Top Tourist Spots in Bacolod

30 August 2022
Top Tourist Spots in Bacolod

If you are planning a trip to freshen your body and reduce stress, here are some beautiful destinations in Bacolod City that you can visit.


A Brief History of Bacolod City


The name Bacolod was taken from the Hiligaynon word Buklod, which means Stonehill because the city was founded on a Stonehill. It was then relocated to the seashore due to Moro (Muslim) attacks. The ancient settlement is now known as Daan-Banwa, which translates to Old Town. Today, Bacolod is renowned as the City of Smiles because of its annual Masskara festival, which includes a Mardi Gras-style celebration and a stunning display of dancing and music. The Bacolod Government Center, the Lacson Tourism Strip, and the Bacolod Public Plaza are all venues for the Masskara event.


Now, after knowing the rich history of Bacolod city, Let's talk about its top tourist destinations, and have travel tips for you to surely enjoy your vacation.


Here are the Top 14 Tourist Spots of Bacolod city!

1. The Ruins


If you have a life partner that wants to make loveable and sweet memories together the Ruins is the best place here in Bacolod city for both of you. With its Instagrammable look, you and your partner will surely enjoy taking pictures together and feels like you are in your kingdom.


It is the Philippines' Taj Mahal, where you may learn about Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson and Maria Braga's love tale. This mansion was destroyed during the war and is now a popular historical site in Bacolod City. Don Mariano constructed the palace in memory of his loving wife. Every post in the house has their initials etched into it as a symbol of his enduring love for Maria. Mariano and Maria are symbolized by the two Ms, who are standing opposite one another.


2.Lakawon Island


Lakawon island is here if you're the kind of person who enjoys the nicest beaches. The Tawhai floating bar, which is also known as Asia's largest floating bar, is located on this island's beautiful white beach and offers a unique sort of service that allows you to make plans to attend a party at sea. What are you waiting for as a result? The best time to get a ticket is right now so that you won't miss those lovely things.


Lakawon is located 48 kilometers (30 miles) north of the provincial capital of Bacolod. A 20-minute boat journey from the coast of Barangay Cadiz Viejo takes you to the island. Lakawon's white sand beach is reputed to be equivalent to Boracay, a well-known island getaway off the coast of Aklan in Panay.


The island resembles a sandbar. The white sand beaches are mostly concentrated on the side of the island that faces the island of Negros. The opposing side, facing the open sea, is rougher. On one side of the island, there is a little fishing community. The locals make a living by gathering the riches of the sea.


3.Sipalay Island


You have a lot of choices when it comes to beaches in Bacolod city, and one of these is Sipalay island. Sipalay island is another perfect place for beach lovers. Sipalay Island is called the jewel of the sugar islands. Perth Paradise has a pool with a great view, and the beach at Punta Ballo has white sand and is great for swimming. You can also visit Tinagong Dagat, a stunning resort located in the deep blue sea. Your trip package includes transportation to and from your lodging as well as any required environmental fees.


4.Negros Museum


For a family or group trip, it is a nice place to visit because in this museum you can learn more about the arts and amazing culture of the province. The Negros Museum is filled with antique ancient relics as well as modern contemporary works by local artists that depict stories of the Negros Islands and the events that transpired throughout their period.


This museum first opened its doors on March 16, 1996. It was previously housed in the Provincial Capitol building, which was restored to government usage in 2003. The gallery has now been relocated to the old Provincial Agriculture Building. As a courtesy payment, the Negros Cultural Foundation, which manages the Negros Museum, presently pays the Provincial Government a rent of one peso only, to comply with the law.


5.Balay Negrense


Do you have a fashion and interest in old staff? I know you will be happy to see what is inside this Balay Negrense. This house is also an antique museum of the province that showcases the lifestyle of a 19th-century Negrense sugar baron. The house is filled with a lot of artifacts that can make you feel like bring back to the past, so grab the opportunity to come and visit the attractive house.


