Thoughts on Traveling Post-Pandemic: To Travel or Not To Travel?

27 April 2021
Thoughts on Traveling Post Pandemic To Travel or Not To Travel Lumina Homes House and Lot For Sale Philippines OG

Don't you just miss asking yourself: where should I travel to next? Or the excitement of taking a selfie in a new place!


Many Filipinos are thinking of traveling again since the tourism industry now loosens the travel restrictions and guidelines. We can't blame them because it's been more than a year since the pandemic struck the world. And, we're left hanging out from the comforts of our homes, stagnating our personal growth and trying to boost our mental health.


In developing countries like the Philippines, international travel, domestic tourism, and tour operators felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. But based on the market intelligence data recorded by the U.N. World Tourism Organization and World Economic Forum's Travel and Tourism Development, sustainable tourism slowly recovers due to extensive vaccine campaigns and awareness to diversify mass tourism and travel again. Even so, there's no denying that the pandemic really affected us in a way that changed the way we live, especially when it comes to post-pandemic travel


While our passports and travel luggage remain grounded, that doesn't mean we can't plan ahead for future trips in this post-pandemic world.


As we talk about post-pandemic traveling and whether we should travel or not, Lumina Homes interviewed three travel bloggers about how traveling changed their lives and how the pandemic will affect the way they travel.


Ivan Jose of Dad on the Move Talks About Safety on COVID-19

 Ivan Jose of Dad on the Move Lumina Homes House and Lot For Sale Phillipines

"It's fairly easy to find time to travel. You just have to do it. "


Ivan Jose blogs about all the things that make him and his family happy, from food, lifestyle, fatherhood, and, most of all, travel. His blog serves as an online journal where he shares all their adventures and how it is to be a Dad on the Move.



What's the best thing about traveling?

Being able to break the monotony of the daily grind. Our family loves the beach, and the sight of the sand and the sea excites us.



Why did you start blogging about your trips?

Blogging started out as a purely personal project for me. I wasn't too active on social media, but I wanted a space where I could share our photos and experiences.



How did traveling change your life?

It gave me confidence. That's how traveling affected me. I think you need to be confident if you want to explore new places. I once feared the chaos of airports, but now I'm fairly comfortable and excited to be in an airport after hearing from travel advisors that it's safe for multi-generational travel and tourism activities once again.



If you were not a travel blogger, what would you be doing now?

Travel blogging is just a part-time career for me. I currently have a full-time job. Other than travel blogging and my office job, I'd probably be a storybook writer.



What are the good and the bad things about traveling?

The good thing about traveling is that it allows one to discover new places, customs, and food. Traveling creates jobs for locals. On the bad side, it's environmental degradation and pollution, so travelers need to be mindful of those.



What was the bravest thing you've ever done as a traveler?

Taking my very first airplane ride alone.



The most creative or smartest thing you've ever done to save money during your travels?

Using promo codes and taking advantage of deals. Other than that, I don't ask for discounts from locals. 



What do you know now about traveling that you wish you'd known before?

That it's fairly easy to find time to travel. You just have to do it. File a leave, book a plane, save some money, then you're off. Previously, I kept making excuses, but after realizing that, I found it a lot easier to plan for a trip.



If there's one place in the Philippines you could settle in, where would it be and why? 

Either Boracay or Bantayan Island. Both of these places offer breathtaking beaches as well as the tropical island life that I'm dreaming of.



What is the best travel advice you can give for frequent and first-time travelers?

Be appreciative of the places that you visit. You don't necessarily have to see everything that those places have to offer. Take time to slow down and get to know it a little bit more. Traveling is not a race to visit all the beautiful places in the world. 



Traveling is on hold, but if you could go anywhere right now, where would it be and why?

Boracay. We were really planning to bring our kids to Boracay last April 2020. It's our favorite island in the Philippines. We'd never get tired of the powdery white sand and the crystal-clear aquamarine waters. I also think that it's child-friendly. You can sit on the beach and spend the day without having to do anything.



How will this current pandemic affect the way you travel?

