What's New in Barangay Lumina Bulacan?

3 June 2021

Catch up with the latest updates in Bulacan with Ubie of Lumina Bulacan!


Most homebuyers hope to find an affordable house and lot near the Metro because it is close to business districts and major facilities.


The collection of Lumina Homes' affordable house and lot projects in Bulacan will enchant everyone! Communities are built in strategic locations near schools, restaurants, places of worship, resorts, and recreational areas. Future Lumina homeowners will be amazed at the ease and convenience of living at Lumina projects in Bulacan.


You can choose from the following beautiful communities:


1. Lumina San Miguel


It is a 14-hectare property development composed of 1,861 home and lot units. It is located in Brgy. Buliran, San Miguel, Bulacan and is currently offering four home models, such as:


  • Aimee Rowhouse is a 22-square-meter house on a 36-square-meter standard lot with room for one (1) bedroom. This home model is ideal for working people who want to own their own home and lot a few miles outside of the Metro.
  • Adriana Townhouse is a 44-square-meter house on a standard 36 square meter lot. This house model can accommodate up to two (2) bedrooms, one toilet bath, and a carport and service area, making it ideal for newlyweds or small families.
  • Armina Duplex is a is a 42 square meter home on a regular 54 square meter lot. It includes a living area, dining & kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 1 toilet & bath, 1 carport provision, and service area. It comes with a free ceiling and tiles on the ground floor. A safe and secured community is the best gift for your family. Achieve it by availing Armina Duplex in Lumina San Miguel!
  • Armina Single Firewall is a 42 square meter home on a regular 54 square meter lot. Similar to Armina Duplex, it includes a living area, dining & kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 1 toilet & bath, 1 carport provision, and service area. It also comes with additional features like a free ceiling and tiles on the ground floor. It is best suited to big families or the needs of a growing family.


Another factor that makes this low cost housing project your best home option, is the upcoming government project NLEE, or the North-Luzon East Expressway Project. This is a 19-kilometer toll road that runs from Commonwealth – La Mesa to Bigte, Norzagaray. It is a four-lane expressway divided into four segments. San Miguel, Bulacan will be covered by two segments of this new scenic corridor to Northeast Luzon destinations. Our future Lumina San Miguel will have much easier and faster access to Manila, thanks to NLEE.


2. Lumina Plaridel


It is the first project of Lumina Homes in Bulacan. Its affordable house and lot packages were launched way back in 2013. Lumina Plaridel is located in Brgy. Culianin, Plaridel, Bulacan.


It was heartwarming to see families who took the first step toward reserving a unit for only 4,000 pesos and are now living their dream of owning a home. It was well worth the wait!


Since location is the usual priority for choosing a home, it is a wise home investment to choose Plaridel. Being a first-class urban municipality in Bulacan, It is both progressive and historical, with tourist attractions such as historic churches, heritage sites, and festivals; it is unquestionably a good place to live.


Another good point for investing here is its accessibility. The newly developed bypass road is only 3.3km away or just 8 minutes drive from the site. The said bypass road aims to shorten the travel time going back and forth the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX). If you want a less hassle and traffic-free driving experience, this road is ideal for you. Motorists can access the said road via an interchange at Brgy. Burol 2nd, Balagtas to the Philippines - Japan Friendship Highway located in Brgy. Maasim, San Rafael, Bulacan.


3. Lumina Pandi


It is a 22-hectare housing development located at Brgy. Pinagkuartelan, Pandi, Bulacan. You have the option to either avail of a Ready For Occupancy (RFO) or a preselling unit, depending on your actual need. RFO properties are those already built. A perfect option for immediate use after purchase. RFOs are typically paid through spot cash or full down payment if they need to be entered through a financing institution like a bank. If staggered payment, the duration is shorter. In contrast, preselling units are properties that are set to be constructed and are usually offered in flexible payment terms or longer periods.


The home models in Lumina Pandi are:

  • Aimee Rowhouse
  • Anna Rownhouse- a 24 square meter home on a regular 36 square meter lot. Its features include a living area, dining & kitchen, 1 bedroom provision, 1 toilet & bath, and service area.
  • Aira Rowhouse- a 33 square meter home on a regular 36 square meter lot. Its features include a living area, dining & kitchen, 2 bedroom provision, 1 toilet & bath, and service area.
  • Angelique Townhouse
  • Angeli Duplex
  • Angeli Single Firewall


Lumina Pandi can provide you with a high-quality home but with a low cost lifestyle needed. There is no need to be concerned about commuting because Lumina Homes offers a shuttle service for only 20-peso fare!


4. Lumina Baliwag


It is an 8-hectare economic house and lot project that prides itself for its strategic location, in one of Bulacan’s fastest-growing municipalities- Baliwag! Amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, Baliwag provides the homey feel of an old rural town filled with green trees and sturdy Cordillera and Arayat mountains. People living in Baliwag appreciate the ease of access in their modern living because they are only an inch away from what they require while enjoying the relaxing ambiance of Mother Nature. Shopping in Baliwag has always been a pleasant experience.


Available home models in Lumina Baliuag are:

  • Angelique Townhouse
  • Angeli Townhouse
  • Angeli Single Firewall


Lumina Baliwag offers not only affordable homes but also convenience at its finest since you may reach Baliuag’s commercial center in just a 3-minute travel time.


5. Lumina Residences Bulacan


The subdivision entrance of Lumina Residences Bulacan is approximately 4 kilometers away from the newly-opened Vista Mall Malolos. The location is cushioned between Plaridel's Barangay Rueda and Calumpit's Barangay Buguion. Learn more about Lumina Residences by clicking here.


All of these fantastic community developments include useful amenities such as a multi-purpose hall, a play area, and a 24-hour guarded entrance to ensure your family's safety.


The best thing about Lumina Homes is the variety of payment options and financing options, such as pag-ibig housing loans and bank financing. We can now easily plan the payment method that best fits our budget for this life-changing investment.


Many Lumina homebuyers prefer pag-ibig housing loan as financing over other payment options such as bank home loan or in-house financing for two main reasons:


  1. Less stringent requirements. To qualify for a home loan, pag-ibig fund only requires that the homebuyer-borrower be a member of pag-ibig fund and have a minimum of two (2) years of pag-ibig contribution.
  2. With lower interest rates and a more extended loan repayment period, available payment programs are more flexible.


It's no surprise that pag-ibig fund has consistently recognized Lumina Homes for providing affordable housing opportunities to its members. In fact, Lumina Homes was named one of the Top Developers in the Pag-IBIG "Stakeholders Accomplishment Report 2020."


The Pag-IBIG Fund honors housing developers who have contributed significantly to ensuring that every Filipino worker and his family have the opportunity to own a home. In accordance with the National Government's Shelter Program, specifically the Building Adequate, Livable, Affordable, and Inclusive (BALAI) Filipino Community Program.


Lumina was also recognized for achieving the highest conversion rate among pag-ibig gund's top partner housing developers in South Luzon in 2020.


Lumina Homes was also awarded as one of pagibig fund's top housing developers per area in terms of Housing Loan Takeout or Loan Value in 2020:


  • Top 3 Developer in North Luzon for 2020
  • Top 3 Developer in Visayas for 2020
  • Top 4 Developer in South Luzon for 2020
  • Top 6 Developer in NCR for 2020


For more information on Lumina Homes in Bulacan, contact (0917) 629 6523.
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