20 Gift-Wrapping Ideas to Make Gift-Giving Extra Special

23 December 2022
20 Gift Wrapping Ideas to Make Gift Giving Extra Special

The holidays are a season of giving. It could be the gift of something intangible, such as giving love, compassion, and kindness on Christmas. But oftentimes, a physical gift has an appeal that kids especially love. It's that thrill of opening a Christmas present wrapped beautifully that makes the spirit of gift-giving even more fun and exciting.


Just deciding on what gift to buy for your receiver already requires some serious thought. But aside from this, givers can add intrigue in delivering their gifts to a loved one by being creative with the gift wrap. Lumina Homes, a prime real estate developer of house and lot in the Philippines, provides you with a plethora of favorite gift-wrapping ideas and gift tags this holiday season for extra fun!



20 Gift Wrapping Ideas to DIY this Holiday Season

You can always choose to just have your gift wrapped in the store offering a free gift-wrap service. But where's the fun in that? If you have the time, it's more enjoyable to DIY your gift wrapper and make it seem like you've really put forth an effort just for the wrapping alone.


Plus, it's fun! It might as well become a holiday hobby that you'd anticipate to do every year when the season arrives. Without further ado, check these easy wrapping-gifts ideas to make gift-giving extra special.


1. Bubblegum wrapper

Didn't see this coming first, did you? Well, a bubblegum-inspired wrapper would be too adorable that the recipient might not want to unwrap it! But this is just another way of saying it's something new, unique, and cute. It's a package designed for kids or the young at heart, so consider this gift-wrap idea for young cousins, nieces, or godchildren.



2. Snowman cardboard box

Do you fancy building a snowman, but using a cardboard box? It's definitely doable! If you make it an annual tradition to display a parade of gifts underneath your medium-sized Christmas tree, a stand-out would be a stack of gifts resembling a snowman. One for the lower body, another for the middle, and then the snowman's face. To give your DIY Olaf a life, give him a homburg hat on top!


3. Fancier with flowers

If your prospective receiver has a penchant for flowers, then you must take advantage of it by designing your gift wrapper based on this proclivity. You can pin an artificial flower on top of the plain wrapping paper, making it extra special and eye-catching. You can craft faux flowers using practically any paper material you can find at home, even a tissue paper! Easily get the tutorial online and begin your DIY festive gift wrap!


4. Photo gift tag

Whether it's a friend, sibling, coworker, or your parents, touch their heart by featuring a photograph of you alongside the loved one you'll be giving your gift to. It's a sweet gesture that will be much appreciated, perhaps even more than the actual gift inside.


5. Emoji-ed gift wrap

If you are to gift a teenager, it's going to be a pleasant surprise for them to receive a present wrapped in a giant emoji! Don't make the mistake of choosing a sad-looking emoji though. Spread positive vibes and wrap your gift in a contagiously laughing emoji!


6. Book page wrapper

This is ideal for bibliophile friends to whom your gift is dedicated to! Just cut a page or two from an old book you no longer use, and make it the appropriate cover. You can either make an entire page or two as the entire wrapper, or only cut a holiday shape from a book page. This may be plain and boring for others, but your bookworm friend will doubtless appreciate it!


7. Reindeer-wrapped box

If there is an icon that reminds us of Christmas besides Santa Claus, it would be reindeer, Rudolph in particular! So it would be befitting for the occasion to craft a gift wrap imitating Santa's deer friend. Since the arctic animal is typically dark brown, look for any paper material with the same color. Don't forget a red cardstock paper for Rudolph's nose! Plus a red ribbon for added decoration.


8. DIY holiday paper bags

An easy gift-wrapping idea is to simply make use of any paper bags you collected from the entire year! To give this a more personalized touch, pin a grinning photograph of you and your loved one. You can also put a gift tag with your recipient's name and a quick, self-penned merry message.


