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Famous Festivals in the Philippines

18 January 2021
Famous Festivals in the Philippines
Written by: Ness Albito


Where else in the world can a Filipino find the best house and lot? It is more fun in the Philippines! We have beautiful beaches, unique wildlife, stunning landscapes, ocean adventures, cultural and culinary delights, the warmth and hospitality of the Filipino people, colorful festivals, and the feeling of being at home.


The Philippines, as an archipelago consisting of numerous islands and a mixture of different cultures and traditions, have been reflected not just in Filipinos' everyday lives but also in the colorful festivals across the country.


These festivals are not just being enjoyed and celebrated by the locals but also being visited, featured, and renowned by foreigners worldwide. Let's pump-up our energy to travel all year round in celebrating different festivals around the country! And who knows, you might choose the best affordable house and lot of Lumina Homes near them!


View and learn more about the available properties of Lumina Homes in over 50 locations in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, and find the perfect setting for you in your family.


Dinagyang Festival

(January 15-22)

Most awarded Festival in the Philippines due to its legacy, popularity, and innovation, Dinagyang Festival is also dubbed as the "Queen of all festivals."


Join the fun in Dinagyang Festival when you choose to live in one of Lumina's projects in Panay Island for as low as 11,262* monthly!


Sinulog Festival

(January 17)

Considered to be the first and Queen of festivals in the Philippines, the Sinulog festival attracts up to 2 million people from all over the country joins their street parties' festival fun by January every year.


The word "sinulog" means "like the water current" and is the name of the step that the dancers perform. 


Witness Cebus Sinulog Festival when you live in Lumina Carcar

Sinulog Festival in Cebu near Lumina Carcar


Get to join this iconic Festival when you choose to live in Lumina's project in Cebu, Lumina Carcar, for as low as 8,956* monthly!


Pasalamat Festival

(January 10-17)

Pagadian City, dubbed as the "Little Hongkong of the South," holds one of the most colorful and grandest celebrations, the Pasalamat Festival, formerly known as the "Pangadyian Festival."


With the creative ways and prioritizing health and safety, the City Government of Pagadian manages its 2021 celebration virtually.


Lumina Pagadian in Brgy. Tiguma is just a 7-minute ride from Pagadian city proper. 


Babaylanes Festival

(February 19)

Babaylanes is celebrated mainly in Bago, City Negros Occidental, to commemorate the babaylans, or the traditional doctors before the Spanish colonizers arrived. During this celebration, artists wear different styles and colors of dresses as they perform dances mimicking the traditional rituals done by the babaylans hundreds of years ago. The event also includes excellent exhibitions and parades on the streets of Bago City.


Be part of this unique celebration annually by availing house and lot in Negros Occidental! Lumina Homes have four communities that you can freely choose from Lumina Bacolod, Lumina Bacolod East, Lumina Sagay, and Lumina Silay.


Bangus Festival

(March 31 – April 12)

In English, bangus, or milkfish, is the Philippines' National fish, and that's why it's worth having its Festival. You can celebrate the Bangus Festival in Dagupan, City in Pangasinan. It is held yearly in April and features the best and freshest bangus in their province.

Suppose you want to enjoy some yearly seafood tripping while indulging in a countryside life. In that case, Lumina Manaoag is the best site to reside and make sure to join this grand fish festival annually.


Barong at Saya Festival

(April 17)

It started in 2012, a week-long celebration of Pandi Bulacan's foundation anniversary as an independent municipality from the town of Bigaa (now Balagtas). The celebration highlights the creative and quality primary product created by the citizens of Pandi, Bulacan, their pride, Barong at Saya.


Pandi is gradually transforming into one of Bulacan's bustling towns. Located here is Lumina Pandi, a 22-hectare housing development. Only 14 kilometers from Balagtas Exit, this community is complete with a covered basketball court, mini gardens, and playground, a jogging path, and space for future commercial areas.


Kadaugan sa Mactan

(April 27)

Kadaugan sa Mactan is a celebration that reenacts the Mactan people's historic victory known for the term Oponganons used during the famous "Battle of Mactan" in the 16th century. The performance is usually being participated by the famous local actors and other TV personalities.


Bravery, leadership, and resiliency—these are the values that you can easily witness and experience when you decided to live in a house and lot in Cebu. This thriving community is just almost half an hour away from Mactan Cebu.


Pahiyas Festival

(May 15)

This Festival is being held yearly in Lucban, Quezon, to honor their key patron, San Isidro Labrador. This festivity showcased the people's creativity and resourcefulness as they decorated their houses with colorful fruits, vegetables, handicrafts, and other ensembles made from flour.


