Viral Awards 2022: The Winning Bloggers and Blogs

9 April 2022
Viral Awards 2022 The Winning Bloggers and Blogs

What award-giving authority are you most familiar with? Internationally, you might have heard of the Oscars for Hollywood actors, the Grammys for musicians, and the Cannes for filmmakers. You might have viewed or read about the FAMAS awards or even the Gawad Urian for actors in the local scene. 


However, did you know that there is also an award-giving body that recognizes media personalities, bloggers, and other influencers in the Philippines? It is no other than Viral Awards 2022. 


What's unique about this awards night is its aim to honor and recognize the efforts of these personalities to go viral. Their efforts were officially celebrated through a prestigious awards night last April 7, 2022, at Okada Manila.


Hence without further ado, here are the winners of the Viral Awards - Bloggers and their Blog Category. 


15 Noteworthy Bloggers to Watch Out in 2022

There is joy in reading the written word–even if it is digital. Hence, despite the fact that vloggers and social media influencers abound, content in the form of words is still relevant even today. Are you looking for a quality read in the vast internet hole? Here are 15 bloggers–all Viral Awards awardees–you must check out!


Ma. Cristine C. Gonzales, Visual Blogger

A Broadcast Journalist and a graduate of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Tin believes that life is just fantastic because of blogging. To her, blogging is a very fulfilling task because you get to learn many things from different events and meet a lot of beautiful people.


A long-time media practitioner and a blogger with a heart, she wrote her winning piece, "Paint, Sip, Laugh at Sip and Gogh at Makati," in 2017. A lover of culture, arts, and lifestyle-related activities, visit her blog here.



Camilo Mendoza Villanueva, Jr., Lifestyle Blogger

Camilo Mendoza Villanueva, Jr., Lifestyle Blogger

Camilo Mendoza Villanueva, Jr., Lifestyle Blogger

With his winning entry, "Celebrating The Everyday Survival Through Gratitude and Simple Living," Camilo shared the beauty of living in the moment and appreciating life each day. 


Aside from being a communication arts graduate of De La Salle University and a junior proposal writer for Open Access BPO, he manages, a general interest blog and FB page where he would give opinions, reviews, and news about the Philippines. 


A freelance writer, editor, and translator, Camilo is also a member of several groups, namely the Bloggers Association of the Philippines, Filipino Bloggers Network, and Page One Wildfire Group.  


Dhadha Garcia, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

Hailing from the City of Smiles, the Masskara Festival, and the renowned Chicken Inasal, Dhadha is aware of the importance of good food, having a great time, and a beautiful smile. This awareness led her to become a full-time blogger in 2007 and a pioneer of the Negrense Blogging Society in 2009. 


Now a mompreneur and a content creator, she has received numerous distinctions and awards nominations for her blog. Her latest achievement is recognition from Viral Awards, with her piece entitled, "How To Cope With StressFor A Better Mental Health."


In her thank-you speech, she mentions her family, colleagues, the award-giving body, and Mr. Ver Garcia of the Bloggers Association of the Philippines for the recognition. With over a decade of blogging experience, please find out more about Dhadha's thoughts and tips in her blog.


Angelica Cortez Jose 

Hard on the outside, soft on the inside, that's how Angelica, aka Jellybeans, describes herself. A self-confessed Manila girl, she wants to share more of "the things to do and places to be in and around the Metro." 


It was reflected in her winning blog entry with the title, "Nature Park in the City's Heart: The Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City." She featured a nature lover's haven inside Quezon City–complete with wildlife and unique plants.


"Context is a major consideration for my work. It is not enough to give information on who's, what's [and] when. It is also important to provide the how's and so what" Gel shares. 


Aside from food, Angelica is passionate about TV shows, Regency-era romances, and Jane Austen's writing. Please get to know more of her adventures in her Jellybeans in the City blog.