9. DIY abstract print

If you have old crayons you've managed to keep from your childhood, take them out to craft an artistic abstract print! That being said, you can create iridescent crayon shavings by melting them out using a clothes iron. Put the shavings in between tissue papers, ideally three for both the top and bottom. Iron until the wax melts. After this, put a dahlia flower made of tissue paper on top of the wrapper. The end product would look stunning!


10. Hand-me-down for a wrap

Anyone interested in fashion knows that styling need not be expensive, so ukay-ukay is legit! It turns out, a hand-me-down can also be used as a gift wrapper. This wrapper could very well be a second gift already! So choose a wrapper from your ukay-ukay find that the receiver can also keep and use.


11. Word search gift wrapper

If your dear one loves the intellectual thrill of solving word games, this is one of the unique gift wrapping ideas you should gravitate toward! The word search puzzle must then reveal who your receiver is, as well as a brief merry greeting.


12. Snowflake gift wrapper

While there is no snow in the Philippines, it remains that the white flakes are also a Christmas symbol in countries that experience it. A snowflake is also beautifully shaped, so it definitely makes for a good design for a gift wrap. You can cut it from a patterned paper or a silver glitter cardstock.


13. Recycle with newspapers

It may be too simple and effortless, but aside from being the eco-friendly and cheaper choice, you could add another design on top of the newspaper as an initial covering. Let's say, craft an artificial flower using a magazine page. You can also make a wreath made of green leaves taken from your garden or backyard. Resourcefulness is key!


14. Lucky polka dot print

After Christmas, the New Year will be welcomed with equal enthusiasm by those who love the holidays! A polka dot design, at least according to feng shui, is lucky for everyone who aspires for economic prosperity! On top of your kraft paper wrapper, cut out circles from colored papers as a way to wish your loved one the best of luck for the year 2023.


15. A poem wrapper

If you have a talent for wordsmithing, you can always use it to be extra by writing a poem and pinning that very poem to your gift wrap. It could very well serve as a gift in itself, which could even be more appreciated since, as we like to say it, it's always the thought that counts!


16. Cotton-bud snowflakes

Unleash your crafty self and design a snowflake using cotton buds that you may find in your cabinet! Create multiple snowflakes using your cotton buds. The result would be a creative winter craft. To accentuate the design, hot glue the snowflake design on top of a colored construction paper. Sprinkle some glitters if you want!


17. Christmas chalkboard package

As a gift displayed underneath a Christmas tree, a chalkboard-black gift wrap will look gorgeous! Write the name of your loved one you're going to give it to in a creative font style. You can also draw any Christmas symbol to match with the occasion.


18. Starry, starry wrap

A parol being such a massive Christmas symbol in the Philippines, which is basically a star for a Christmas decoration, it doubtless makes for a perfect gift wrapper too! You can choose a black backdrop on top of snow-colored stars. You can also make use of gold for the background. Deceptively simple and simply gorgeous!


19. Black is class

If you want your gift to stand out, resorting to a rebellious but classy black is a gift-wrapping idea you must consider. Of course, it won't be pure darkness. Match it with a contrasting color for a ribbon. And there you go, all set for an elegant gift wrapper!


20. Yarn gift wrapper

Besides being used to secure gifts, yarn can also be utilized as a unique gift wrap idea! After housing your gift in a plain brown paper, use the yarn to resemble a Christmas tree. This means wrapping the box multiple times until it closely resembles a pyramid. You can also just yarn-wrap the gift with the perfect combination of red and green, or create a monogram corresponding the initials of your dear receiver.



Affordable House and Lot: The Best Christmas Gift for You and Your Family

Investing in an affordable house and lot for sale is still the best gift that you could reward yourself and the entire family! If you have saved up enough to afford a value-priced house and lot in the Philippines, Lumina Homes offers affordable housing with quality house features. On top of that, every Lumina community around the country have ample perks and amenities in store for future homeowners.


With just a few days before Christmas Eve and the upcoming new year, homeownership in an strategically located Lumina community is a perfect family gift that you will surely not regret. Reach out to us through our website and send your real estate investment inquiries. Become a Lumina Homes homeowner by 2023!

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