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Settle Your Lumina Home Dues with 0% Online Fee

21 January 2021
Written by: Angel Gondra


Lumina Homes terms and conditions include that all payments shall be made before its due date without the necessity of prior notice or demand. Otherwise, all unpaid installments will be charged with a cumulative four percent (4%) monthly penalty, and three (3) months of consecutive non-payment will make your account tagged as subject for cancellation.


Let us assume that this efficiency and convenience are affordable for everyone. Seems impossible, right? But with Lumina Homes, this conceivable! Being the affordable housing arm of Vista Land, Lumina Homes searched for possible digital modes to fulfill the homeowners' and homebuyers' needs for a more convenient and efficient way of paying their down payments and amortizations. 


Lumina Homes make sure that home buyers can conveniently invest to have their own affordable yet quality house and lot through easy payment schemes, anytime and anywhere globally, without going out or bearing the long travels going to their preferred site. 


Banks with Waived PESOnet and InstaPay Fees 

Lumina Homes recognized that online banking transactions are secure and safe; that is why Lumina teamed-up with the most trustworthy banks in the country. Lumina Homeowners could utilize digital payments through online banking for their equity and amortization at the comforts of their own homes even after this pandemic ends.


When paying through online banking, you might want to consider the banks that waived the PESONet and InstaPay fees!




List of Banks that Waived PESOnet and InstaPay Fees as of January 13, 2021


Good news because included in the list is some of the accredited banks of Lumina Homes that waived of PESONet and InstaPay Fees.


For InstaPay among the list are: 

  • AllBank, Inc. - until January 31, 2021
  • Philippine National Bank (PNB) - until March 31, 2021 


For PESONet among the list are waived until March 31, 2021:

  • Asia United Bank (AUB) 
  • Philippine National Bank (PNB) 
  • Union Bank of the Philippines
  • Security Bank via SB Online
  • Maybank Philippines, Inc.


If you do not have any accounts on the abovementioned banks, you can still pay through any bank via Instapay. With just a click away, log in to your preferred bank's online site or mobile app. Look for the option "Transfer to Other Local Bank" or similar to that, and then select AllBank via Instapay as your Destination Bank. Once the transaction made is successful, your payment will be credited from AllBank and will be going to your account in Lumina Homes.


Settle your down payment and amortizations without paying an extra fee and save some money for other expenses! 


Juan Support, Lumina Admin's Virtual Assistant

As technology gradually develops throughout the year, the efficiency and convenience of people's lives also increase. The latest gadgets and high-end AI technology worldwide prove that humans can have the power of both if you have the money to afford this state-of-the-art equipment and devices.


With the use of technology and the scope of prioritizing Lumina Homeowners' safety and convenience, Juan Support, Lumina Admin's Virtual Assistant, is always ready to answer every housing query.


You don't have to undergo the hassle and stress of knowing the details and information about your Lumina house and lot. Juan Support can answer frequently asked questions like payments, Statement of Account, requirements, house construction updates, home improvements and restrictions, and title processing.


Lumina e-Text, SMS service for homebuyers

Aside from Juan Support, Lumina Homes also launched another platform to help our classic Kabarangays, which prefer to use the basic SMS over the information highway—introducing the Lumina e-Text.


Lumina e-Text is another convenient way of knowing all the pertinent information and details related to your house and lot by just typing in the specific keyword templates depending on your inquiry. You can ask here information about your outstanding balance, reference number, and even a list of available payment channels. Regular text charges will apply upon inquiry in (0919) 072-1399 or (0917) 818-1875. 


The world is changing and continuously moving forward. So Lumina Homes services are also going beyond this 2021 with technology and innovation to cater to every Filipino dream of having their own affordable house and lot conveniently.


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For more information on Lumina Homes, contact (0917) 629 6523.
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