Lumina Sessions: 15 Reasons Why Real Estate is the Best Investment

21 May 2022

No one is sure what will happen in the future that’s why many people are worried about the uncertainties it brings.


In order to relieve themselves from these worries, some people tend to think ahead and make plans in order to secure their finances as well as their family’s future through a real estate investment.


For this week’s Lumina Sessions, we will tackle the reasons why real estate investment is the best investment one can have for their future. Let’s join Celine, our Marketing Officer from Lumina Iloilo in discovering this!


1. Store of Value

Probably you hear this a million times over but this is the real thing—real estate is the safest investment one can make! This is because the value of properties rarely goes down and even if it happens, this most commonly occur in only a short span of time.


As a point in fact, the value of your property doesn’t get devalued as more buildings rise up in the area.


So if you are looking for an investment that can provide a secure value generations from now, it is best if you BUY LAND OR BUILDINGS.


2. Natural Appreciation

There are three things that drive the rise of the demand for housing:


a. Increasing population

When the population of the area is constantly increasing, there is a chance that the housing demand in that place will also increase.

b. People need places to live and `do business

c. Most businesses are concentrated in hotspot cities

These three factors contribute to the increase of the value of the property that you own. This is the same with all the properties that we have in Lumina Homes. Our community is perfect for real estate investment with great locations that our subdivisions have that has access to almost everything in that area.


Apart from being a safe community to live in, Lumina Homes is also located near workplaces, lifestyle centers and malls, and daily essentials giving our residents and future homeowners the convenience in accessing their every day necessities.


3. Forced Appreciation

This means that the value of the property will increase through direct efforts and investment such as when you create enhancements like interior and exterior designs.


If truth be told, real estate is a solid asset which you can build up if you would like to increase the value of your property.


4. Tax Benefits

Real estate investors pay less tax than almost any other citizens. This is because real estate investors provide housing for the general population and increase value by developing the land. This is also the reason why real estate investors are called developers.


5. Passive Income for Life

People always need a decent housing and this is a general fact—and at most times, they would tend to prefer living near the cities or their workplaces.


As it happens, people will always choose the most convenient way for them and they are willing to pay for rent than to suffer hours of transit going to their workplaces. This will give real estate investors a chance to generate income and take it as advantage.


6. Market Cycle

When the market goes down and the market properties dropped, this means that you can buy more properties for a cheaper price. The more property that you own, the more opportunities you can attract.


7. Price Range

Always keep this in mind: There will always be options for everyone. All you have to do is to look in the right places!


Just like us here in Lumina, we offer Ready for Occupancy units for an affordable price in line with our commitment to be focused in providing every Filipino people the BEST HOME—at an affordable price yet a durable quality.


8. Fairly Access to Funding

In choosing to have a real estate investment, Lumina Homes are offering various financing options for your chosen property that include pag ibig financing and bank financing.


We will also help you out in finding the best and most suitable funding for you so that investing for your own property will be easier and smoother for you.


9. Refinancing

Refinancing is a process that involves obtaining a new loan to pay off a current one. The goal here is to have a better interest rate as well as better terms than the current one.


10. Other people pay for your investment

A simple example for this is when you purchase your own property and open it up as a rental home. In this case, you will be able to settle the ownership of the property through your loan while others pay for your investment.


In doing this, just make sure that the income coming from the rental property is greater than the mortgage plus the other expenses.


11. Tangible Asset

You simply can’t go wrong when you own a land or a property. As a matter of fact, in case of emergencies, you can use it personally as a residence or office.


For the record, traditional investors prefer tangible assets with steady return over high risk, high reward alternatives.


12. Easily Insurable

You can find insurance companies all over the world that’s why it’s better if every land and every property that you own are insured.


Want to know the why you should insure your properties? Let’s take a look at these reasons:

  1. Protection from property damage
  2. Reimbursement for lost items in case of break-ins
  3. Protection from lawsuits

13. Easily transferable to kids

Once that your children already inherited the property that you own and will take care of it as well as manage  to acquire the same number of property like you did, by the time the other generation comes around, income or rental coming in from the properties will be more than the original.


14. Diversification

The aim of diversification is to spread out investment across different assets so that the downturn in a particular will less likely to impact the portfolio of your property as a whole.


15. Quick access to liquidate

There is always someone who is looking to buy property that’s why there will always be a demand for it as well.


Usually, it takes the average person between 60 – 90 days to sell a house.


Lumina Iloilo is one the communities of Lumina Homes in the Visayas region that will be perfect as a home investment. So make sure to start your investment here by making your home reservations as early as now!


Make sure that your investment grow and make each and every of your properties count! See you in our next sessions everyone!

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