Lumina San Miguel Homeowners Set to Flourish with San Rafael-San Miguel Bypass Road

19 April 2023
Lumina San Miguel Homeowners Set to Flourish with San Rafael San Miguel Bypass Road

Infrastructure plays a crucial role in fostering prosperity and economic confidence in the 21st century, with its impact felt across the globe. The availability and quality of public infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and airports, are critical factors that assist the development of the entire country. Therefore, investing in infrastructure development is essential for promoting growth and building a thriving economy.


As a point in fact, the Philippines has now invested in these infrastructure projects for the past couple of years with the joint efforts of the DPWH offices and the Regional Development Council. These include the Tomas-Arayat ByPass Road which will connect the east-west lateral alignment in Pampanga, the restoration of the existing traffic signals in Manila North Road and Jose Abad Santos Avenue, and flood mitigation structures.


In Bulacan, for instance, the San Ildefonso-San Rafael-San Miguel Bypass Road is an excellent example of how public infrastructure can impact the value of properties and houses in the area.



About the San Ildefonso-San Rafael-San Miguel Bypass Road

An expansion of the planned Plaridel Bypass Road, the San Rafael-San Ildefonso-San Miguel Bypass Road is now under development. The total length of the project is 30 kilometers, and it will have four lines, with two in each direction along the highway. The Department of Public Works and Highways plans to allot appropriate funding of up to two billion pesos on it over the next several years in an effort to meet its 2025 completion deadline.



How will Lumina San Miguel Future Homeowners benefit from the San Rafael Bypass Road?

Infrastructure is a vital element of any residential development due to its significant impact on human lives. It is the foundation that supports growth and is essential for maintaining the health, safety, and overall quality of life within a community.


That's why adequate infrastructure such as the San Ildefonso-San Rafael-San Miguel Bypass Road is a crucial component of a well-functioning society, serving as a backbone for sustained development.



1. Augment road use through its road widening project.

The bypass road project is an additional road infrastructure initiative that is designed to complement other heavily utilized routes in Bulacan, such as the Plaridel Bypass Road. Its primary objective is to provide an alternate route from San Miguel Bulacan to other parts of the province, passing through San Ildefonso and San Rafael. The new road aims to augment existing road networks.


The Arterial (Plaridel) Bypass Road is a critical transport infrastructure in Bulacan that links the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway, also known as Daang Maharlika. To improve connectivity and reduce traffic congestion along this busy route, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has initiated a road widening project.


The road widening project involves expanding the current two-lane road to four lanes, making it possible to accommodate more vehicles and improve the flow of traffic. This initiative aims to increase the efficiency of travel along the 22.46-kilometer bypass road, enabling commuters to reach their destinations faster and more safely.



2. Helps in having a better traffic management program in the community.

The Bypass Road project in Bulacan was previously included in the Build, Build, Build Program and is now part of the Build Build More initiative of President Marcos Jr. This project aims to reduce traffic congestion along Bulacan's primary road, the Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway, also known as Daang Maharlika, as well as the San Jose del Monte Bypass Road.


The construction of the Bypass Road is a crucial infrastructure development that will improve the overall transport system in the region. By providing an alternate route, the Bypass Road will alleviate traffic congestion along the primary road, which will reduce travel time and improve the efficiency of transportation. This initiative aims to make travel safer and more convenient for commuters, thereby improving their quality of life.



3. Spur economic activity and more job opportunities around Lumina San Miguel.

The road network in the Province of Bulacan traverses several municipalities, including Balagtas, Guiguinto, Plaridel, Bustos, San Miguel, and San Rafael. This infrastructure development has brought about significant economic benefits to the area. The construction of commercial and industrial centers along the road network has generated job opportunities, providing employment to local residents and contributing to the region's economic growth.


Moreover, this big ticket connectivity projects between different parts of the province, enabling people to access major employment areas and essential services with ease. This has improved the overall quality of life for residents not just in Bulacan province but also in Central Luzon, making the region a more attractive place to live and work.



4. Faster transfer of agricultural products and other services.

The Bypass Roads project is set to have a positive impact on the economy by enhancing the movement of goods and services. By providing businesses with more efficient transportation options, it will be easier for them to transport their products and reach their customers living in the house and lot in San Miguel.


The improved transportation infrastructure is expected to have a ripple effect on the local economy, as businesses can transport goods more quickly and at a lower cost. This will likely stimulate trade and encourage the growth of new businesses in the region, which will, in turn, create new job opportunities and boost economic growth.



5. Stronger rental yields.

With the arrival of different businesses and other commercial activities in San Miguel this Bypass Road opening, also means an increase in the working population around the area. An increase in population equates to more housing and rental demands giving the future Lumina San Miguel homeowners a chance to earn additional passive income and even a steady cash flow through the rental business.


Getting an investment like an affordable house and lot in San Miguel can help you to improve your investment portfolio. Just make sure to purchase one from a trusted developer like Lumina Homes to ensure a smooth and hassle-free home-buying experience.



6. Pushing up the property values.

The real estate industry is a vital component of any economy, and the infrastructure that supports it plays a critical role in its success. Developed infrastructure can increase the value of the house and lot in the Philippines as well as drive economic growth. For this reason, many investors consider properties located near high-quality infrastructure to be valuable investments.


Lumina Homes, being a few minutes away from the major roads, major intersections, and national roads, makes its affordable house and lot for sale in San Miguel increase its market value in a short span of time!


This means that buying your very own home in Lumina San Miguel as early as now can entitle you to earn more in the near future as the town continues to develop as the years go by.


Infrastructure and services are essential components of residential development, as they impact human lives in significant ways. Adequate infrastructure and services not only promote growth but are also vital for maintaining community health, safety, and overall quality of life. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize and invest in infrastructure development to ensure sustainable growth and the well-being of communities.


Hurry and start your wise investment now with Lumina San Miguel and witness your affordable house and lot value to appreciate in the years to come!

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