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9 July 2021

Join Ossy of Lumina Marketing Department on an online site tripping in Lumina Residences Bulacan, the affordable house and lot project in Calumpit of Lumina Homes!


Lumina Residences Bulacan – the next big thing near the metro!


According to a study, fifty percent of Filipinos want to own a house and lot because of practicality and a sense of ownership. And there are a lot of Filipinos that are going abroad to reach this dream. However, despite the efforts of the government to provide resilient houses to every Filipino, the Philippines still have an astounding 6.75M backlog units in the housing sector. And part of that is not just the lack of houses but also the preference of the Filipinos when it comes to buying their own homes. 


In an article of last December 2020, the top criteria in buying a house and lot in the Philippines are the budget and the house's location a family wants to live in. Filipinos would wish to a budget-friendly house and lot near to everywhere like schools, supermarkets, workplaces and are accessible to transportation. 


While it is ideal to buy a house inside Metro Manila, the price of real estate in the cities is too high for a common Filipino family to buy their own space. The good news is, the government and private sectors are making efforts to decongest Metro Manila and create more housing units in the nearby provinces. With this effort to help Metro Manila solve and reduce the backlog of housing in the country, many real estate developers have succumbed to building projects near the capital where the budget is reasonable and could be afforded by a middle-class or lower-middle-class family. Investors continue to buy properties in the provinces without compromising the areas' location and transportation, especially for the commuters. In which Lumina Residences Bulacan is the perfect sample of this vision. It is one of the many projects of Lumina Homes created to help Filipino families in the country. It can be considered as the next primary location to buy a house and lot.



Commonly mistaken to be located in Malolos, Bulacan because of its main entrance, Lumina Residences Bulacan is situated at the boundary of two beautiful towns in Bulacan- Plaridel and Calumpit. It is a 14-hectare property at the heart of Brgy. Bugion, Calumpit and Brgy. Rueda Plaridel, Bulacan. The project was launched last 2018 and is currently in preselling status. Many buyers have already bought their future homes in the project because of the site's price, proximity, and accessibility. Lumina Residences Bulacan is offering 1968 units with both socialized and economical packages fit for the lower class and middle-class market. And for the future homeowner's advantage, the promising site is only five to seven minutes away from the newly constructed VistaMall Malolos.


How to get to Lumina Residences Bulacan?

Amidst the pandemic, Lumina Residences Bulacan remains to be the most accessible project of Lumina Homes in the province of Bulacan. Buses and jeepneys coming and going to Metro Manila are commonly seen passing in the front of VistaMall already. It is because this commercial establishment is just along McArthur Hiway. Caloocan City and Quezon City clients can ride a bus going to Malolos, Apalit, San Fernando, and Guagua and stopped in front of the mall.


Malolos continues to be a high class, and urbanized city, so different transportation and bus lines company continues to invest in bringing more modes of transportation to the city. Premium point-to-point buses from Trinoma going straight ahead to Robinsons Malolos are also available. Once the client is already at the mall, they only need to ride a jeep to VistaMall Malolos.  


Home Model Packages

This fantastic project has three models to offer, the Aimee Rowhouse, Alea Loft Type House, and the Adriana Townhouse, in which the customers can pick their interior design. It is because all of the houses are bare-type once they are turned over to the customers. 


House Specifications

The Aimee rowhouse is fit for starting families with two to three members. It has a 22 square meters floor area on a regular cut of 36 square meters lot area. This studio–type house is provisioned for one-bedroom, has a skim coated wall, has one layer of bathroom floor tiles, and has a kitchen counter table with tiles at the service area of the house. 


Next to it is the Alea Loft Type House; this Korean modern-looking house is famous for its chic yet affordable price. The ground floor has a 22 square meter ground floor area, and the loft is 10 square meters making it a 32 square meter total floor area house. The usual regular lot cut is 36 square meters. Since this is a bare-type of house, the person can maximize the house for two bedrooms. According to the suggested floor plan, customers can have one room on the ground floor, and the next room would be in the loft. 


And the third model house is the Adriana Townhouse, the most popular and best-selling house and lot package in Lumina Residences Bulacan. Adriana townhouse has a 44 square meter floor area, subdivided by the ground floor with 22 square meters and the second floor with 22 square meter floor area as well. One can put two bedrooms on the second floor of the house to maximize the interior. 


Future Projects

It is possible to own a home in an excellent location with Lumina Residences Bulacan, with proximity to a soon-to-open international airport and railway!


Bulacan International Airport, also known as New Manila International Airport, will be constructed on a 2,400-hectare parcel of land in Bulakan, Bulacan. It will be equipped with three terminals, four runways, and eight taxiways. When completed in six years, it will be able to handle 100 million passengers per year. The proposed Bulacan airport is intended to relieve air congestion at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). This will be a game-changer and unquestionably one of the best Build, Build, Build Projects in Bulacan.


New Manila International Airport will be a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with a design capacity of 200 million passengers per year and will involve the construction, operation, and maintenance of a new modern airport in Bulacan, which can be expanded to include four runways and all aviation-related facilities. It is a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) structure with a 50-year cooperation period. 


For more information about the affordable house and lot for sale in Calumpit of Lumina Homes, please contact (0917) 629 6523.
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