Lumina Offers Pag-IBIG Financing this October

30 October 2020

This Christmas season, Lumina Homes makes it even more possible for you to own a Lumina house and lot! Effective October 22 until October 31, Lumina Homes is offering "Pag-IBIG is in the Air!" a limited promo allowing homebuyers to reserve any Lumina house and lot choose Pag-IBIG financing as their home loan institution.



Lumina gives 50% discount on reservation fees


About Pag-IBIG financing

When a homebuyer wishes to purchase a house and lot through Pag-IBIG financing, this basically means that he or she will pay a portion of the total property price using a home loan from the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) or simply, Pag-IBIG Fund. 


If a Lumina homebuyer is qualified by Pag-IBIG standards as a low-income earner, he or she can pay as little as 1,898 pesos monthly for an Aimee Rowhouse Inner Unit, payable in 30 years at 3% interest rate. 


Advantages of Pag-IBIG financing

Among Lumina homebuyers, many prefer Pag-IBIG financing over other payment options like Bank or In-house for two major reasons:

  • Less stringent requirements - To qualify for a home loan, Pag-IBIG only requires that the homebuyer-borrower is a Pag-IBIG member and has a minimum of two (2) years woth of Pag-IBIG contribution
  • Available payment programs are more flexible with lower interest rates and longer loan payment period


It is no wonder that Lumina Homes has been consistently recognized by Pag-IBIG Fund for providing affordable home opportunites to its members. In fact, Lumina Homes was named 'Top 1 Developer' in the 2019 Pag-IBIG Fund Chairman’s Report held last February 7, 2020 for having the most housing loans takeout value and for serving the most number of housing borrowers.


How to avail a Lumina house and lot under Pag-IBIG financing

Part of Lumina Homes' services to its homebuyers is they assist in filing of the Pag-IBIG home loan application. After reservation, an admin briefing is held wherein a Lumina accounts officer discusses to the homebuyer the available financing options which include the Pag-IBIG financing. The homebuyer only needs to submit and sign the needed requirements and documents while the accounts officer files the home loan application to Pag-IBIG Fund.


Luckily for interested Lumina homebuyers this October, Pag-IBIG financing is once again being offered for all available Lumina house and lots! This limited promo is especially advantageous for those who wish to purchase Lumina Homes' two-storey house and lots that are normally offered under Bank financing. 


On top of the Pag-IBIG promo, homebuyers may also get the chance to qualify for two other ongoing promos of Lumina Homes: the "Juanberful Bahay Sale" wherein a 50% discount on reservation fee will apply for rowhouse end units and two-storey house and lots, and the "Bahay Goals Bundle" where homebuyer is granted free electricity and water connection fee, and free HOA membership fee.




lumina offers free electricity and water connection fee and free hoa membership fee

Lumina offers free electricity and water connection fee, and free Homeowner's Association (HOA) membership fee!


All three promos "Pag-IBIG is in the Air," "Juanberful Bahay Sale," and "Bahay Goals Bundle" — are effective until October 31, 2020 only.



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