7 Steps to Make after Getting Laid Off from Work

16 October 2022
7 Steps to Make after Getting Laid Off from Work

It was arguably the worst time to be unemployed two years ago when the virus outbreak wreaked havoc practically in the whole world. What is more, many businesses have closed down and declared bankruptcy. While many companies have laid off their workers for reasons that the pandemic is also very much responsible for.


If you're one of those workers who were laid off from your work, we wish to be of help and guide you on what to do after through this article.


What does getting laid off from work mean?

There are two types of layoffs: temporary and permanent. Employees get laid off rarely because of their individual performance, and more because of staffing redundancies. In other words, companies need to let go of some of their employees to cut company expenses, irrespective of their dedication and performance at work.


Aside from this, employees are getting laid off because the company is not growing its revenue, has fewer sales, and may even have the possibility of closing down and declaring bankruptcy as a result of such circumstances. To reiterate, company layoffs happen not because the employees are performing poorly, but because the company can no longer pay for their continuous employment.



7 Steps to make after getting laid off from work

Getting laid off from work could be the worst news that every employee will hear from their now-former employer. This is especially true during the height of the pandemic crisis, when unemployment was rampant and businesses closed down. Besides, you have performed very well as an employee, so it is valid to feel betrayed if you heard this news. But it's not your fault, and this article is here to help you figure out what are your next best steps after getting laid off of work.


1. First, give yourself a break.

Your immediate thought might be to find a new job as soon as possible. While you could do so, don't deprive yourself of the break you deserve after a demoralizing, if not traumatic, layoff. Take this as a time for you to rest and prepare for the job search activities that you would need to undergo through later. But first, allow yourself to take some respite and get your mind off things that will only stress you out more.


2. Keep track of your financial situation.

Unless your former company declared a massive layoff due to bankruptcy or significant financial losses, you shall be entitled to severance pay after your retrenchment. This is required under the Philippine Labor Code depending on the authorized cause. This, then, shall keep you sustained until you've found a new job. You can also supplement this by applying for unemployment benefits through SSS or GSIS for government employees. Hopefully, you were able to create a savings account where you saved up some money to cover your living expenses.


3. Recalibrate your resume.

Before applying for new job opportunities and traversing a new career path, the next step is to update and build an attractive resume to get you noticed among a pile of equally dedicated applicants. Keep in mind that there are also a ton of job seekers that you're competing with, and a professionally made resume will make you shortlisted and land an interview. With that said, make sure to highlight your skills, work experience, and assets in a concise yet impactful manner.


4. When you're ready, apply to new job posts.

There are multiple online job boards that you could try your luck with. There's LinkedIn, Indeed, JobStreet, Kalibrr, OnlineJobs PH, and Upwork for aspiring freelancers. You can set up online accounts for these job sites and apply to job postings that interest you. You will likely have to apply to multiple vacancies from various companies to up your chances.


5. Come up with a great explanation about the layoff.

It's not to say that you should initiate the conversation that you were laid off from your last job. You don't have to. But if you do get asked about your last employment, you'd need a good explanation of why that happened. Now, some recruiters might even demand a layoff letter coming from your former human resources department for evidence that you were not fired over, say, unbecoming behavior when you were working at the company. Make sure to comply and be genuine and honest about your answers.


6. Don't stress yourself over rejections.

Not all of your job applications will be responded to by hiring managers. Waiting for responses could feel excruciatingly slow. Most of the time, recruiters wouldn't even bother to respond to you, which is arguably worse than receiving a response email telling you that you didn't make the cut. Don't stress yourself too much over this. You have the talent, dedication, and work experience, and the right company will soon find you after some rejections. Who knows, after a series of rejections, the company that will take notice of you and hires you would actually be your dream job?


7. Take care of your mental health.

Job searching, especially after a demoralizing layoff, could be legitimately stressful. You'll worry about your finances, your health insurance status, and the mere fact that you're now suddenly unemployed. But cliche as it is, you are bound to overcome this obstacle in your life. Your next employer is waiting for you and would be happy to compensate you for your dedication and strong work ethic. You have the talent and skills. You were not laid off because you were lazy, or incompetent. Not to sound preachy, but these problems are there for you to overcome. You got this, as you always do.



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