Jen R. Pagalilauan, Travel and Food Blogger

Jenny's blog is named Mommshies not only because she is a single mom to her only son, but she dedicates her work to her late mom. Hence, aside from being a freelance Media Relations Specialist, Jen writes about stories and things that moms like her would want to read and explore. 


Her winning article, "My dream fulfilled with the gospel album, Be Still by Maria Chew," tells of how her dream to become a recording artist came true. 


Ranging from Beauty, Money Matters, Business, and Travel Destinations, she showcases interests all moms could relate to. True to her blog's motto, "Make Mommas Shine," she aspires that moms will be inspired to shine through her writing.


Dr. Angel Catindig Manlapaz, DMD

Usually, we think of doctors as someone who scribbles prescriptions to heal people. However, some also have a way with words.


Doc Angel, a Doctor of Dental Medicine, a Registered Nurse, and a Licensed Real Estate Broker, shares her medical experience through blogs. Also a Certified Health Coach and a Recovery Coach, respectively, she uses her life circumstances to relate with women who plan to undergo career transition.


Her winning blog entry, "Medical Forum Tackles About Cancer Cure," highlights essential truths about the fight against cancer that readers can share with others. 


Jaycelle Playda Sahagun 

Mommy, entrepreneur, and blogger, Jaycelle describes herself as a purveyor of pretty. As a woman, she knows how to wear different hats (and outfits, too!) as she tells stories about beauty, motherhood, food, travel, and a lot more. 


With her husband and child, Jaycelle writes about her family's adventures. A glimpse of their lives could be seen in her winning article, entitled, "Sunday Family Day in the New Normal." If you enjoyed her piece, follow her blog, Our Family Adventures. 


In between writing and family adventures, she founded Mrs. Gift Boxes, an online gift curating shop, in 2007.



Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas, Travel & Lifestyle Blogger 

She may have started with numbers but became a lover of words; Grace is an engineer by profession. However, her story does not stop there. She's also the CEO of Tag Media Promotions and launched lifestyle-niched Rising Tiger Magazine. 


A multi-hyphenate media maven, Grace shares her knowledge and vision in many ways, among them, through writing. In her article, the "Leading Hotel in the Philippines: Azalea Hotels & Residences in Baguio City," she featured her experience staying in the hotel and flaunted its amenities. She then assured her readers that it's a definite must-try.


Tagged by the Manila Times as the Queen of Events, Grace divides her time pursuing various endeavors, among them being named as the first woman president of the American Association of the Philippines. 


Gracielou D. Corrales, Lifestyle Blogger  

Being a mom doesn't stop, even when there's a pandemic. That's why Gracie took it as an opportunity to start a blog entitled Moms a Peach. 


As a freelancer, she manages to be a career woman and a mom to her nine-year-old daughter and share life lessons with her. Her blog entitled "Kids and the Pandemic" relates how parenting almost-teens can be. 


Her experiences as a mother prompted her to start a blog where she shares insights and experiences, their lifestyle, and other worthwhile reads as viewed from her perspective. Gracie is also a contributor to Mommy Bloggers Philippines.


Jessica Rose Tinio, Food & Lifestyle Blogger

Jessica Rose Tinio, Food & Lifestyle Blogger


Nanay Jecka, as she is fondly called, loves to travel, eat and write. She is on the hunt for new experiences and shares personal encounters in her blog. However, motherhood changed her. She did not stop but instead paused and now inspires and helps people with her entries. 


That's why her winning blog, "Calling all Shutterbugs! Here's the perfect cafe for you!" combines her love for three things, traveling, eating, and writing about her experience. She featured a cafe that not only has good food but a date-worthy ambiance. 


Jecka shares that what started as her me-time hobby as a mom paved the way to believe in herself once again. She is a member of the Bloggers Association of the Philippines. She also attended the Viral Awards Event to receive her award in person. 



