5 Simple Hacks And Top Things To Do After Earning That Degree

4 September 2022
5 Simple Hacks And Top Things To Do After Earning That Degree

What are your plans after completing your studies?


Ask anyone, and they will tell you that adulting starts once you graduate from college. Even if you bear that excellent postgraduate course award or are a product of a top graduate school, looking for job opportunities is even more complicated. So, who says life will get easier after earning your bachelor's degree?


Stable income. Utility bills. Student loans.


These three challenges are a few of the many roadblocks to your success. But, they are also your motivation to work hard and prove that you can now manage yourself to become an adult. What's more, you will even be tapping your shoulder if you buy an affordable house and lot for sale for your family. So, plan your next chapter so you can find a dream job that does not pay minimum wage but also satisfies your needs well.


Meanwhile, here are five (5) simple hacks for building your career and succeeding in a job search.


1. Know what you want and search for a graduate job.


What are your plans after graduation? Are you ready for a full-time job, or may you want to consider seasonal jobs? 


Landing a job requires passion and dedication. You must love what you do so that it will be easy for you to adapt to a new environment with your co-workers. So, evaluate what you want to achieve in getting that job. If you are the family's breadwinner, choose full-time jobs to support them financially. Opt for part-time or freelance jobs if you want to test the waters. As such, you won't regret your decision to kickstart your career.


2. Create a professional portfolio.


One of the most important things to do in applying for a job is to create a professional portfolio. Showcase your skills since you lack experience. Make a portfolio that best describes yourself or positive traits you have. But be realistic. Avoid putting vague information to add flair to your details. 


3. Utilize available social media platforms.


Lumina Homes uses all forms of social networks to post career openings besides advertising house and lot philippines. They are looking for an accountant, a cashier, and a digital marketing expert if it interests you.


Therefore, navigate various social media platforms. You can even be accepted at Lumina Homes if you have the skills they need.

4. Ace your job interview.


Passing on an interview is the most critical one. An employer will determine whether or not your portfolio is true and accurate. So, don't get nervous. You can ace your job interview with confidence in your skills.


5. Be optimistic.


Sometimes you don't get what you want and are rejected for some reason. Don't get discouraged, as this is part of your journey. Learn from it and ensure that you will do better next time. Remember, you will be hired if the time is right.


Considerations to Make After Earning Your College Degree


Many say graduating from college is already a great reward for yourself. You are able to endure a lot of hardships and obstacles to reach the road to success. But isn't it time to take a quick break to recharge yourself before getting into the actual battle?


The answer is a big YES!


Of course, you must accept that taking a detour can cost you time, money, and effort. You spend time treating yourself, use the money to satisfy your needs, and make an effort to allow this to happen. 


But, it's fine as long as you know these are only temporary. It would be best if you got a job soon to support the lifestyle you want unless your parents own business shops.


So, here are the three (3) things you need to do before starting your next career path.


1. Be Your Own Boss And Take a Gap Year with a Vacation.


One of the most rewarding experiences is travel. You got to see a new world where everything seems carefree and happy. You may don't have the time to do it anymore once you get a new job. But, there's a chance to go on a vacation if you can balance your work and personal life. So, enjoy while planning.


2. Spend time with your family and friends.


You've been going to school for almost half your life to get a decent job in the future. But, the price is relatively high. You spent less time with your family. Your parents work to provide the best education while you study to earn a degree. 


Admit it or not, there's always a time when you miss family bonding. You sometimes recall their silly jokes while living in an affordable house and lot. In short, there's a feeling of happiness and contentment no one could ever replace. That's the adulting stage!


So, why not use your time and spend it with your family and seek advice from your parents about becoming successful? Your parents will be absolutely happy to hear it because they know that they have raised you well.


3. Apply for training or internship.


It's a sad reality that a recent college graduate has difficulties finding even a part-time job due to a lack of work experience. So, consider applying for training, an internship, or volunteer opportunities. Some private companies and government agencies offer programs for fresh graduates. It will be the perfect time to discover new skills and hone soft skills to become more employable. So, use the internet or ask for recommendations for possible internship and training programs. You can also visit your local government and inquire about further opportunities.


Boost Your Confidence and Start Sales Pitching Your Skills


As you can see, the real battle happens after you earn that degree. Having a college diploma is just a starting phase of your career


If you have difficulty pitching yourself, take a deep breath. Think of the goals you want to achieve and continue looking for the right employer. What's important is that you believe that you can make a difference once you get hired. 


So, are you interested in the real estate industry? Lumina Homes is here to assist you, offering a great job fit for fresh graduates like you. If you have the talent and skills, boost your confidence now and submit your most impressive portfolio. Be part of this growing family and enjoy a lot of work benefits.

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