20+ Favorite Gift Wrapping Ideas That are Instagram-worthy

6 November 2021
20 Favorite Gift Wrapping Ideas That are Instagram worthy

There's no doubt that the holiday season is a time to spread cheer through sharing your blessing to others.


Whatever thoughtful Christmas gifts you choose to give your loved ones, we believe there's a way to make the gesture even more meaningful- and it is through gift wrapping ideas with much passion, love, and artistry.


Get pro tip of easy gift wrapping ideas created for personalization this holiday.

Get pro tip of easy gift wrapping ideas created for personalization this holiday.

As you give someone a present, seeing their face light up when they open it is one of the most satisfying feelings you could ever have. A little creative gift wrapping idea can go a long way toward impressing your family and friends the moment they get your present. It sounds like too great to achieve, right? Fortunately, once you have a few gift wrapping ideas, it won't require much in the way of time, expertise, or money.


So let's take a look at these cutesy yet simple to make gift wrapping concepts.


1. It's a tea towel wrap

For your mother, titas, or friends who love to spend much time in the kitchen cooking or baking, you can consider using a tea towel as a present wrap and a gift in one. You can also put a bottle of wine, olive oil, sauce, or balsamic vinegar inside it for that extra surprise.

2. Faux flowers on top

Do you have kikay friends or loved ones who like to go extra special to express their personality? You can match their colorful character with these faux flowers!

Festive colors gift wrap ideas

Festive colors gift wrap ideas

This is one of the perfect gift wrapping ideas in case you run out of gift wrap, as you can also use this brilliantly colored present box and a luxuriant artificial flower to create something equally gorgeous.

3. Design it with greenery

Meanwhile, if you are a plantita, you can add some cute green leaves from your backyard or home garden to your crepe paper or tissue paper and complete it with a star-shaped sticker that looks just like a Christmas tree.

4. Gift Wrap with a letter

Attach a large paper mâché letter of the recipient's first initial to the box's lid for easier identification that you may use as a decorative item, as well. These gift wrapping ideas are perfect for huge size gifts.

5. Polka dots Wrap

In the Philippines, gift-giving sometimes extends up to New Year. In this case, you can add some big polka dots at the top of your butcher paper to add that festive and lucky design.

6. Wrap it with holiday lights

This is one of the brightest gift wrapping ideas you can use this holiday season. Make your wrapping paper by cutting apart brown paper bags that you collect from shopping. Then, add a string of Christmas lights on the paper with a drawing or painting for a festive touch.

7. 3D Wrap

Putting the finishing touches on presents for your nieces and nephews? Glue on their favorite toys like cars, crayons, or building blocks to make your interactive gift wrap.

Add a little fun by having a super cute bonus gift in your wrap.

Add a little fun by having a super cute bonus gift in your wrap.

8. Stamp that Wrap

The "Stamp that Wrap" style is one of the easiest ways to wrap gifts using kraft paper. Take an old brown paper bag and stamp Christmas trees on it or any other festive prints you or your kids have at home.

Kraft paper may also be used in this wrapping idea.

Kraft paper may also be used in this wrapping idea.

9. Wrap on a Road Map

The path of life is beautifully depicted in this wrapping paper. Just use an old road map with your wrapped gift. Pull a bit of thread through an old button to create a unique bow to hold it all together.

10. The "I Capture You" Wrap

Select the photographs of your friends or loved ones you want to, print them up, and put them on top of the construction paper. To keep the prints in place, use twine or double-sided tape and tuck them beneath the thread.

11. Wrap them with poems

If you are good with words and love to compose captivating poems, you can write each stanza of poetry on your gift wrap and chuffed them with it.

The paper gift wrap itself is a gift as well.

The paper gift wrap itself is a gift as well.

12. Lucky Balloons

Filipinos love to give money to their inaanaks on Christmas Day. A new way to do it is rolling them up while putting them inside a balloon with confetti which you can easily buy from a local craft store.

Fill your lucky balloons for an extra surprise.

Fill your lucky balloons for an extra surprise.

13. Chalkboard-painted wrap

Out of cards? You may use chalkboard paint to add a seasonal greeting or a "to" and "from" label with just a few quick strokes as your gift wrapping concept.

You can also customize your gift tag using this idea.

You can also customize your gift tag using this idea.

14. Tree or Wreath wrap

It's tough to think about a wrapping idea for jewelry as it can easily get tangled. Make your thoughtful gifts into works of art with these beautiful wreaths and trees cutouts!

15. Bubblegum, anyone?

A present in this lovely packaging will delight any child in your life. Design it like a pack of bubble gum, and children will find them too adorable to tear it apart.

16. Bow it all

Make origami paper bows and add them on top of your gift wrap for some extra fun. You can make a lot of it to ensure that you have enough bows on hand throughout the year.

17. Design it with silver

Do you still have some extra brown paper bags that were just piled up at home? You can use these basic brown papers to wrap and a glistening silver pen for the finishing touches. To make your box stand out, use geometric designs, snowflakes, or simple lines.

18. Animals on wrap

So, how about a friendly welcome from one of these cute animals? No one can say that they're difficult to create. You can make them by using colored paper, a circular punch, and scissors to cut out the shapes you need.

19. A box of emoji

You would love accentuating your Christmas tree with these cute emoji face gift boxes! These charming emoji-face gifts are wrapped in yellow paper and decorated with stickers of all kinds of smiley faces.

20. Cute bells

If you have more than the number of jingle bells that you need for your home decoration, you can use some of them on your gift wrap. Running out of festive wrapping paper is not a problem. You can add seasonal decorations like jingle bells strung on baker's twine or colorful wrapping paper to add that holiday spirit to your presents.

Tie some cute bells in this gift  wrapping idea.

Tie some cute bells in this gift wrapping idea.

21. Accessorized your wrap

You may even include a little piece of the gift into the wrapping! An elegant tiny bracelet adds just the proper amount of glitz to your gift.


Just the right amount of swag for the gift.

Just the right amount of swag for the gift.

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