Natalie R. Tugade, Lifestyle, Food & Health & Wellness Blogger

Natalie R. Tugade, Lifestyle, Food & Health & Wellness Blogger

Natalie R. Tugade, Lifestyle, Food & Health & Wellness Blogger

The beauty of blogging is that you have the freedom to express your thoughts on any topic. Hence, Nhatz, otherwise known as Seraphimblue, uses her platform to discuss lifestyle, food, and health and wellness. 


As a health and wellness advocate, she encourages others to achieve optimal health through her words. Her winning entry, "Meditation Health Benefits for this Pandemic Era," details tips on how her readers can take care of their mental health.


Natalie attended the Viral Awards event, as well. She would like to thank the people who made it possible for her to receive the award. Stemming from her love of angel stories, she shared trivia about the word Seraphim as her parting note.


Dr. Sandra Ganzo, Beauty & Wellness Blogger

Sandra is a biologist and a medical doctor in the Philippines. On top of that, she's a blogger as well. True to her profession, she celebrates the importance of overall health for every individual.


Her winning entry, the "World Mental Health Day: Mental Health In The Workplace," speaks of how people can take care of their mental health as they go to work. She shared tips and her experiences on the topic. 


More than health and wellness, Sandra shares productivity hacks and lifestyle habits, and personal snippets in her blog, Anything Rad.


Pier Angeli Banaag Ang Sen, Mommy & Lifestyle Blogger

Pier Angeli Banaag Ang Sen, Mommy & Lifestyle Blogger

Pier Angeli Banaag Ang Sen, Mommy & Lifestyle Blogger

Named after a 1950s Hollywood Italian actress, Pier Angeli is using her platform not only for entertainment but to educate as well. A mompreneur and lifestyle blogger, 


Anj is alternatively called Mommy, Ate, or Tita, depending on who she speaks with. Proud of her Filipino roots, she flaunts that she is proud of her tabo, loves to dip pandesal in coffee, and sells dried fish online. 


Her winning article tells of her adventure of becoming a mompreneur by selling dried fish online and how the pandemic "compelled to bring out some extraordinary strengths" in her and her family. 


Follow Anj and Pier's Dried Fish business journey in her blog, the Soap Box Filipina.


Diana Rose Salonga Rosqueta, Barefoot Marathoner, Mommy, Lifestyle Blogger & Sports enthusiast

Diana Rose Salonga Rosqueta, Barefoot Marathoner, Mommy, Lifestyle Blogger & Sports enthusiast

Diana Rose Salonga Rosqueta, Barefoot Marathoner, Mommy, Lifestyle Blogger & Sports enthusiast

A self-confessed sports enthusiast, among the exciting fact about Dianne is she identifies as a barefoot runner. She once ran in a Barefoot Marathon event with 42.195 kilometers.


However, her sharp mind comes with her physical strength, as she is also an online blogger, a mom, a mountaineer, a (Variable) Life Insurance Advisor, and an entrepreneur to boot!


There is no shortage of passion and interests for Dianne that you can write about. Aside from her blog Barefoot Mom PH, she also handles another lifestyle blog. Her winning article is entitled, Sustainable Living for Everyone.


As a mom, Dianne stays true to her belief. "Do what makes you happy. Blog or write about anything. Blogging is my passion. Just write what is true."


Ness Justine Albito Rufino, Real Estate Blogger

Ness Justine Albito Rufino, Real Estate Blogger

Ness Justine Albito Rufino, Real Estate Blogger

Are you looking for a house and lot or a condo unit to be your first adulting investment? Then worry no more; the Scene Zone Squad got your back! The blog creator, Ness Rufino, humbly shared that her talents and skills as a journalism graduate fell at the right place in the real estate industry.


She also shared how her transfer to Bicol paved the way to spend her free time launching the Scene Zone Blog along with her colleagues from Lumina Homes


Their inspiration for the blog? She wants to share the importance of real estate investment, especially for the younger generation. 

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