Quick House Tour at Angelique Home Model

22 February 2022

Angelique Townhouse is one of the signature townhouses for sale from Lumina Homes. This type of home model unit is excellent for individuals who want to have a bigger space for their home investment. This is also perfect for newly married couples who would like to have a space they can call their own to start a family.


Meanwhile, if you have a small family who dreams of having your own house and lot, Angelique Townhouse from Lumina Homes is also a good investment for you.


Angelique Townhouse: An overview

The Angelique Townhouse model from Lumina Homes is a two-story townhouse that has a floor area of 35 square meters and sits on a regular 36 square meter lot.


Buying this house for sale in Lumina Homes will entitle its homeowners to have features like a living area, dining room and kitchen area, a provision for two bedrooms, one toilet and bath, a parking space provision, and a service area.


This house is made with reinforced concrete, ensuring the durability of its materials that can last the test of time and any natural disaster. As for its house specifications, Angelique townhouse has the following upon turnover:

  • Plain cement finished on the floor
  • Skim coated finish on the interior wall
  • Painted plastered finished on exterior wall
  • Pre-painted ribbed type with flashings on the steel frame
  • Steel casement windows
  • The kitchen counter is a concrete slab but without cabinet doors
  • Ceramic tiles on toilet & bath
  • Steel door on main & service entrance
  • Plastered finished with floor tiles on the toilet & bath
  • PVC door on toilet & bath
  • The ceiling is painted fiber cement board on exterior
  • Flushed type water closet


With its over 50 community projects nationwide, Lumina Homes Angelique Townhouse model unit can be found on the following sites:
























  • Lumina Bacolod – Brgy. Vista Alegre, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental


Level Up 2022 with Lumina's New Features

Lumina Homes stay true in its commitment to provide quality and innovative housing experiences to its homebuyers and homeowners by unboxing new features this 2022. One of its unique features is providing faster and more reliable home internet connectivity to its residents through Streamtech.


This pandemic made us realize that having a stable internet connection is a must, especially if you're doing a work-from-home setup, aside from having extra space at home. And it seems that this kind of remote work setup will continue even after the pandemic ends.


Although, a post-COVID world is not likely to see an end to the need for office employees since working from home isn't appropriate for every job or activity, and it is challenging to work in an office environment in several businesses, however, for those who can, WFH is now an option worth considering.


The Covid-19 pandemic has definitely taught us that flexibility in work arrangements is the new normal, and inflexibility in doing so may become a disadvantage for foreign investors in the future. When it comes to the future of the workplace, the influence of remote work on productivity is the most revealing aspect. 


But even so, it is obviously an essential turnaround in the field of technology all over the globe as we saw the opportunity of a remote work setup and its overall benefits. Some of the benefits that most of us discover while working from home are:


A better work-life balance

There are several remote jobs that allow employees to start and finish their days when they see fit, as long as the work is completed and the results are positive. When it comes to your personal life, having control over your work schedule might be a lifesaver.


Broader job opportunities

Working from home provides a wide variety of career alternatives that aren't limited by geography, which is a significant advantage. Rural and small-town job searchers may find this particularly useful since various local employment are scarce.


The opportunity to travel and work remotely as a digital nomad existed before the epidemic since remote employees did not have a fixed work location. Even while the complete nomad lifestyle is temporarily on hold, as borders open up, it's still a clear advantage of the job market.


A Personalized Workplace 

A work-from-home setup has numerous advantages, including the ability to build a personal workspace in your own home. Setting up your home office may be customized to meet your specific needs. This includes anything from a more ergonomic chair to specialist office equipment due to a medical condition.


All these kinds of benefits and incentives are achievable if you have the right choice if real estate investment. And with Lumina Homes and Streamtech, all of these are feasible, making it an ultimate Bahay goal.


Get now your own Angelique Townhouse from your preferred Lumina site for a price range between Php 999,000 to Php 2,760,000 via bank housing loan and experience the convenience and comfort of working from home, together with your family and loved ones.


Save your time some hassle and reserve now your very own Angelique Townhouse from Lumina Homes! Take the Angelique 360° House Tour and visualize your future home.

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