For now, everything is on hold. We have no travel plans because of health and safety reasons. After the pandemic or when it's safe to travel, we plan to realize our Boracay trip at least. Other than that, no big plans for us yet. We'll take it one day at a time.



What do you look forward to the most about post-pandemic traveling?

The freedom to move and do whatever you want. We've always been appreciative of the places we've been to, but we really could use a nice beach destination after the pandemic.



What are your future travel plans?

No big plans yet except pay a visit to my home province because we haven't been home for over a year.



When traveling is allowed again, will you take a trip immediately or let the situation ease first? 

We'll let it ease first. Safety is our priority.



Please share some tips for people who are planning to travel after the pandemic. 

Just be mindful of safety protocols. I'm sure it wouldn't be 100% normal even after the post-pandemic era. There may be a few contained cases here and there, so it's better to be on the safe side. Above all, just appreciate and savor the freedom to travel. Appreciate the places that you visit. You are lucky to be there to see it.



2. Rowena of Travel Eat Pinas Chooses Domestic Travel First

Rowena of Travel Eat Pinas Lumina Homes House and Lot For Sale Philippines

"You can discover a lot about yourself by traveling alone."


Established in 2016, Travel Eat Pinas features nothing but fun content about travel and gastronomical adventures to help its readers have a memorable experience. Travel Eat Pinas is undoubtedly a one-stop blog to feed your food and travel cravings. 



What's the best thing about traveling?

The best thing about traveling, aside from uncovering beautiful places in many countries and savoring different local dishes, is you get to discover yourself more. With the different situations and people you encounter during your trip, you can learn and master skills and talent that you don't know you can do so.



How did traveling change your life?

Traveling made me discover skills and talents that I didn't know I am capable of. With traveling, I learned how to be independent, manage my time wisely, listen and learn from locals, and be a responsible traveler so that other travelers can also witness and experience what I did during my trip.



What was the bravest thing you've ever done as a traveler?

Solo traveling. Traveling alone made me anxious because I step out of my comfort zone. I find it lonely at first, but as I go to my desired destinations, do what I want in my phase, and chat with locals who gave me tips on where to get their must-try delicacies and must-visit destinations started to feel an immense sense of achievement. My confidence started to build up, and I enjoyed solo traveling.



What is the best travel advice you can give for frequent and first-time travelers?

Travel solo at least once. You can discover a lot about yourself by traveling alone. Don't expect too much, instead appreciate what you can do and observe on your trips. Be patient because other people don't have the same phase or understanding as you have. Learn to laugh at your mistakes and enjoy every single moment of your trip. Lastly, be a responsible traveler so that others can also experience what you had on your trip.



How will this current pandemic affect the way you travel?

This pandemic changed my travel routine drastically, from planning my trips to the set of travel kits and essentials I carry and how I communicate to the people around me.


Planning trips would be more crucial. I have to research establishments and destinations that religiously follow the protocol and have stricter guidelines to avoid catching the virus. 


Travel essential and kit now includes disinfectant wipes and sprays, a face mask and shield, and vitamins and supplements to boost my immune system.


What do you look forward to the most about post-pandemic traveling?

I am looking forward to traveling with my daughter, our baby traveler. We had a lot of planned trips for her before the pandemic. Unfortunately, none of them happened.


I am looking forward to showing her what the beach looks like, what stepping on sand feels like, how majestic our mountains are and how beautiful our country is.



When traveling is allowed again, will you take a trip immediately or let the situation ease first? 

I am planning to let the situation ease first. I might travel locally after a year, while international trips would be after 2 or 3 years. For me, destinations and attractions are always there. I can't take risks that might affect my life and those of my loved ones.



Please share some tips for people who are planning to travel after the pandemic. 

Be a responsible traveler for the foreseeable future. Follow the protocol all the time and do all necessary precautions to avoid catching the virus. 



3. Lindon Lee's Thoughts about Sustainable Tourism Industry

Lindon Lee Lumina Homes House and Lot for sale Philippines

Lindon is an IT consultant, campaign specialist, freelance graphic artist, and volunteer. As an outgoing person that prefers going outdoors with nature and finding some real thrills, Lindon decides to blog and practice photography about his travels.



