Lumina Sets Up Community Pantries in East and North Luzon Projects

27 April 2021
Written by: Ness Albito


Filipinos are best known for their distinctive characteristics, such as "bayanihan." Despite the pandemic, you can see this incredible culture not just on the streets and roads of Metro Manila but the entire Philippines these days. The viral community pantries that are springing up all over the country are revitalizing the heartwarming Filipino culture.


It all started from the first community pantry installed in Maginhawa Street, Quezon, City. The entrepreneur Ana Patricia Non put a table with daily commodities like canned goods, rice, and vegetables with the concept of a community pantry as, "Magbigay ng ayon sa kakayahan, kumuha batay sa pangangailangan." It was a small cart that helped spark a larger movement and awakened Filipinos compassionate hearts.


Here are some of Lumina project locations that launched community pantries:


Lumina Pandi Community Pantry

Community Pantry in Lumina Pandi

Community Pantry in Lumina Pandi


Starting in Lumina Pandi, where the Property Management Group of Lumina Homes extended their generosity and kindness to others as they replicated the activity of Maginhawa community pantry.


Lumina Plaridel Community Pantry

Lumina sets up community pantry in Lumina Plaridel, House and Lot For Sale Philippines

Community Pantry in Lumina Plaridel

A community pantry is also established in Lumina Plaridel, providing free vegetables, eggs, rice, water, vitamins, face masks, canned goods, and other necessities.


Lumina Binangonan Community Pantry

Lumina sets up community pantry in Lumina Binangonan House and Lot For Sale Philippines

Community Pantry in Lumina Binangonan

The community pantry also made its way to Lumina Binangonan. Wherein homeowners came together in the hopes of assisting fellow homeowners in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. The marketing team of house and lot for sale in Rizal, Lumina Baras, and Lumina Pililla also contributed to the said activity. 


Lumina Cabanatuan Community Pantry

Lumina sets up community pantries in Lumina Cabanatuan, House and Lot For Sale Philippines 5

Community Pantry in Lumina Cabanatuan

Agreeing with the statement that community pantry is the most tangible sign of hope, Lumina Cabanatuan also followed a Maginhawa-inspired community pantry offering rice, vegetables, fruits, bread, canned goods, dairy products, and other consumables. The covered court of Lumina Cabanatuan served as the venue, and Lumina Homes' employees assisted them in adhering to the health protocol in the implementation of the activity.


Lumina San Jose Community Pantry

Lumina sets up community pantry in Lumina San Jose House and Lot For Sale Philippines

Community Pantry in Lumina San Jose


Similar to the current trend of establishing a community pantry, Lumina San Jose started their own where those with extra resources may contribute to buy food and other necessities and openly share the goods with those in need.


Lumina Tarlac Community Pantry

Lumina sets up community pantry in Lumina Tarlac House and Lot For Sale Philippines

Community Pantry in Lumina Tarlac

Lumina Tarlac believes that the sole purpose of a community pantry is to share something with others. "It isn't about how much you can give, but about the fact that you give whatever you have." Angela May Candelaria, Marketing Officer of Lumina Tarlac, says as an encouragement for others who also want to initiate a community pantry in their area.


The COVID-19 virus takes its toll on the Philippines economy since last year. Many people lost their jobs and businesses. In our second year of battling pandemic and still having the highest record of cases every day, people responded to the scarcity of food and nutrition that some of our Kabarangays are already experiencing these days.


Currently, the NCR and nearby provinces are still in Moderate Enhanced Quarantine or MECQ that restricts some of the business establishments to operate and limit the people allowed to go outside to buy goods and services.


The humble initiative of creating a community pantry that becomes viral with social media's help is the best chain reaction and spontaneous response of Filipinos in our country in our war against this pandemic and global crisis.


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