Valentine's Day Gifts During Covid Restrictions

25 January 2022
Valentines Day Gifts During Covid Restrictions

Restrictions on "typical" dating activities, such as staying at home, social distancing, and working from home, have been a common problem for couples of all kinds, young or old, healthy or strained- and this year, with the Omicron variant threatening the major cities in the country, has been no exception. Alert levels are high on different areas.


According to experts, Valentine's Day can still be celebrated even if it doesn't look the same as the previous years as long you have enough prowess of creativity as well as the heightened awareness of the health and safety precautions of this pandemic.


There is some silver lining in this pandemic, though. Valentine's Day may be different this year, again! But that doesn't mean you can't make it special for someone you're dating or even for someone you're trying to woo.


Celebrating Valentine's Day this Pandemic Gift Ideas

If you're looking for some Valentine's Day gift ideas, aside from the usual sweet tooth gifts that are suitable for the pandemic season, this list of presents perfect for the COVID era would be helpful for you.


1. Novel book subscription

Are you and your mate bookworms to the point of obsession? That is a perfect way to spend the quarantine date night or community restrictions at home! Spend some time at your preferred online bookshop, choosing some books for your plus one to read. Would you want to try a new romance novel? This is a perfect gift book genre to take turns reciting your best or cheesiest quotes later on. To make your gift extra exciting, you can even give them a novel book subscription and let them learn more ideas, discover new novels to get hooked with, and can go to every month. You can even include a sweet love letter from the novel passage that you read and some red roses to your gift!


2. Fun activity ticket virtual concert after a romantic dinner

Make a night of it by attending a live stream concert at the comforts of your home while snuggling comfortably on your favorite couch once you've finished creating Valentine's Day playlist together—because who says you cannot enjoy a concert performance? This pandemic season by attending a virtual event instead! This is a perfect way to enjoy what you learned with your virtual mixology class. Josh Groban has already confirmed that he would play songs from his new album, as well as some oldies, during a special live stream event on Valentine's Day, and it is probable that many other performers will follow suit. So make sure to keep yourselves updated so that you won't run out of slots for the VDay concert. Prepare your charcuterie board together with your pinot noir or sauvignon blanc and surprise your loved one with access to an online valentine live stream concert!


3. Indoor bike trainer

If both of you love to be active, especially in great weather, you might have the perfect excuse to take some mini-adventure inside your own city or neighborhood with your loved ones and co-workers while enjoying a great chance of stumbling some hidden jewels on your new routes. But for a safer way of enjoying cycling, you can give your partner an indoor bike trainer that he or she can use at home and remain physically fit even you are in the middle of quarantine or community restrictions.


Physical activity also releases endorphins like chocolate which are good for our body. If you like, you can also attend an online spin class, a yoga class, or a dance cardio class to keep things more interesting.


4. Ticket to Ride board game

This is a great game for newbie board game players, so both of you and your kids can really find it easy to learn and enjoy during your free time. This game has numerous spin-offs, all of which are excellent, but if you're new to the game or this past time, it is recommended that you start with the original.


To begin the game, you have to gather cards of the same color and play the number of cards indicated by the railway cars between the two cities you want to link in the color shown on the game board. Place your trains on the board to finish your secret routes, get points by connecting cities, and sum up all of the completed tickets at the end of the game. Also, you can gain points for having the longest railway route when the game ends. Ticket to Ride: Amsterdam, Ticket to Ride: Asia, Ticket to Ride: Europe, Ticket to Ride: Japan, Ticket to Ride: New York, Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries, and Ticket to Ride: the United Kingdom are some of the best-rated spin-offs.


5. 48 PC deluxe painting kits for adults

If your significant other is a creative enthusiast, you can give him or her this art supplies painting gift set. You can even give it to your partner if they are looking for a new hobby or interest to spend time with, a perfect way to combat depression aside from having a family therapist.


An acrylic paint set with an easel is ideal for those who want to learn how to paint or for those who want to improve their skills. Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day together or just spending time with loved ones on a rainy day, these painting kits for adults with canvas are a great way to get everyone in the group together and get everyone in the mood for some painting fun!


6. Comfortable office or gaming chair

Upgrade your partner's laptop stand or lap desk if necessary, based on the demands of their new makeshift workplace in your house. An elegant and sleek-looking chair is one of the finest designed desk chairs because of its suspension bridge-inspired plastic-webbed back design that provides great lumbar support. In addition to the several color options, you must also check if the office chair that you will be buying has a 12-year guarantee. Meanwhile, for people who have gamer partners, you might want to consider a new gaming chair for a better gaming experience and score some bonus points from them!


Check more gift ideas for your special someone this Love Month:


Whichever gift you have in mind this pandemic Valentine's Day, it is essential that you have both a fast internet connection and a bigger space at home. This will give you and your special someone a more relaxed and cozy feeling while celebrating Heart's month at home.


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But, if you want to buy property, consider a house and lot for sale that has both bigger and better living spaces as well as a faster and more reliable home internet connection.


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