Why Plaridel, Bulacan Is the Perfect Place for You

24 October 2022
Why Plaridel Bulacan Is the Perfect Place for You

We often leave bustling cities for quieter and more relaxed provinces after living in the metro for too long. There could be a lot of factors that led you to finally decide and look for an affordable house and lot for sale away from high-rise cities. The decision to move, however, is often questioned since the metro offers the vast majority of opportunities to fulfill career plans.


But since there are now residential projects just a few hours away from the metro that offers affordable real estate units, choosing the best location is now the focus question. Strategic locations like San Nicolas and Plaridel present great prospects for home and business ventures. Hence, if you're considering moving to the beautiful city of Plaridel against the many towns available, here are the reasons why you're making a sound investment!



Know more about Plaridel, Bulacan

As one of the most prominent urban municipalities in Bulacan's coastal region, Plaridel is considered a first-class municipality. With top tourist attractions such as historic churches, heritage sites, and festivals, this urban municipality is both progressive and rich in history. Apart from its rich culture, this charming city offers a peaceful way of life for those tired of the frantic pace of the metropolis.


Hence, if you're ready to settle down and live in peace here in Plaridel, Bulacan, trust Lumina Homes. As a trusted residential developer, we offer not only affordable houses and lots but also a community that protects its residents.



What Region is Plaridel, Bulacan?

Previously known as Quingua, this town is located in Bulacan, a province in Region III. The Filipino-American War battle of Quingua on April 23 between Gregorio del Pilar and Col. John Stotsenberg took place here. The site of the battle is now marked with a marker in Barangay Agnaya. It was named after one of the country's most illustrious heroes, Marcelo H. Del Pilar with a well-known pseudonym of “Plaridel”.


Plaridel's history dates back to 1595, during the early years of Spanish colonization. The place used to be a massive undeveloped plain hidden by thick forest and cogon grass, and rivers Angat and Tabang ran through it. The Angat River flows directly into the Pampanga River at Calumpit, where it meets the snakelike wave of the Pampanga River. Flowing from Guiguinto to Manila Bay, the Tabang river was a mere branch passing through Guiguinto and Bulacan towns and dividing the middle of the present-day Poblacion.


With a land area of 32.44 square kilometers (12.53 square miles), the municipality makes up 1.17% of Bulacan's total area. Census data from 2020 indicate that it has 114,432 residents. Almost 0.92% of the Central Luzon region's population was from Bulacan province or 3.09 % of the province's total population. These figures indicate a population density of 3,527 residents per square kilometer or 9,133 residents per square mile.



The Municipalities of Plaridel, Bulacan

Plaridel has 19 barangays. In 1954, Sitio Mayamot situated in Barrio Banga was renamed as Bagong Silang and a Sitio in the eastern part of barrio Tabang was created and called Bagong Silang.


  • Agnaya
  • Bagong Silang
  • Banga I
  • Banga II
  • Bintog
  • Bulihan
  • Culianin
  • Dampol
  • Lagundi
  • Lalangan
  • Lumang Bayan
  • Parulan, Poblacion
  • San Jose
  • Santa Ines
  • Santo Niño
  • Sipat, Tabang


4 Top Reasons Why Living in Plaridel, Bulacan Is a Great Move

To thrive, businesses and investments need a viable environment. Those who are interested in starting a business, offering services, or investing in real estate need to identify a suitable location. The Philippines is a country that has a plethora of economically competitive cities and provinces, especially in Luzon.


Therefore, if you want to know if Plaridel, Bulacan is an ideal location to start your business or live conveniently, here are the primary 4 reasons why you should make the switch.


1. Bulacan's business districts are expanding.

Bulacan is developing convergence zones for everyone, including investors looking to expand outside of the country's capital, potential customers, and job seekers.


Rising business hubs are supplementing Bulacan's progress, indicating that economic development in Luzon is not only concentrated in the south but is also moving north. Bulacan has yet another winning card in terms of being a financial and industrial center.


2. Bulacan has excellent proximity to the National Capital Region.

The Philippines' capital abounds with business opportunities. The market is dominated by large and established investors, so you must create a unique strategy to capitalize on Metro Manila's economic power against the current overflowing businesses. Therefore, it's good to know that Bulacan is strategically located near the National Capital Region.


3. The rise of the Cyber Park And Business District.

Cyber Park and Business District, which broke ground in 2019, is one of the vast business centers soon to rise in the province. It is a flagship project of the provincial government that is set to become an economic zone in Barangay Bulihan, Malolos City. A range of businesses will be housed here, including lodging businesses, space rentals, and companies providing business process outsourcing (BPO).


