Schools and Universities near Lumina Calauan

17 December 2022
Schools and Universities near Lumina Calauan

In the Philippines' Province of Laguna, the Municipality of Calauan serves as a second-tier municipality. The land area inside the city limits is 25.25 square miles, which makes up 3.41 percent of the said province.


Kalawang, which meaning "rust," is where the city's name came from. According to urban legend, the town was given its moniker when the Spanish began building the municipal church and water began to leak through the foundation holes. Calauan is the name given to a body of water in the Philippines because of its distinctive reddish-brown hue. The Pineapple Festival, held annually on May 15th, is the main attraction of Calauan.


San Isidro Labrador, or Isidore the Laborer in Spanish, the patron saint of farmers is also the patron saint of Calauan, Laguna.


The town can be reached southeast of Manila and 73 kilometers by way of Calamba and Los Baños. Meanwhile, the municipality is located 26 kilometers from Santa Cruz. Due to its proximity to the metro and other adjacent cities and towns, the content of the town became one of the most famous areas in the Province of Laguna for tourists.


In addition, the good location of the municipality also makes it a great venue to build educational institutions in the province.



What are the Available Schools in Calauan, Laguna

Young people's primary source of information is their educational institution. As a result, children are exposed to and encouraged to pursue a broad variety of academic fields, all of which may help them develop their critical thinking skills. Let's review the list of available learning institutions near the house and lot in the Philippines near Calauan, Laguna.



Polytechnic University of the Philippines- Calauan Campus

There are four (4) schools of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in the province of Laguna, and one of which is PUP Calauan. It was established in 2009 thanks to an agreement between the Calauan municipal government and the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.


PUP Calauan Laguna offers two Bachelor's degrees: one in Business Teacher Education with a focus on Business Technology and Livelihood Education, and another in Entrepreneurship. Over 500 students call it home, and the vast majority of them are town's people.


Currently, PUP Calauan Laguna Campus is offering three (3) undergraduate programs namely, Bachelor of Business Technology and Livelihood Education major in Home Economics; Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship, and in Information Technology.


To accommodate the needs of the neighborhood student population, PUP Calauan Campus provides these courses and propels them to the pinnacle of academic achievement, all while remaining in step with the highest principles of good governance and contributing to the betterment of local communities through devoted, easily accessible, affordable and innovative, and inclusive teaching and learning practices.


Location: Barangay Kanluran, Bay - Calauan Hwy, Calauan, Laguna (Around 10 minutes travel time from Lumina Calauan)


University Of The Philippines- Los Baños Laguna Campus

Founded in 1908, UPLB has the same commitment to academic integrity and quality as its parent institution. The forefathers of UPLB made many contributions to knowledge and laid the groundwork for the university to become an official national and regional leader in the fields of agricultural, veterinary medicine, and forestry education. Colleges and institutions around the country have looked to its groundbreaking programs in these areas as examples and standards for how to implement them successfully.


At UPLB, students may escape the confines of the classroom and enjoy nature in its purest form. At the University, you'll find an incredible community of the country's smartest and most motivated students who are all well-equipped for a lifetime of professional achievement and civic leadership.


At present time, the university offers 29 undergraduate courses and 21 masters programs.


Location: Batong Malake, Los Baños, Laguna, 4031 Philippines (Around 21 minutes travel time from Lumina Calauan)



San Pablo Colleges- College of Arts and Sciences

The core curriculum at San Pablo Colleges emphasizes the transmission of foundational skills in the arts, humanities, communication, and the scientific and social sciences, as well as the cultivation of professional competence rooted in high moral and ethical principles.


Through outcomes-based and technology-driven teaching, outstanding research, and proactive community involvement and services, the school is committed to fostering a complete education that prepares students to gain success in the global economy.


The College of Arts and Sciences currently provide undergraduate programs such as Bachelor of Arts with Majors in English, Economics, and Political Science; Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, in Mass Communication, and in Psychology.


Location: San Rafael Campus, IV A - Southern Tagalog, San Pablo City, 4000 Laguna (Around 28 minutes travel time from Lumina Calauan)



City College of Calamba

When the Philippines celebrated the 145th anniversary of the birth of their national hero, Jose Rizal, in 2006, they also celebrated the opening of a new public college in the province of Laguna called City College of Calamba (CCC). Those in need of a high-quality education at a reasonable tuition fee cost helped inspire the establishment's creation. Furthermore, it is free to attend thanks to funding from the city.


The school's long-term goal is to become a nationally recognized, top-tier academic institution known for helping students from low-income backgrounds get the knowledge and skills required to become successful, contributing members of society no matter where they may live in the world.


This results for the college to create course and building four (4) departments such as Department of Arts and Sciences, Teacher Education, Business and Accountancy, and Computing and Informatics.


Location: Old Municipal Site, Burgos St, Brgy. VII, Poblacion, Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines (Around 45 minutes travel time from Lumina Calauan)



Saint Bridgette Integrated School, Inc.

SBISI's mission is to assist every student realize his or her full intellectual, emotional, and physical potential so that upon graduation they may use their God-given abilities, potential, and ways or resources to create a life that is in alignment with his or her unique destiny.


The educational institution provides academic programs from Kindergarten to Grade 10.


Location: National Hi-way, Barangay Masiit, Calauan, Laguna, Philippines (Around 8 minutes travel time from Lumina Calauan)



Embark on an Accessible Education Journey with Lumina Calauan!

The goal of education is to help children learn and practice the kinds of things that will allow them to contribute positively to society and develop into mature adults who have achieved great things. A good education may help a child develop into a contributing adult. Gaining an education is the first step toward a prosperous future, where one may realize their professional and personal goals and live a life of dignity.


With this, the best gift that you can give to your kids is an education a few minutes from home and the affordable house and lot offered by Lumina Homes in Calauan provide that.


These affordable house and lot for sale that can be found in Calauan, Laguna are near learning institutions that give quality education to your kids. From kindergarten up to their college education, your children don't have to travel far from Calauan Laguna as these schools and universities provide the services that they need.


Give your kids the convenient learning experience and perks of housing location that your family need need and make your home investment now with Lumina Homes!

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