Lumina Homes Recommends: Why Invest in a 3-Bedroom Unit this 2023?

14 April 2023
Lumina Homes Recommends Why Invest in a 3 Bedroom Unit this 2023

When hunting for an affordable house and lot for sale, or eyeing a cost-effective apartment living and through apartment buildings, it is often the living amenities that are particularly scrutinized by every aspiring property owner. This includes whether there is enough room for hyperactive kids to roam around the house, or how many bedrooms are going to be available to cater to a growing family. If you'll opt for a property for you and your loved ones, Lumina Homes suggests that you pick one that is equipped with three bedrooms.


A one-bedroom apartment is excellent for those who are living solo, while two-bedroom units are ideal for those looking to have an extra space that they could utilize for certain activities. But what are three-bedroom apartments good for? Let's discuss this in detail with this article from Lumina Homes, the 10-year housing arm of Vista Land. Through our pool of blogs, we publish sound advice regarding real estate, homeownership, finance, and other trends in the Philippines. Read on to know more about the advantages of a three-bedroom unit.



1. More space for yourself and your expanding family

A three-bedroom apartment is doubtless catering to expanding families. If you intend to have more kids in the future, you won't have to worry about making renovations to your home by adding a bedroom space, because your dwelling place already provides it for you. Aside from your master bedroom, you can use the second for your kids' own space, while the other can be utilized for their playground and/or study area. You can also consider setting up a mini cinema where you and your family can bond over a Disney movie on a stress-free weekend!



2. Comfortable flat to invite your friends over

If you're the type who initiates barkada gatherings, your three-bedroom unit can easily be the venue for you and your friends to bond, create core memories, and simply enjoy your friendship and get away from the daily stresses of adult life for a little while. As the hospitable and welcoming Filipinos that we naturally are, you can offer your extra space as a guest room for your friends to sleep in if it's already too late in the evening and driving may be dangerous already (especially if all of you had some drinks). The height of a Filipino friends' gathering would be on a karaoke, which you could also place in one of your extra rooms.



3. Unleash your creative side and have a hobby and craft room

Having extra bedrooms gives you the flexibility that comes from being able to convert one of the rooms into a flat to unleash your creative side or rekindle your passion for the arts. You can dedicate the weekends to pursuing a creative endeavor, be it painting, dancing, singing, acting, or practically anything that you'd like to do that you're very passionate about. Maybe this is also the year for you to start an arts business and earn from doing what you love! Having a dedicated space to do that could help you minimize distractions.



4. You can have a larger storage space

Another advantage of 3-bedroom unit is larger storage space to store other stuff that you'd otherwise confine in an already cramped area of your apartment. The extra bedroom can thus be used as an exclusive storage area that will serve as enough space for your other personal belongings. Declutter your main bedroom and put items and accessories that you are not likely to use in your future storage room. If you have tons of books, you can place a bookshelf in the extra room and have a mini library that you can frequent when you're in the mood to read.



5. You can convert one of the rooms into your workstation

If you are working from home, a three-bedroom apartment is a boon for you. If you used to work in your bedroom area, it is likely that you have been distracted by the irresistible invitation of your bed, which is indirectly prompting you to lie down. The next thing you know, you already fell asleep for a few hours, which means you didn't accomplish any work that day. Hence, a separate workstation is essential so you wouldn't be distracted. With a separate room for your workspace, you can focus on doing your work and even pretend you're not really at home but in the office working (sans commuting).



6. Higher resale value

If you see a prospect of selling an apartment or an affordable house and lot with a three-bedroom unit, the resale value is definitely higher. Like you, aspiring property owners also look for better living amenities such as the number of bedrooms available to shelter a growing family. You can highlight having a three-bedroom amenity as one of your main selling points. If it's conveniently located in a peaceful neighborhood with access to perks and other communal facilities, these are yet other features that you can excellently market your property.


If these major advantages seem suitable for your lifestyle needs, then a three-bedroom unit may indeed be the most ideal option for you.


At Lumina Homes, we offer a varied range of housing models with excellent features. We have townhouses, duplexes, and single firewalls. These housing models have three-bedroom provisions as well, alongside a kitchen and dining area, toilet and bathroom, service area, and carport provision.


In addition, Lumina Homes projects nationwide provide facilities such as gazebos, multipurpose halls, mini-gardens, playgrounds, guarded entrances, and basketball courts. These are all for the comfort and convenience of every Lumina homeowner and their families.


But not only that. Rest assured that the Lumina property of your choice is conveniently located near establishments and institutions. This includes universities, medical facilities, supermarkets, churches, local government offices, and even tourist spots and leisure destinations.


If these sound good to you, inquire to us about your investment inquiries and acquire these future benefits we mentioned. We have more than 50 housing communities from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. As demand for affordable housing constantly increases, Lumina Homes intends to expand our real estate presence to provinces and towns that need our real estate services. Join our ever-increasing community and invest in a Lumina house and lot in the Philippines.

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