Brgy. Lumina On-screen: A Digital Openhouse by Lumina South Luzon

30 July 2020


Kabarangay, join the Lumina South Luzon Team in the #NewNormal as we hold "Barangay Lumina On-screen," Lumina Homes' 1st Nationwide Digital Open House here in the affordable house and lot for sale in Cavite, Batangas, Quezon, and Bicol!


Filipinos are well-known for their welcoming and kind demeanor. They place such a high emphasis on relationships and family that they give emotional significance to the objects and presents that they get from their loved ones. As a result of this one basic characteristic, Filipinos have difficulty letting go of people or objects with whom they've formed close bonds.


This is imminent, especially with Filipino mothers and also our grandparents, who love to keep old things that have a sentimental value way back during their younger years.


Sometimes, these kinds of stuff are left behind, especially when you move into a brand new house. But do you know that you can still bring a piece of that memory to your new home?


Let's take a peek at Mr. Gener Alvarez's humble abode in Lumina Quezon as he opens up how he came up with his captivating, modern yet practical home interior designs.


A minimalistic way of life

Mr. Alvarez shared how he loves old materials that you can convert or use into a modern piece. This can be seen in his house details and design, which are mostly made by him through a mix and match concept.

Aside from this, he also considered the available space he has in his brand new house and lot.

And then, kinonsider ko na rin yung space na allotted sa paggalaw ko sa loob ng pamamahay. Syempre ang gusto ko medyo kasya or at the end, minimalist. Magagamit ko sya, at the certain point na ano yung kailangan ko sa loob ng isang bahay. So for short, ang lifestyle ko dito ay parang sa condo living. 

(I also consider the available space inside my house. Of course, I would like everything to fit in, so I need to be minimalist. I want to only have the necessary things that I can use at home. In short, my lifestyle here is similar to condo living.)


Functionality and practicality

Mr. Alvarez also showed some of his furniture that has a dual purpose—like his sofa that he can also convert into an extra bed.

May makikita yung sofa na pwedeng maging kama. Yung upuan ko dito (pointing on one of his chairs in the dining area), yan actually ay lalagyan ko ng damit sa loob.


[You can also see here a sofa that you can convert into a bed. This chair here with a cushion (pointing on one of his chairs in the dining area) is where I actually put in some of my clothes].

He also showed some of his mini appliances and furniture, as well as his elevated bed and wall-mounted TV.


Saka maliliit lang na bagay kagaya ng maliit lang na ref, maliliit na cabinet, and gusto ko malaki yung bed pero itinaas ko siya ng konti para yung ilalim pwede kong compartment. So, yung mga clutter ko nasa ilalim lang sya.


(I also prefer mini pieces of stuff like this mini ref, mini cabinet though I prefer a big bed that is slightly elevated so that I can use its lower part as a compartment where I usually put all my clutters.)

Tapos consider on, syempre kung gusto mo ng entertainment, (pointing on his TV) ayan parang naka-mount sa wall. Even decorations, I consider on mga ano lang, mga handmade or yung tinatawag nating murals.


[Of course, if I would like to watch some entertainment (referring to his TV), I just put it on a wall mount. Even for my decorations, I mostly prefer handmade murals.]


He also mentioned that the murals on his bed were made by one of his students. And sometimes, he also makes some drawings on his wall or put some wall sticker designs that he bought online.


Crafts and knacks

Another amazing thing about Mr. Alvarez's home is how he converts old scraps into something modern and functional. His creative prowess really contributes to reusing old stuff into contemporary yet utilitarian displays.


Used na actually yang mga yan sa mga lumang bahay na nakuha ko lang. Actually, yung iba nga, example this item (showing a wall mirror in his bedroom), napulot ko lang sya sa basurahan. This is a watch. Wall clock. Tinanggal ko yung clock, and then I convert it into a mirror. And then that’s it. 


[Most of the items I have at home are already used from the old house. Actually, some of them, for example, this item (showing a wall mirror in his bedroom), was acquired from the garbage. This is actually a wall clock. I just removed the clock and converted it into a mirror.]


Aside from this, Mr. Alvarez also showed his ceiling design that was made from the balusters of an old house. He also has a recycled coat rack where he also used as an accent by hanging an old lamp on it. This is also a dual purpose as you can also hang umbrellas on it.  


He also expressed that he prefers his stuff and furniture to be built inside his house so that he can see if everything will match his concept. All in all, Mr. Alvarez was able to save old things and scraps into something useful and artsy.


Why Lumina Homes

Mr. Alvarez also stated why he chose Lumina Quezon as his house and lot provider.


Unang-una for practical reason. Of course, yung presyo mas mababa sya sa ibang subdivision. Kung may budget ka, yung nagsisimulang magbahay, syempre gusto mo may bahay na may lupa pa. And then may matira ka pang budget para ipaayos yung bahay mo. So, yun yung mga naging criteria kung bakit napili ko ang Lumina.


(The first reason is practicality. Of course, Lumina Homes' house and lot prices are much lower than other subdivisions. If you are just a first time homeowner, of course, you would like to invest in a house and lot while having some budget left for your home renovation. And these are the criteria why I chose Lumina).


Lumina South Luzon

If you are looking for other cheapest house and lot for sale in Philippines, especially in South Luzon, here are some of the sites that Lumina Homes have:


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For more information about the affordable house and lot for sale in Cavite, Batangas, Quezon, and Bicol of Lumina Homes, please contact (0917) 629 6523.
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