Why is Lumina Homes Strategically the Best for Property Investment?

18 October 2022
Why is Lumina Homes Strategically the Best for Property Investment

As we get older, our priorities shift, and considering taking an initial investment might be one of our focuses. Home investment is probably one of the best financial decisions anyone can make. Among other investments, buying an affordable house and lot in the Philippines is recommended by lots of highly successful investors. With price appreciation, jumping into the real estate industry links to financial stability.


Hence, if you're looking for an affordable house and lot property to start a home or an investment, it's crucial to know the basics before purchasing one. Property investment depends on a lot of factors such as price and location. So, if you're considering purchasing a property, here are some insights into why it's definitely a wise investment.



What Is an Investment Property?

A real estate investment property is usually not used as a primary residence but to generate income. It is purchased with the goal of earning a return through rental income, the future resale of the property, or it can be both. Investing in real estate can be done by an individual, a group of investors, or a corporation. Also, property investment can be long-term or short-term. Often, investors will flip real estate, making a profit by buying, renovating, and selling the property quickly.


As a good investor, you have to go through a series of studies to find out the best and most profitable properties available within your range. Depending on your goal, the investment property you're eyeing can be zoned for both commercial and residential use. It's your key responsibility to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the property before you make a sound decision.



What Are the 3 Types of Investment Properties?

1. Residential

In addition to their regular income, investors often supplement their income through rental homes. When an investor rents out a residential property to tenants, he can collect rent on a monthly basis or depending on the terms. There are many types of residential structures, such as single-family homes, condominiums, apartments, or townhomes.


2. Commercial

Another type of income-generating property is a commercial asset. Commercial real estate properties are used exclusively for business purposes. It may be more expensive to maintain and improve these properties, but the returns can be greater. This is due to the higher rents associated with these properties.


3. Mixed-Use

It is possible to use a mixed-use property as a residential and a commercial property simultaneously. For example, the main floor of a building might be occupied by retail stores such as convenience stores, bars, and restaurants, while the upper portion is dedicated to residential units.



Choose the Best Location for Investment Property

There are many factors that affect real estate investment. However, a strategic business location would be the most important factor to consider for investors who are looking to sell their property investments. Regardless if it's a residential unit, commercial space, or for both, eyeing a premium location can be the key to growing your investment.


If you look closely, the Philippine Real Estate Investment Trusts have dominated the premium locations in the country and have established income-generating real estate properties that you can check out. Residential developers like Lumina Homes provide access to not just own an affordable house and lot for sale but also investment properties as well.



Start Your Investment Property with Lumina Homes

Targeting key locations and fast-growing areas present many advantages. It's an integral basis when securing your investment's success rate and provides peace of mind when opting for a new home. Lumina Homes offer quality and affordable house and lot units that are strategically located in highly accessible areas.


Our residential projects are accessible to transportation hubs, major business establishments, government sites, religious facilities, bypass roads, and major road networks. Also, our projects are near tourist destinations, schools, universities, shopping malls, and healthcare facilities.



Signs You’re Equipped To Buy An Investment Property


1. Your Finances Are in Good Shape

Property investments require a much higher financial stability level than primary residences, especially if you are planning to rent them out. You have to be financially stable because a lot can happen when renting out your properties. Tenants are unpredictable and you need to consider other expenses as well. Also, when you apply for a mortgage, you also must offer some basic personal details. In most cases, your mortgage lender will oblige you to provide tax documents and bank statements to demonstrate without a doubt that you have enough money to cover your monthly payments. Also, you have to research the area and assess your financial stability, and the potential return on investment. Once you have carefully considered the factors, you can go ahead and invest.



2. You Understand How Return On Investment (ROI) Works

Today's real estate investors often see positive cash flow from their investment properties, but the savviest determine their approximate return on investment (ROI) rate based on the estimated capital gain. So, if you fully understand how that works, investment property is a great venture for you to start.



3. Time Is On Your Side

The work doesn't end once you have purchased a property as an investment. There is still a lot of work involved in investment property management. Putting up advertisements for your space, interviewing prospective tenants, checking their backgrounds, ensuring they pay their rent on time, performing maintenance on your property, and making timely repairs are all important tasks that you must take care of. Hence, unless you have trusted workers to manage your properties, you can start investing if you have the time to manage your assets.



Lumina Homes: Premium Communities All Over the Philippines

Have you been considering purchasing an investment property soon? Perhaps you're on the hunt for an affordable house and lot for sale to kick-start a passive income or maybe for a home to settle in. Lumina Homes, an all-economic residential project in the Philippines, offers affordable houses and lot properties to every aspiring Filipino who aims to have a home they can proudly call their own.


In over 50 key locations nationwide, you can definitely find the perfect location where you would want to settle down with your family or kick-start a property investment. We offer affordable yet built-to-last rowhouses, townhouses, single firewalls, and duplexes. Hence, if you're ready to purchase the best investment, check out what Lumina has in store for you and reserve your unit through flexible bank financing options today!

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