Which is Better: Tagum or Malaybalay for Property Investment?

7 June 2023
Which is Better Tagum or Malaybalay for Property Investment

Mindanao is an underexplored paradise of tourist attractions and economic opportunities. And people vying to invest in properties in this part of the Philippines may be torn between locations that seem to offer equal potential for profit. Such is the case for investment properties in Tagum City, Davao del Norte, and Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.


If you need a reliable guide to help you decide, this blog post from Lumina Homes will provide you with what you need to know about these top property investment sites in Mindanao.



The Cities of Tagum and Malaybalay at a Glance

But before anything else, let's learn a thing or two about each city. As you read on, you will get relevant insights as to why both cities are considered investment hubs for residential and commercial real estate, which have earned the confidence of property developers like Lumina Homes to establish housing communities in these urban cities in Mindanao.



Tagum: The City of Festivals

Tagum City has earned multiple monikers to its name. Aside from being called the City of Festivals because of the 15 festivals that it celebrates in the city alone, Tagum is also nicknamed the Palm City of the Philippines, City of Golden Opportunities, City of Parks, Marching Show Band of the Philippines, and Music Capital of the South. With a 2020 population of 296,202 residents, it's considered the most populous component city in Mindanao.



Malaybalay: The City in the Forest

Malaybalay is a vibrant city and the capital of Bukidnon province. Aside from being called the City in the Forest, Malaybalay is also known as the South Summer Capital of the Philippines because of its wonderfully cool climate being surrounded by scenic mountains and other natural wonders that captivate domestic and international visitors.



Which is Better for Property Investment: Malaybalay or Tagum City?

Both cities are prosperous in terms of local economy. But if compared, it can help you better decide on which suits your property and investment preferences best. Below, let's assess each location based on affordability, accessibility, infrastructure, and access to essential services.



A. Affordability

Since Tagum City is more highly urbanized, Malaybalay City offers relatively cheaper property prices, rental rates, cost of living, and basic utilities. But it's crucial to note that the individual costs and living expenses vary based on the property type (e.g. townhouse, condominium, or duplex), and the actual location.



B. Availability of basic services

There are more available tertiary schools in Tagum City we found on the Find University website (9) compared to Malaybalay City (3). In terms of healthcare facilities, Tagum City also fosters an edge with more hospitals within the area because of its larger population and urban development. For shopping malls, Tagum City is home to one of the largest in Mindanao with Robinson's Place Tagum. However, Malaybalay City still offers adequate selections of academic institutions, healthcare facilities, shopping establishments, food hubs, and kid-friendly destinations to cater to its residents, which has a significantly lower population (190,712 people, 2020) compared to Tagum City (296,202 people, 2020).



C. Accessibility

Tagum City is the provincial capital of Davao del Norte and is relatively close to Davao City, the province's regional center and one of the largest and most progressive cities in the Philippines. This close proximity provides Tagum residents with easier access to various amenities, services, and employment opportunities in Davao City. Malaybalay City, on the other hand, has Cagayan de Oro City as a major neighboring city, which serves as another giant urban center in Northern Mindanao.



D. Infrastructure

Tagum City has a slightly more developed infrastructure due to its larger size and economic growth. It is connected to major thoroughfares and its road system allows for convenient transportation within the city and to neighboring areas. Malaybalay City likewise has efficient public transportation options like tricycles and jeepneys, but might have a more limited network. Neither city has its own airport, but Tagum City is near the busy Davao International Airport, while the nearest airport from Malaybalay is Laguindingan Airport in Cagayan de Oro City.


However, if you feel too overwhelmed by the necessary processes and considerations that you need to factor in, consider real estate investment trusts (REITs) as an initial investment. With these, it frees you the hassle that comes from having to maintain and manage physical properties for rental income generated from the property mortgage of your tenants.



Best Practices for Choosing the Better Investment Property Location

It can be pretty challenging if you are torn between two choices that offer excellent services in terms of a variety of factors that we've just discussed. But to finalize your investment decision, follow these best practices below as you choose the better investment property location.



Research market trends

Stay informed about current market trends and conditions in the area you are considering. Look on the neighborhoods with positive growth indicators, such as population growth, employment opportunities, and economic developments. Analyze all the available data you can gather to evaluate the long-term potential of the location.



Have a checklist of location essentials

As a real estate investor, you should be looking for the essentials of what makes a location attractive to aspiring homeowners as well as real estate developers. Consider factors such as proximity to elementary, secondary, and tertiary schools, hospitals, grocery stores, recreational facilities, public transportation, and other sough-after amenities that appeal to potential tenants or homebuyers for a primary residence.



Infrastructure and Accessibility

One of the most critical aspects of ensuring that a rental property will appeal to potential tenants is accessibility. With that being said, look for well-developed transportation networks, such as highways, airports, and modes of public transportation. Easy access to major roads and highways alongside proximity to basic services can improve the property's appeal and potential for resale value.



Consult local experts

Seek professional advice from local real estate professionals, property managers, or investment advisors who can provide you with insightful knowledge based on firsthand experience in the target location of a particular property. They can also offer indispensable insights into the local market, emerging trends, and potential investment opportunities.



Consider a physical site visit

If possible, you should personally visit the location(s) that you wish to generate income from. Walk around the neighborhood, get a feel of the surroundings, and observe the level of activity and upkeep. Think of yourself as a tenant looking for a place to permanently stay. Then ask yourself: is this residential property something I can truly and comfortably live with? This line of thinking can help you assess the overall ambiance whether it corresponds with your investment goals.


Lumina Homes, the modest housing segment of Vista Land offering affordable house and lot for sale, has established real estate properties in both Tagum City and Malaybalay. Buying an affordable house and lot through either locations entails proximity to vital establishments such as educational institutions, medical facilities, shopping centers, local tourist spots, LGU offices, and reliable means of transportation.


Lumina Malaybalay and Lumina Tagum both serve as great property investments for capital gain among real estate investors. It now depends on your specific needs and preferences. Do you have other concerns related to real estate investing such as down payments and financing options? Hit our inbox and send us your unique inquiries. Obtain a house and lot Philippines that are not only affordable but also built to last.

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