5 Benefits of Having a College Degree in Today’s Digital Age

16 January 2023
5 Benefits of Having a College Degree in Todays Digital Age

Young generations these days prefer to choose a different path instead of finishing their college degree. They were driven by the latest trend that they could earn more money using digital platforms. They would rather attend online classes in Udemy to learn digital education and strategies instead of going to formal education.


Plus, social media influencers became their modern-day patron instead of following the footsteps of several successful professionals. But, they did not see the bigger picture behind those colorful achievements.


Holding a high school diploma with knowledge and skills in digital platforms can help them become more famous and earn money. Having a bachelor's degree, however, can take them as far and high as they want to be. These kids just need a little push and motivation to pursue higher education since this generation needs solid proof that it is worthy of their time and effort.



Essential Benefits of Getting a College Education Diploma

It’s an unfortunate truth that many college graduates are still unemployed in the Philippines today. With its current high unemployment rates, these young individuals are forced to take college courses due to parents’ decisions or insufficient budgets to sustain their desired college degree. 


That is why parents are encouraged to save early so that their kids can pursue their dream careers. Kids, on the other hand, only need guidance and sweet advice from their parents to muster up their confidence in finishing a college diploma.


Here are many benefits of having a college degree that will inspire them in today’s digital age that still makes sense.


College graduates have access to more career opportunities.

While it is true that freelancing jobs offer a better job with numerous perks and high income, holding a college diploma can give you a more competitive edge. Most jobs are still looking for college graduates in the digital job market. Employers believe that young adults with college diplomas are knowledgeable in today’s technology.


These young adults may have been exposed to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, investment stocks, and the like. But, a college degree in Financial Management, Economics, or Business and Accounting can give them the secure grip they need to explore the future of the digital economy. 


Although there are skilled non-college graduates, some skills are being taught in schools to adapt to the latest technology compatibly. Thus, getting a college diploma gives access to more job opportunities.



College degree holders are more employable than high school graduates. 

Earning a college degree will also greatly increase your marketability because you are more qualified for many positions. You can perform the responsibilities of a higher rank employee even if you’re working as an entry-level professional. 


Hence, you have a bigger chance of qualifying for many jobs and a promotion if you're already employed. It is a fact that college graduate employees are treated more seriously by employers than non-graduates. Furthermore, bachelor's degree holders know how to monetize these digital platforms more consistently.



College degree offers higher income potential.

Expect higher pay if you have a college education or a master's degree diploma. Most companies offer higher salaries, or you can demand your preferred income based on your skills and educational background than applicants bearing only high school diplomas. 



It offers greater job stability.

College grads are mostly immune from contractual employment and lay-offs despite economic stability. Having extensive knowledge of information technology is a plus factor for in-demand professions. But your college diploma will take you to permanent employment based on labor laws. So, it is a 100% guaranteed stable job when you’re a college graduate.



It’s a practical way to pursue their passion.

Kids nowadays are more passionate than other generations. They tend to be more concerned about many things, such as social issues, the environment, and giving back to the community. They often see that many influencers use their platforms to help unfortunate ones.


But, having a degree program in Social Services, for example, they can work in non-government offices, charities, and foundations that offer community services. They have their dream job but also earn it at the same time. Thus, they can provide more help financially. 


Overall, a college degree is, indeed, important in today's digital era.



How to Prepare Your Child for College

Preparing your kids to attend college is quite a difficult task for parents. Besides financial readiness and personal development, you must guide them on how to choose the right career path for them after finishing their high school education. Their preferred college course must be aligned with future demands, specifically in today’s digital era.


Check out these recommended quick tips.


Talk about financing their college education.

You need to communicate with them about finances or how much college worth is. You must tell them that it is an opportunity to study in higher education as not all kids’ parents can finance college tuition. Therefore, you must also educate them on personal finances, from budgeting to meeting their needs.


Let them understand expectations.

Let them know and understand that college life is way different from being a high schooler. In college, they are all by themselves and must learn time management. It will have different students per subject, different instructors, and different timetables. 


Kids must know what to expect during college to avoid culture shock. As a result, they may either lose the confidence to pursue their studies or get anxious about getting good grades.


Teach them how to seek help.

One of the vital skills in going to college is knowing how to seek help. Since it is entirely a new environment and new people to interact with, they need to be proactive. Although you are there to support them as parents, asking for help from the people within the colleges or universities will ease them up until they finish their bachelor's or master's degree.


One of your kids' greatest fears about getting a college education is how to blend in a new environment. It can significantly affect their self-confidence and cause them to lose their appetite for studying.


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