At the groundbreaking event, Senator Cynthia Villar urged Filipinos to venture into business, because the district is expected to flourish with economic activity. The majority of companies in the country are micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises, which are responsible for 65% of all jobs.


4. Central Luzon's Most Populous Province Is Bulacan.

Economic growth can be equal to population growth. This will boost the economy by increasing the number of producers, workers, and consumers. In this regard, Bulacan won't let you down, since it is the most populated province in Central Luzon.


Bulacan recorded a total of 3.71 million inhabitants in the 2020 census, around 30 percent of the region's population. The province's population is expected to double within 29 years if it maintains its growth rate of 2.4 percent from 2010 to 2020. Hence, there's a positive note for businesses to flourish in this location. And Bulacan takes pride in a competent workforce as well.



3 Major Infrastructure Projects That Set Bulacan as a Sought-After Property Investment Location

Bulacan's transportation infrastructures assure access to the nation's capital and other key provinces despite the distance. Under President Rodrigo Duterte's "Build, Build, Build" Project and Public-Private Partnership (PPP), the province had its share of transport projects planned, underway, and completed.


It is Bulacan's physical assets that are paving the way for convenient public transportation and vibrant economic growth, which are expected to redefine the province's real estate potential.


1. The Bulacan International Airports

A vast transport project is planned to handle air traffic in Metro Manila through the New Manila International Airport (NMIA); Bulacan International Airport. Upon receiving the construction franchise, SMC said the airport would be constructed on a 2,500-hectare plot in Bulakan, Bulacan.


Several components will make up the airport, including a terminal building, four parallel runways, and a road network. Economic opportunities are abounding in Luzon, especially in Bulacan, thanks to this infrastructure projects like this.


2. The Plaridel Bypass Road

Bypassing Plaridel, the Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway road from Plaridel to San Rafael, Bulacan, will ease congestion along the road. The project connects the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) in Balagtas to the Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway in San Rafael, Bulacan, spanning 24.61 kilometers.


With this newly constructed arterial road, you can minimize travel time by up to 30 minutes between Plaridel, San Rafael, Balagtas, Guiguinto, and Bustos in Bulacan.


3. The 7th line of Metro Rail Transit (MRT)

In addition to Bulacan's infrastructure projects, there is MRT-7. It will connect North Avenue, Quezon City, with San Jose Del Monte Bulacan via an elevated railway line that will extend 23 kilometers. This project is part of the Philippine government's North-South Commuter Railway Project.


It will take only 35 minutes from Quezon City to Bulacan for the new transit system to transport 300,000 commuters daily on its first day of operation.



The Tourism and Culture of Plaridel, Bulacan

1. Bulacan's Parish Church of Santiago Apostol

Originally, the Plaridel Church was built with light materials by Augustinians in Malolos. The chapel was originally located at Lumang Bayan and was moved to its present location. From 1590 to 1602, Quingua was ran by the Friars Curate from Malolos Church which was close at hand. The current church was established in 1602 and recognized as the town church of Pueblo de Quingua.


2. The Celebration of the Salubong Festival and Horse Festival

December 29 marks the annual Salubong Festival. It's called salubong or welcome because they welcome the St. James the Greater's equestrian replica from Sipat. It's also called the Horse festival because they paraded calesas, tiburins (non-roofed calesa), and only riding on a horse (equestrian), and held horse racing in the afternoon.



Check Out our Lumina Homes Projects in Bulacan

Indeed, living in Plaridel, Bulacan is one of the best decisions and investments you can make. A credible residential developer like Lumina Homes offers affordable houses and lot properties that are highly durable. In fact, our residential project located in Plaridel is already sold out. This is to give you an idea that Bulacan is one of the sought-after locations for residential use. Located in a protected community, this master-planned residential site offers a safe, secure, and worry-free lifestyle for you and your family. Residents of the Lumina Plaridel subdivision enjoy amenities such as a basketball court, safe playgrounds, mini gardens, and a gazebo.


Don't worry, we still have a few Lumina Homes subdivisions where you can purchase an affordable house and lot for sale.


  • Lumina Residences Bulacan
  • Lumina Baliwag
  • Lumina Pandi
  • Lumina San Miguel



Lumina Homes: Your Access to Affordable House and Lot Options

If you're on the look out for an affordable house and lot in Bulacan, we have residential projects in different strategic locations that you can choose from. Since our Lumina Plaridel project already sold out the last remaining units, we recommend that you check out other projects in Bulacan as well. Contact one of our accredited agents to reserve a unit and join our Lumina community today!

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