Top 6 Valentine's Day Party Ideas this 2022

13 January 2022
portrait romantic couple valentine s day dinner

Valentine's Day is one of the most visually appealing holidays of the year. The holiday is a solid enough reason to bring back rosé season early in addition to the red, pink, and chocolate hues. There are so few Valentine's Day celebrations that it could make you wonder why there aren't more of them occurring each year. So this year, don't lose a chance here, folks! It's time to give in to some mushy, sweet, romantic feelings by holding your own Valentine's Day Party.


Fun Valentine's Day Party Tips

Adult Valentine's Day parties can be a lot of fun, and there are a lot of great ideas out there aside from the too common theme of wearing red. Many fantastic games and creative ways of devising activities are still available to make your party a success, even if you opt to shut the Kissing Booth in this period of the Coronavirus.


To give you some inspiration for your very own Valentine's Day Party, you can check out some of these fun ideas:


1. Send out a few cute and sexy invitations.

It's a great way to get the whole gang excited about your next holiday party. Create something adorable and send it through postal mail. Or, if you're searching for something a little quicker and paperless, a nicely designed digital invitation delivered directly to their email may be exactly the thing for you.


2. Organize an entertaining activity for your Valentine Party.

You can have the good old sport of any party through a talking activity or reinvent something new for Valentine's Day. Here are some great ideas that you can incorporate into your fun activity:

  • Who's Who?. As soon as your visitors arrive at the party, avoid terrible dates with this is one of the best games to play. Write the titles of numerous romantic movies on white labels. Stick it on the back of your visitors with the instructions that they may ask basic questions about the film on their back. Let's see who can figure it out the quickest and make sure to prep some rewards for the winners.
  • Guess the Filling. Invest in numerous nice mixed chocolate boxes. Play a guessing game in which each person eats a bar of chocolate and tries to guess the filling. The other option is to impose a rule that requires anybody who guesses incorrectly to take a sip of alcohol on behalf of the whole party. For the non-drinkers, don't feel compelled to drink. Make it light and entertaining.
  • Candy Chopsticks. Invite your guests to take turns using chopsticks to transfer heart-shaped candies from one dish to the other. For this entertaining game, players need strong hand-eye coordination and dexterity. They only have one minute to play so that everyone can have a chance to participate in the game. If you'd like, you can even make your Valentine-themed chopsticks in advance!


3. Prepare some refreshments.

Don't allow teetotalers to serve the beverages at your party with all due respect. A Valentine's Day celebration for adults wouldn't be complete without alcoholic beverages. It's a terrific approach to create a relaxed atmosphere for your guests by drinking responsibly. Some of the drinks you can serve at your Valentine's Day Party are:

  • Love Potion Drinks. Make a "love potions" drinking den or bar where guests may have a good time while drinking. It's a perfect match with some candy hearts on the side. A punch dish labeled "The Love Elixir" would be a fun way to name it. Just be on the lookout for anybody who could be attempting to tamper with the drink.
  • Heart-shaped ice cubes. Look for Valentine's Day-themed ice-cube molds at your local party shop. Using heart-shaped ice cubes in your beverages can add a dash of romance to your festivities.


4. Design some cutesy crafts.

Add a welcoming and sweet vibe to your place by preparing cute designs other than a giant heart. Here are some ideas for you to work on to:

  • DIY Heart Balloons. You may personalize your white balloons by decorating them with red and pink heart-shaped stickers. Instead of helium, you may want to try stuffing the balloons with glitter to add some shining, shimmering effect on it. Girls will especially love this!
  • Egg Carton Flowers. Egg cartons may be used to cut out and make a variety of unique flowers. Roses, tulips, and other flowers may be made with your unique style and vision. Think beyond the box. They may be colored, painted, or embellished with adhesive. With enough creativity, these homemade flowers may be used to make artistic bouquets.
  • Pink Napkin Roses. Rolling elegant pink napkins into realistic-looking flowers is a cinch. This is a quick and easy way to create a stunning napkin bouquet on a budget—Mix & match napkins in a rainbow of hues. You can even make some floral napkin rings. The materials for this are also quite easy to find as you can quickly find this in any party supply business.
  • Valentine's Day Toilet Accessories. Towels, soaps, and candles in the form of hearts may be found in the bathroom supply. Hand out heart-shaped bath fizzers to all of your guests as tiny take-home presents to further enhance the romance.


5. Have a romantic movie room set up.

For visitors who simply need a break from the conversation or couples who just need time to snuggle other than a DIY photo booth, a movie room is a perfect addition. Put on a romantic movie, dim the lights, and offer the partygoers a space to unwind and celebrate love.


6. Put a kiss seal on your party favors.

Sending a brief thank-you text after the event is a great way to express your gratitude to everyone who attended. Another option is to send each participant a charming postcard with a Valentine's Day lipstick print right next to your signature.


There are so many other ways in which you can organize your Valentine's Day Party Ideas. But organizing a party is much better if you have a venue that you can easily access in your community. It's great that Lumina Homes got you this venue you need as they unbox new and strengthen social connections inside their communities through eSpacio. 


eSpacio includes great amenities such as a multipurpose hall that you can use as a venue for your social gathering and celebrations like your Valentine's Day Party.


So get your reservations now and unbox safe and secure social connections with Lumina Homes!


Get more ideas for Valentine's Day Celebration:

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