Why Rowhouse Units are Suitable Property for Modern Living?

7 October 2022
Why Rowhouse Units are Suitable Property for Modern Living

Are you a young professional looking for a real estate property suitable for your monthly income? Or perhaps, a starting family finding a new place to live on your own?


Searching for a new home requires extensive financial planning and preparation. Everything must be organized, meets your needs, and, most of all, fit your budget. While it can be a good idea to choose an affordable house and lot, it would be ideal to opt for a much cheaper option. 


A row house might be a property that you must not have considered. But, having this one-bedroom unit may be a perfect investment for you while starting a new family or building your own investment portfolio.


Rowhouses versus One-Bedroom Apartments

Affordability and sustainability are good reasons you should opt for a rowhouse.


One-bedroom studio apartments or two-bedroom units may be much bigger in terms of floor area; the price is relatively high compared to rowhouses. Plus, most one-bedroom apartments are rarely accessible to public facilities. Unlike rowhouses, these are strategically placed in the most accessible location. Thus, it can save you time to travel from home to work or any amenities you like.


Lastly, a one-bedroom apartment building has limited or no community amenities they can use, as they need to pay separately for a membership, including parking space.


So, make a quick overview of the advantages of buying a row house and decide whether or not it is reasonable to invest in this budget-friendly property.



Advantages of Investing in a One-Bedroom Unit Rowhouse

Many people would always choose an affordable house and lot for sale rather than one-bedroom apartments or even row houses. Living in a rowhouse limits their privacy because neighbors are only walls apart. Second, it features small spaces. Third, they cannot add more room space in their floor area.


In real estate, you cannot always get what you want. But, you can always make a bargain of your wants. Thus, it would be best if you sacrificed some factors to achieve your primary goal: buying your home without breaking the bank. 


Here are some benefits you can enjoy to help you consider buying a rowhouse.


1. Low Maintenance Cost

The main advantage of buying a rowhouse is it offers low maintenance cost. Its designed architectural structure reduces cost since the homeowners' association or the developer covers the exterior amenities. Thus, it is economical. 


2. Great Value for Money

Compared to other real estate properties, row houses are less expensive. Small families or starting couples can pay as little as 2000 pesos a month. Hence, you can still save more or have some spare money to purchase other things you need.


3. Shared Values

Most people living in row houses are just like you, starting to be independent, living solo, or early nesters. Therefore, you share the same values: finding a peaceful community and living worry-free. 


4. Access to Community Amenities

Living in a rowhouse also entitles you to access the community's amenities. It includes parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, a multi-purpose hall, and a covered basketball court. So, you have the same privileges as someone who owns a house and lot in the Philippines.


5. Secured

Since you have closer proximity to your neighbors, you can easily familiarise yourself with their faces. As a result, you quickly notice new faces or strangers with suspicious behaviors in your neighborhood. So, you feel more secure knowing that you can watch each other's unit effortlessly. 



Decorating Ideas for a Successful Rowhouse Living

The fact that rowhouses have limited space, you can still make them look bigger and spacious with these decorating ideas.


  • Keep the line of sight open.

A rowhouse needs light. Therefore, avoid decorating tall bookshelves, high-back chairs, and screens. Instead, keep tall objects against the wall. You can also place wall mirrors to create a spacious illusion in your interior. 


  • Add more shapes to your home.

Don't settle for placing a typical furniture arrangement in your living space, such as side tables. Consider other shapes in your home and add more visual interest. Round accents and other decor pieces like pillows, ottomans, and lamps will look great in a circular shape arrangement.


  • Move traffic flow to one side.

Traffic flow in your home is a top priority. A typical layout of a rowhouse has a flow where you get to pass one living space to another. Hence, keep your living space to one side of your home while the other is intended for traffic flow movement. Consider placing your sofa or sala set against the wall to help ease movement in your row home. Put your furniture in the corners to create a more expansive space. Use doorways as your natural walkways.


  • Take advantage of odd spaces. 

Avoid putting wide furniture in your home. But instead, place tall furniture to utilize vertical storage. Make sure it does not distract the line of sight. Take advantage of odd spaces such as strange nooks or corners. Be creative in putting your pieces in your home, and find furniture that fits these unconventional spaces. 


  • Decorate with angles.

Changing the angles of your furniture widen your living space. If you place tall furniture parallel in your home, consider putting your lower pieces perpendicular or at least 45 degrees angle. Just ensure it does not block your walkways.


Lumina Homes+ Series: A Perfect Real Estate Property for Investment Starters

As more young Filipinos are financially aware, the demand for real estate is also affected in the property market. Lumina Homes have to keep up with this challenge and provide not just affordable housing packages for Filipino families. 


Introducing Lumina Homes+ series is the latest expansion of Vista Land housing arm, featuring two (2) rowhouses, namely Emery and Eliza. Emery Rowhouse has a 22 square meter floor area with a 36 square meter footage of lot area. Meanwhile, Eliza has a 22 square meter floor area with a regular cut of 36 square meters. 


Both rowhouse models have special features such as a ready partition for one bedroom, ceramic tiles for the main flooring, a separate bathroom with wall tiles, a painted fence, and a steel frame gate. The bathroom has fixtures, including a dual-type flash closet, showerhead, and handheld bidet. Therefore, it is almost ready for moving into your new home.


Interested in buying a rowhouse? Contact our accredited Lumina Homes sellers today for more details and information. 


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