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What's Inside your Go Bag?

4 June 2021

The rainy season is here, and we should be mentally prepared and well informed of the latest news updates about the possible floods or landslides in your area. Also, having some emergency supplies if you need to evacuate would be a great help to survive. Make sure that you always have a Go Bag ready at home so that you can quickly grab it and go in times of emergency


What is a Go Bag? 

Go Bag is one of the most highly recommended tactics for survival. A Go Bag is usually a big waterproof backpack to store all your gear and supplies. Your Go Bag is an important piece of safety gear to have on hand. It is essential in case of flooding, typhoon, or other natural disasters that you may need to evacuate your home.


What to put inside your Go Bag? 

Since Go Bag is a Survival Kit, it should have the following contents: 


1. Survival Gear

Make sure that you always have a whistle in your Go Bag so that you can easily give signals to rescuers and draw attention to yourself whenever you are in distress. A small survival knife or multitool can be handy; you never know how much you might have to form or build yourself. Don't forget fire makers, of course! Waterproof matches, lighters, and starter kits are all valuable survival tools.


Typically, when the flood is too deep, the electricity is being cut out in certain areas to avoid accidents. See to it that you have a flashlight packed in your Go Bag so that you can find your way easily through the darkness.


2. Bottled Water

Bottled water is one of the most important things on your list as you can go days without food but not days without water. Make a point that this would be the first thing that you will pack in your Go Bag. You may also consider buying something that will allow you to filter unsafe water on the go, like water purification tablets.


3. Ready-to-eat Food

See to it that you include ready-to-eat food in your Go Bag. You should avoid canned goods (which are too heavy) and instead opt for food in pouches or bags. It should be lightweight, non-perishable goods, and designed specifically for camping or survival that can last for at least 3-7 days are the best options to have. You may also add some candies in your Go Bag for an extra morale boost.


Anyone who owns a pet is unlikely to abandon their pet in the event of a disaster, so pack three days' worth of food and water for them as well!


4. Clothes

It will be hard to keep yourself dry when it's raining heavily, so make sure that you have set of dry clothes to change into quickly. It will help you not catch a cold, especially during the rainy seasons when the threat of disease is extremely high. You might consider a set of clothes: a jacket, a fresh change of clothes, socks, and sturdy close-toed shoes.


5. First Aid Kit

A first-aid kit is a must wherever and whenever you are! For those with daily use of medication, pack a spare in our Go Bag. Add some painkillers or allergy medicine.


With the pandemic still ongoing, protection from Covid-19 is necessary, like face masks, alcohol, and sanitary wipes. Dust masks (N95) are also needed in case of fire or those locations near volcanoes since they can prevent any hazardous materials from getting into your lungs. 


6. Cellphone

Make sure that your phone's battery is full during these times so that you can quickly call for help or rescue when needed, not to mention if you get stranded in the middle of nowhere.


7. Power bank or Battery-operated Radio

Since electricity might be cut off, it's better if you have a battery-operated radio to keep yourself updated about the latest news and monitor the events about the current situation in your area. But a power bank may also do the job since you may charge your phone that may be used to contact rescuers, flashlight, and even get the latest news through news sites or reliable social media pages.


8. Important Documents

Don't forget to include your important documents in your Go Bag, especially when evacuating. Put your important documents in a resealable plastic bag or a waterproof container to prevent them from getting wet. Some examples of documents to have to prepare in your Go Bag are medical prescriptions, a passport or ID, a printed list of emergency contacts, and emergency money! It's always a lifesaver if you keep some cash on hand just in case you need to buy some supplies during these times.


9. Comforts

Anyone who has gone camping knows that a light sleeping mat is worth the extra weight. Don't sacrifice something much more important than it, but try to fit it in if possible. If you have children, pack a few toys and anything else you think they'll need to keep them entertained.


So there you have it. You may not need everything on our Go Bag list to endure a disaster, and we hope you never need to use your go-bag. But, as they say, it's better to be safe than sorry!


Being prepared at times of calamity or disaster is essential as you can easily make and rehearse an escape plan if you are confident that you already have all you need in your Go Bag. It will give you peace of mind because you know what to do and what to grab when an emergency situation arises. Also, you can have the opportunity to help other people in need, especially the elderly and the infirm at this time.


Always be prepared and stay updated, Kabarangay!


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