lumina Homes join the community food pantry effort in Bacolod City. Bacolodnons seem to have found a ray of hope among themselves, as a sense of community is being forged and manifested in community pantries.


2. Lumina Butuan


Sharing blessings and set up a community pantry to respond to the call for people to help each other amid the pandemic is the aim of Lumina Butuan for organizing Handog Para Kay Juan. Consolidated efforts of Lumina Homes, its homeowners, and Bida Lumina Sellers that provide free items such as rice, vegetables, and canned goods made the activity indeed a success.


Houses in the Philippines Lumina Homes in Butuan Community Pantry

Lumina Butuan Handog Para Kay Juan Community Pantry


"In this trying time, even our smallest act of charity can magnify the call for helping one another. It can inspire everyone to contribute and do his share in building a strong and united community," says Joseph Delopere, Unit Manager, Team Royalties of Filipino Homes. Mr. Delopere is one of the good samaritans that contributed donations for Handog Para Kay Juan in Lumina Butuan.


3. Lumina Plaridel


Community pantry coordination represents bayanihan and shows the nature of family and village life with a team spirit and an atmosphere of unselfish cooperation.


Houses in the Philippines Lumina Homes in Plaridel Community Pantry

Lumina Plaridel Handog Para Kay Juan Community Pantry


Lumina Plaridel, house and lot for sale in Bulacan, implied the same concept of community pantry as a guide. Individuals could take as much as they needed and donate whatever they could.


4. Lumina Lipa


"Every act of kindness creates a ripple as every grateful person will pass the act of kindness to others. We should do more of this and always be a helping hand," says Aira Macasaet, one of the organizers of Handog Para Kay Juan in Lumina Lipa.


Houses in the Philippines Lumina Homes in Lipa Community Pantry

Lumina Lipa Handog Para Kay Juan Community Pantry


Community pantries in the Philippines are also categorized as the best chain reaction that happened in the country during this pandemic. Lumina Homes in Batangas also set up a food bank with vegetables bought from local vendors and other essential supplies.


5. Lumina Pandi


Houses in the Philippines Lumina Homes in Pandi Community Pantry

Lumina Pandi Handog Para Kay Juan Community Pantry


Jhon Vincent San Juan, an organizer of Handog Para Kay Juan in Lumina Pandi, shared that this activity is very fulfilling. He felt the heart-warming appreciation with every sweet smile and "thank yous" of the homeowner beneficiaries.


6. Lumina Iloilo


As stated by Joyous Feb Gomito, one of the organizers of Handog Para Kay Juan in Lumina Iloilo, "Christmas is not the only season to give, but in times of need, we must help each other and uplift the famous Filipino phrase "Kapit-bisig." By commencing our community pantry Handog Para Kay Juan, we are not only helping others alleviate their hunger, but as a Filipino, we are also assuring that we got their back in bad times. Let us ease the shortcomings of our fellow countrymen with sincerity and purest heart; only by then will we realize the true essence of giving, which is not about offering donations, but like love, it should be unconditional. Let's continue to spread the love for every Juan."


"Every people experience hardship because of the pandemic, and we are inspired to give to people in need. Even though some people are also lacking, they can still donate a small amount to their fellow homeowners. In a small act of kindness, there are a lot of people who you can help." Kimberly Tornalejo, organizing team of Handog Para kay Juan in Lumina Iloilo.


Houses in the Philippines Lumina Homes in Iloilo Community Pantry

Lumina Iloilo Handog Para Kay Juan Community Pantry


"As one of the organizers of Handog Para Kay Juan: Lumina Iloilo Community Pantry, we are delighted and thankful to every Juan, especially to our sellers and business partners who donated for this event. Because of their generosity, many families have food on their tables. I hope we will have another event like this that we can extend help to those in need." Tessa Jane Prio, Marketing of Lumina Iloilo, also encourages everyone to organize an activity similar to the community pantry concept that it is indeed a bayanihan event.


7. Lumina Quezon


There are currently several free food booths installed in different parts of the country, and these generous acts continue to spread. That is why Lumina Quezon Marketing Team, led by Mr. Allan Estuita, also participated in Handog Para Kay Juan. He even shared that some are hesitant to get their needs without providing their share of donation, but they insisted that everyone is welcome to put what they can on the table and free to get what they need.


Houses in the Philippines Lumina Homes in Quezon Community Pantry

Lumina Quezon Handog Para Kay Juan Community Pantry


"May Handog Para Kay Juan inspire us or serve as an instrument to extend help to those in need." Jovelyn Parcia, part of the event coordination of Handog Para Kay Juan, shared that the activity broadened her mind as she connected with people who came and earned a new understanding of the benefits people can gain from serving their community. Also, this event shows that every Juan can help regardless of their status in society. 


We see the bigger picture of Filipinos helping each other through activities like this. But aside from it, the positive impact on our hearts seems to be more contagious than the virus. Community pantries not only demonstrate generosity but also respect and consideration for others.


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