Philippines' Best Cars for New Drivers in 2023

9 May 2023
Philippines Best Cars for New Drivers in 2023

Choosing a vehicle as your first major purchase might be stressful. It may seem as if everyone is trying to give you advice, and if you're a gearhead, it may seem as though every non-gearhead is encouraging you to get the cheapest beige-mobile on the market. But with all these, one thing is true. You shouldn't go crazy on your brand-new car purchase. In fact, having fun doesn't have to rule out being sensible, secure, or cost-conscious.


Fortunately, there are a wide variety of vehicles from which to choose. Car purchasing may be stressful since there are various brands, models, and features to consider. To help you make your decision, here is a collection of the finest automobiles on the market for first-time buyers this year.



Rev Up Your Driving Experience: Best First Cars for New Drivers 2023

Well done on passing the driving test! Now, it's time for you to find a cheap, reliable, and safe first car. With your comfort in mind, we have compiled a list of the most affordable and highest-rated 2023 model-year first automobiles for new drivers.



#1. Honda City

The Honda City is a terrific option to get you rolling on the road as the list's first automobile.


The base model (S) of the sedan has everything a new buyer may want or need in a car. The continuously variable transmission (CVT) is excellent and provides enough power whenever it's called for, and the car itself is among the most relaxing options available for less than P1.2 million.


The Honda City hatchback is also an option for those who would rather have a trunk. Keep in mind, however, that there is just only one variant available for the hatchback.



#2. Suzuki Dzire

The Suzuki Dzire is an excellent alternative for those on a tighter budget because to its wide availability of reasonably priced and well-equipped models. There's a dependable gasoline engine of 1.2 liters under the hood, and it returns excellent MPG ratings.


In addition to this, the sedan has a ton of amazing features that people are going to love.



#3. Nissan Almera

The Nissan Almera is a newer model from that carmaker in Japan. The new model has a sleeker design and more standard conveniences that first-time automobile owners will love. It also comes standard with Nissan's intelligent mobility safety features, which work together to keep you protected and make driving less of a chore.


Moreover, the Nissan Almera's 1.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine not only has the muscle to rocket you to highway speeds swiftly, but it also maximizes the efficiency with which you use your precious gasoline.



#4. Mazda2

The Mazda 2 hatchback is a fantastic option for those in the market for their first car since it offers a great value, a sporty but comfortable driving experience, and a wide variety of convenient amenities.


It has a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine, which is both strong enough to get you where you need to go and economical enough to help you save money at the gas pump.



#5. Toyota Vios

The Toyota Vios is also a good option, particularly for new car purchasers. There are two economical engine options to pick from (1.3 and 1.5 liters) that provide a solid engine range.


In addition, the Vios is available in a wide variety of trim levels, so there should be at least one that is within reach of just about every financial plan. Also included is Toyota's renowned reputation for dependability.



#6. Ford Territory

If you're shopping for a cheap but well-equipped crossover, the Ford Territory is an excellent option.


It boasts a turbocharged 1.5-liter engine that provides more than enough power to get up to speed fast and all the newest amenities Ford has to offer. In addition, it has a large touchscreen display that makes the car seem pretty modern.



#7. Mitsubishi Mirage G4

The Mitsubishi Mirage G4 is a little automobile that comes as a hatchback or a sedan, providing drivers with all the flexibility they need. It is an affordable car, perfect for younger drivers or even an experienced driver who want to save some bucks, that is matched by its efficient three-cylinder engine, which provides enough power.


Since it's a practical everyday driver, it may have risen to prominence among Grab drivers for that reason.



#8. Chevrolet Tracker

The Chevrolet Tracker is one of the newest additions to the Philippines' selection of vehicles manufactured by American automakers. It is in the shape of a crossover and is powered by a 1.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It also has a ton of amenities that people are certain to love, including Apple CarPlay.


Furthermore, the Tracker's turbocharged engine not only provides a pleasant surge of power but also helps you save gas.



#9. Volkswagen Santana

The Volkswagen Santana is an affordable option with plenty of features. For inexperienced motorists, the car's "kind of a short-throw manual transmission" will make learning to operate a stick shift easier than ever.


As an added bonus, Volkswagens are recognized for their low fuel consumption, so the high costs of fuel at the gas station won't be too much of a burden.



#10. Hyundai i10

The current generation of the Hyundai i10 has style that is more daring than in previous models and this type of car and also be seen in the used car market. While it's still not the most attractive vehicle on the road, it certainly stands out from the crowd.


All models of the new i10 come standard with comprehensive security features. This can help beginners to get acquainted while learning the basics of safe driving. Meanwhile, if you want extras in the car market like a rearview camera, automatic temperature control, or even just front foglights, you will have to pay more for the Premium or N-Line model.



Other cars recommended for first-time drivers:

Subaru Legacy- equipped with an automatic emergency braking perfect for a new driver like you.


Honda CR-V- for small SUVs, this car has a good fuel economy feature as well as a roomy cabin and competent handling.


Honda Civic- the best deal car for first-time buyers.


Volkswagen Polo- offers plenty of features such as alloy wheels, autonomous emergency braking, and electronic stability control.


Ford Fiesta- the most famous first car because of its comfort and safety features.


Many individuals see purchasing their first car as a significant life event. If truth be told, most people remember their first car purchase with fondness, but they may have forgotten how stressful it was. A vehicle, like an investment for a house and lot Philippines, is a substantial financial commitment that requires careful consideration.


Speaking of home investment, before your car buying process, it's most important that you ensure first that you have enough parking space for your small car at home.


Good thing that you can now get an affordable house and lot for sale that features enough parking space for your brand new car. All home model units from Lumina Homes include a provision for a parking space at home so that you don't have to pay extra for a garage to keep it.


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