Noche Buena Tips for Delicious Filipino Dishes

7 December 2022
Noche Buena Tips for Delicious Filipino Dishes

People are growing frantic to find the perfect Christmas present, decorate their trees, and stock up on other holiday essentials for their house and lot in the Philippines as Christmas draws near. And naturally, Filipinos like making menu plans, especially when it comes to figuring out which dishes they can afford to offer.


Even if you've already figured out how to save money for Christmas this year, you might still face some trouble getting into the holiday mood when the inflation rate is at an all-time high and the cost of Noche Buena products continues to rise. Yet, you should take this time off to celebrate with the people that matter to you and beat the inflation this holiday.



How to Stretch Your Budget for Your Noche Buena Dishes

We've got you covered if you're trying to save money on this year's Christmas Eve meal with the family. To help you stretch your Noche Buena budget, we've compiled a few money-saving recommendations.


1. Don't go for last-minute Christmas Eve shopping.

Shopping for Noche Buena early is recommended since the cost of Noche Buena bundles and individual items rises as Christmas draws near.


Start stocking up on food products like noodles, spaghetti, sauces, fruit drinks, and other similar things if you don't have enough money for the whole Christmas shopping spree just yet. Putting in a single large order is not really necessary as you can make little but steady purchases from the items on your Noche Buena shopping list. Also, don't forget to bring your eco bags!


2. Purchase only a portion of a whole item.

Buying in large quantities is a fantastic method to save costs when stocking up on groceries for the week. But things change when you're looking for seasonal Noche Buena goods. You only use them once, and they may not hold up well if you try to reuse them.


Most Noche Buena food components expire quickly, therefore it's best to buy them in little quantities like by the gram, slice, piece, etc.


3. Opt for lesser-known brands.

Cheaper than luxury and foreign brands are those with less name recognition. It's possible that there isn't much of a difference in terms of quality or flavor. This Christmas season, support local businesses near your Lumina Homes community if you want to stretch your Noche Buena budget further.


4. Check out the deals at various stores.

Ask around at local supermarkets to see where you might get the greatest deal. Alternatively, you may go out to shop for Noche Buena with your loved ones and have them check a different store. Some supermarkets charge more than others for the same Noche Buena staples. It's possible for even two supermarkets owned by the same corporation to charge different amounts.


Of course, you shouldn't base your decisions just on grocery store costs. Think about how much gas and time it will take to go to each food shop and compare the total cost.


A helpful piece of advice for Noche Buena preparation is to browse the items on both the top and bottom shelves of the store. You may expect these products to be less expensive than those at regular retail height.


5. Explore other options other than groceries or supermarkets.

When compared to name-brand meats sold in supermarkets, the prices of unbranded meats sold at public wet markets are far more affordable. Public markets, such as wet markets and flea markets, can have better prices than upscale supermarkets with climate control. Whether it's chicken, fish, or beef, this rule must be followed.


Through this, you get to help your home investment neighborhood mom-and-pop shops while saving cash and cutting down on pre-trip hassles.


6. Think outside the box for cheaper Noche Buena dishes.

Keep the recipe's ingredients to a minimum. Buy cheaper cheeses that still taste great and can be used in other recipes when the holidays are over. Meat and seafood in particular have increased in price recently. Chicken is a good alternative to beef or pork as the main course.


7. Create a shopping list, budget, and menu for Noche Buena.

Determine how much of a budget you have for Noche Buena shopping so you can stay within your Christmas budget. Establish a sum that suits your needs and create a meal for Noche Buena that fits your financial plan and takes into account the number of guests.


Also, make a shopping list of necessities based on your meal and spending plan. Donations like a Noche Buena food box from your company or some canned foods from balikbayan family members should be noted.


8. Be cautious with your credit card use.

As long as your finances are in order, there are several incentives that you can enjoy. Savings or cash back on groceries is a perk of certain credit cards. Bonus points or cash back may be used to offset the cost of your Noche Buena purchases.



Affordable Noche Buena Food Menu Ideas

The following are some low-cost alternatives to traditional Noche Buena dishes that you may enjoy this holiday season.



A good substitute for Morcon and the tender juicy meat of Christmas Ham. Ground pork, bell pepper, carrots, onions, raisins, and relish elevate this traditional Filipino meatloaf.


Macaroni Fruit Salad

A combination of fruit salad and the yummy macaroni salad, this is a staple in Filipino desserts, and it's simple and fast to make with nata de coco.


Grilled Pork belly

A cheaper alternative for Lechon, this is a Filipino dish that is easy to prepare and requires only very few ingredients, and best dip with soy sauce.


Fried Chicken Lollipops

A must-have in the Noche Buena Menu, especially if you have kids at home. With banana ketchup as a dip, this is a perfect substitute for the regular fried chicken.


Leche Flan

It's a delicious alternative to cakes, with its sweet, rich caramel and smooth custard.


Pancit Bihon

An affordable substitute for Filipino Style Spaghetti. You don't need tomato sauce for this and only need simple and few ingredients to make.




Spend Your Noche Buena This Year In Your Home Investment!

The majority of people can't wait to spend time with their families again in the coming weeks, a few days before the Christmas season even begins. Add to your budgetary tips this year an affordable house and lot where you can comfortably celebrate the holidays with the entire family and with your loved ones!


Lumina Homes offer various affordable house and lot for sale in its over 50 subdivisions all around the country that can match your budget and satisfy your family's needs and lifestyle.


Being built-in the key cities and municipalities nationwide, Lumina Homes communities have proximity to various groceries, supermarkets, and shopping malls, as well as the local public market, making it a practical choice for your home investment for the holiday season.


Work together as a family to plan everything from the cuisine to the decorations for Christmas Eve. Gather your loved ones over delicious food and drink as you celebrate the season without breaking the bank with Lumina Homes!

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