Traveling is on hold, but if you could go anywhere right now, where would it be and why?

If that would be possible and I have all the resources, I will go to Japan. I believe Japan has a lot to offer more than meets the eye. I have been watching Japan travel vlogs a lot recently, and it is one of the many places listed on my travel bucket list. 


I am excited to eat authentic ramen, try onsen bath, experience Japanese culture and its innovative and futuristic environment. Take many photos from there, and especially visit any Doraemon park or establishment and meet my favorite anime character, Doraemon. I would also like to feature the snow village of Shirikawago and the interesting snow monkeys. And if time allows, why not get into the freezing experience in Hokkaido and explore Sapporo. 


That is how my imagination works right now for my dream travel to Japan. But personally, with the current status, I would rather not go for leisure travel. I can patiently wait for that time to come that I am sitting on my plane seat waiting to arrive and set my feet on to the land of the rising sun.



How will this current pandemic affect the way you travel?

This pandemic has caused the travel community to impose many restrictions and protocols to be observed that affect the way I make plans for my future travels. Going places is different now, it may cost more and when I say more it could be twice, thrice or even more of the usual expenses before. Unforeseen events must be put into consideration as well, like what if you get stranded due to immediate implementation of quarantine protocols, so you have to extend your stay, that kind of scenarios. 


Funny that there are times I wish I live near the beach or somewhere cold, let us say, in one of my favorite places: Baguio, so I could still enjoy and relax without having to comply and spend a lot to satisfy my personal need for a breather.



What do you look forward to the most about post-pandemic traveling?

To see our tourism and travel industry back to its peak operation again. I met people who have left their usual daily work and choose to become guides, porter, officer because it could offer more for them and their families. My heart goes out to these people who have sacrificed their means of living before choosing to be part of their local tourism management, full of hope and excitement for what is ahead for them with the growing opportunities in the tourism aspect without the anticipation of this pandemic. I am moved by every story that I got from them, and I wanted to hear the excitement in their voices and see their eyes spark with hope again. The travel community will be back, and it is more fun once more.



When traveling is allowed again, will you take a trip immediately or let the situation ease first? 

To let the situation ease first is my best option. I am a travel junkie, but this pandemic is not something I can ignore and not give my full attention to. My part as an individual is to be responsible for protecting myself and others around me by all means possible. That includes limiting my travels to only essential ones while the overall condition is thriving to be better. I hope for the best of times to come soon to all go places without hesitation and fear.



What's the best thing about traveling?

The best thing about traveling is that it has crazy ways to tell and remind us how life is amazing. 


Experiences expand our views as we explore new things. We get to discover our capabilities beyond what we know about ourselves from both of our adventures and misadventures. Traveling keeps us moving, and so how life doesn't stop giving us endless possibilities.



Why did you start blogging about your trips?

I was once that person dreaming about traveling but do not have enough knowledge and courage to do so. That is why I came up with the idea of BITES exclusive to my travel blogs. BITES stands for Budget Itinerary Tips Experiences and Stories that I share throughout my travel post, which I believe can be beneficial for my readers to get all the necessary details and information.


I soon realized that it was fun looking back on our trips through my blogs, and that is something I can thank myself for, especially during the times that I miss traveling, and visiting my blogsite is such a cheer for me.



What was the bravest thing you've ever done as a traveler?

Brave heights. I have an extreme fear of heights, but with the ever-convincing cheers and push by my supportive friends, I was able to strike a pose with my knees crumbling on top of a rock formation in the mountains of Tanay located in Rizal Province.



What's the most rewarding thing that traveling has given you?

That by bits and pieces, I have been gently obtaining my sense of purpose. Traveling has a great contribution that shaped my beliefs and values accordingly from all the experiences that I got, the good, the bad, and everything you could ever imagine in between. It is amazing to learn how interconnected everything we are here despite the differences, boundaries, and standards, and once you get what it tells you, you will get to enjoy and live more.



What is the best travel advice you can give for frequent and first-time travelers?

Dare to surprise yourself. Write down or create a bucket list and start from there. Planned trips or spontaneous will be fine, and there will always be something to learn from it and limit the experience from unnecessary risks. 



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