Importance of Single Firewall For Houses And Their Benefits

11 October 2022
Importance of Single Firewall For Houses And Their Benefits

Does your home have firewalls? Do you think your home is safe enough for fire prevention?


According to the Bureau of Fire Department (BFP), a total of 2,619 fire incidents have been recorded in the Philippines for the first two (2) months this year. Most are caused by faulty electrical wiring; common fire victims are urban residents.


These houses are usually made with light materials, DIY electrical connections, and no firewalls as fire safety precautions. Other potential causes of fire problems are stored flammable liquids in the house, especially in the attached garage. Brake fluid, motor oil, gasoline, and paint thinner can create flammable vapors, when left unnoticed, can eventually ignite. That is why the BFP encourages homeowners to be vigilant and practice safety measures at home, especially in urban areas.


On the other hand, housing developers, including the housing arm of Lumina Homes, Vista Land, build single firewall houses. It is built with added protection against fire incidents and ensures every Filipino is safe. 


Now, the question is how reliable firewalls are. Can it really withstand heat caused by fire? Learn more from this blog and understand the importance of building a house with firewalls. 


What is a Firewall?

Firewalls are often seen in many buildings and commercial establishments for one reason. It is designed to protect its property or minimize damages if the neighboring building is on fire. As a matter of fact, firewalls are required for all buildings and structures as a section of the principles for safe construction, based on the National Building Code of the Philippines (NBCP) Presidential Decree No. 1096 (PD 1096).


Also, firewalls are intended for residential classifications. A structure is measured from the opposing property lines horizontally, in the case of two (2) side firewalls on the side. For single firewalls, it is measured from the rear property line to the utmost faces of the opposite exterior walls.

A sturdy firewall is made with concrete blocks and reinforced concrete to make it a fire-resistant structure. It should be constructed with a minimum thickness of four (4) inches of solid concrete for an hour fire resistive time period rating. Thus, it is not just a typical fire barrier or partition; it features high resistant ratings to withstand fire exposure.


Besides fire-resistance rating, firewalls are designed to withstand fall damage, collapse, or expansion of the adjacent structure. Firewalls are also intended to resist penetration, fracture, or fragmentation caused by fire. Lastly, it is built to continuously extend vertically through all stories of the structure and the roof.


The Advantage of Single Firewall Houses

The truth is, a lot of questions and factors to consider when shopping for your ideal home. Some considerations include location, accessibility, neighborhood, affordability, and sustainability. But, the most common house and lot in the Philippines is offered single firewall houses. This type of house structure is not only built for Filipinos to live in but also a special abode they can spend the rest of their lives with. 


Now, what makes it different from other affordable house and lot for sale properties? Here are some benefits of buying a single firewall house.


Relatively Affordable

Although buying a bungalow or single-family house is an ideal family dream home, single-firewall houses are better options because of their affordability. When it comes to features, single-firewall homes have similar amenities to other affordable house and lot packages. It can be a bit smaller, but the great advantage is that you’ll worry less about maintaining the said property. Hence, it also has a low maintenance cost.


More Living Space Outdoors and Fire Safety Features

Single-firewall houses feature additional living space outside, particularly in front of the house. It means you have closer proximity to your neighbors. So, you will have the opportunity to know and make friends with them. 


The other side of your home is built with a firewall, indicating the end of rear property line. Do note that single firewalls for houses also serve as fire barriers for safety precautions against fire incidents.


Great With Extended Families

Single firewall homes are recommended for homeowners with extended families, especially elderly relatives. You can quickly check on them because the living space is smaller than in a typical home. Elderlies can walk or move around quickly, like going to the bathroom, even without the help of a family member.      


Higher Property Valuation for Resale

You may buy them at such an affordable price today, but property valuation may significantly increase later. For one reason, its neighborhood will be developed, and more businesses will be established closer to your community. So, it’s a good investment opportunity if you have plans to sell them in the future.


Good Asset

Now that the country’s economy has returned to normal after the COVID-19 crisis, foreign visitors and local travelers will be looking for a temporary space to stay in. So, if you have a housing property near these tourist destinations, you can convert them into transient homes. Lumina Homes, for example, are strategically located at some of the best attractive spots in the Philippines. Hence, it can be a good asset since it’s an income-generating property.



Modern Homes Designed to Suit Your Needs

Nowadays, it is not sufficient enough to opt for an affordable home. But, it is also essential to consider the safety and protection of your family and your property. Buying a single-firewall house is an excellent alternative for aspiring homeowners wanting to meet their needs while living in a modern home. It offers innumerable advantages without sacrificing your budget. Plus, you also got peace of mind knowing that you provided a safer home for your family.


Lumina Homes can be the best partner for your real estate investment needs, especially for investment beginners. Besides bungalow houses, row houses, and townhouses, we offer single-firewall house and lots. It features complete amenities, spacious living space, and a safer place to reside. 


Our featured home models with single firewalls are Angeli Single Firewall, Armina Single Firewall, and Athena Single Firewall. We have over 50 key locations nationwide and are only a few minutes away from the city center. Rest assured, we provide the most flexible payment schemes through bank financing and PAGIBIG housing loans. Therefore, you get to enjoy all these perks with your loved ones.


For more information and home reservation, you may contact our accredited sellers throughout the Philippines. 

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