You can easily include this on your summer getaway if you live close to the Lucban area, like in Lumina Sariaya. You can experience their colorful Festival in just less than an hour and enjoy their famous Pancit Bato.


Naligayan Festival

(2nd week of June)

Naligayan Festival means "the chosen one" is a week-long celebration of the indigenous culture of Agusanon through music and dance, games, sporting events, and native products exhibition. The natives residing in remote areas are known to go downtown to perform their talents and skills during the parade.


Suppose you would like to easily visit the trade fair of Agusan del Sur's famous cottages. In that case, you can easily avail yourself of affordable house and lot for sale from Lumina Butuan and enjoy the rich history and culture of the provincial life near the sea.


Lechon Festival

(June 24)

In honor of St. John the Baptist, Parada ng Lechon in Batangas takes place every June 24. Aside from the roasted pig parade during this celebration, have fun and get ready to be wet with the water splashing activity! 


During this Festival, lechons are dressed in fun characters, while the whole town participates in a water splashing tradition. After the entire activity, everyone can already feast on the lechons in the Festival.


Batangas is the first location of affordable house and lot for sale by Lumina Homes!


T’nalak Festival

(July 08 – 15)

This Festival commemorates South Cotabato's foundation by showcasing their T'nalak, the popular woven clothing made by T'boli women. T'nalak is usually very colorful as the locals wear this exquisite and traditional clothing piece from one of the Filipino tribes.


Witnessing this colorful celebration is much comfortable if you're living near Koronadal City. It's a good thing that there is Lumina Polomolok, which is just less than an hour away from the city.


Kadayawan Festival

(August 11 – 17)

Kadayawan Festival is to celebrate Davao's bountiful harvest. It usually includes a parade of colorful boats and a dance competition that features the different tribes from Davao City. They also have a Miss Kadayawan pageant that showcases the beauty and talent of Davaoeñas.


You can easily enjoy this overflowing feast when you avail a house and lot for sale in Davao del Norte. You can relish not just this Festival but also their successful harvests and the substantial fresh air from nature.


Tuna Festival

(August 31 – September 10)

The famous fresh tuna on a platter in General Santos City, known as "Tuna Capital of the Philippines," has its Festival. You can indulge in their fresh seafood and the different outdoor and water activities that accompany their yearly celebration.


So, if you are a seafood lover that also loves various water adventures, avail an affordable house and lot now in Lumina Polomolok and experience the city's excitement and thrill.


MassKara Festival

(October 5 – 26)

Known as the City of Smiles, Bacolod created MassKara Festival that showcases the colorful and creative masks with smiling faces that paraded their streets during this celebration. MassKara Festival is an energetic celebration that consists of dancing and loud music on the streets and various events, exhibitions, and concerts.


For great fans of beautiful smiles with a touch of creativity, Lumina Bacolod is just right for you. With its location near the sea, it will be like summer vacation all year long.


Higantes Festival

(November 22 – 23)

Angono, Rizal is renowned as the Philippines' Art Capital, prides itself with its giant paper mache effigies that highlight their yearly parade during the Higantes Festival. The celebration is an honor to their patron saint and the patron saint of fishers, San Clemente and a much-awaited event in the Province of Rizal.


Witness Rizals Higantes Festival when you live in Lumina Binangonan

Higantes Festival in Angono, Rizal near Lumina Binangonan


The local artists who would like to hone and showcase their yearly exhibition skills can always purchase an affordable house and lot near this area through Lumina Binangonan. Besides the fresh air, you can also enjoy a flood-free community with the Metro's fantastic sceneries.


Giant Lantern Festival

(December 12 – 29)

The Filipino most famous symbol for Christmas Season is the parol. So, naturally, there is a festival exclusively being held for this time of the year. This Festival started in San Fernando Pampanga and is still a much-awaited event even these days, wherein we will spend these holidays just staying at home.


It will always be Christmas when you reside in this area, especially in the affordable house and lot for sale in Pampanga. It's not just about the province's cool breeze but also about the thriving and colorful lantern-making industry that awaits you here.


Find affordable house and lot in Lumina Homes.


Indeed, celebrations are more fun in the Philippines because each place has its own culture and tradition to celebrate. As a Filipino, we all want to settle where we can call a place home and visualize life as colorful and happy. And it's terrific news that you can find affordable yet quality homes near them through Lumina Homes.


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