The Balay Negrense(Hiligaynon for Negrense House) is an ancestral house of Victor F. Gaston, son of Yves Leopold Germain Gaston and Prudencia Fernandez, was the Balay Negrense. The older Gaston is regarded as being one of the first to cultivate sugarcane in this part of the Philippine archipelago. He was born in Normandy, France, and married a Filipina from Batangas, where he first experimented with sugar cultivation before migrating to Negros.


6.Mambukal Mountain Resort


Take a rest and experience the beauty of nature with the mambukal resort. You will feel like you are in paradise when you're here especially when you come to the resort in summer with your families and friends. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the city is the Mabukal Resort, which provides a variety of activities like swimming and trekking.


Mambukal Resort, formally the Township of Mambukal, or simply Mambukal (alternatively written "Mambucal"), is a resort township in the municipality of Murcia, Negros Occidental. It is directly controlled as a township by the Provincial Government of Negros Occidental, which also oversees the 6-hectare townsite adjacent to Brgy. Minoyan. The resort is owned and administered by the Negros Occidental Provincial Government's Economic Enterprise Development Department.


7.San Sebastian Cathedral


Take a look at one of the oldest catholic churches in the Philippines. The San Sebastian church is one of the oldest churches that are still standing today on Negros island, you can also visit it to see what our ancestor's church did before.


During the 1700s, early Christian missionaries put a tiny Malayan village named Magsungay under the care of St. Sebastian. This community was then renamed San Sebastian de Magsungay and was placed under the administration of Bernardo de Los Santos, the area's first gobernadorcillo. Due to extensive Moro pirate assaults, the residents of Magsungay relocated to bakólod, the forerunner of the modern-day metropolis of Bacolod, on the mountainous terrain. In 1806, Fr. Leon Pedro was designated as the parish's first priest. Many years later, Fr. Gonzaga, a young priest from Barcelona, would foresee the San Sebastian Church's construction.


8.San Diego Pro Cathedral


Keep your faith and pray to the San Diego Pro Cathedral. Built in the early 20th century, the San Diego Pro-cathedral in Silay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines, was formerly known as the San Diego Parish Church or the St. Didacus Parish Church. It's the only church in Negros Occidental with a cupola or dome, making it the sole pro-cathedral in the country.


9 .Bernardino Jalandoni Museum


You must not miss the Bernardino Jalandoni Museum, a distinctive tourist attraction in Bacolod City, Philippines. The museum sometimes referred to as the "Pink House," keeps relics of the Jalandonis that depict the Silaynons' past. Its structural components originated from Germany and Mindoro, respectively.


Originally from Jaro, Iloilo City, Don Bernardino and Doa Ysabel Lopez Ledesma relocated to Silay, Negros Occidental, where they finally lived and reared their children. They constructed their home in Silay City, next to the main road, to resemble the usual affluent homes of the early 20th century. The building was finished in 1908.


The Jalandoni House was the first building in the City of Silay to be designated as a National Historical Landmark when the National Historical Institute did so on November 6, 1993.


10.Pulang Tubig Falls


Make sure to visit Pulang Tubig Falls in Silay City if you want to take a break from seeing the Bacolod beach tourist attractions but still want to take advantage of nature's gift of water. 262 feet tall The hue of the water that spilled from the falls during the Japanese occupation gave the waterfall its name. According to legend, a Japanese headquarters was perched atop the mountain, and the blood of the troops caused the waterways to become crimson.


The Northern Negros Natural Park, a protected area situated in the northern mountainous forest portion of the island of Negros in the Visayas, is home to the Pulang Tubig waterfall. The major city and capital of Negros Occidental, Bacolod, is situated about 40 kilometers to the east-northeast of the Northern Negros Natural Park.


Mount Mandalagan and Mount Silay, which have old-growth trees at elevations of more than 1,000 meters, are the park's focal points. Secondary forests may be found on the lower slopes, which are traversed by the Malogo, Imbang, Himoga-an, and Bago rivers, four significant river systems.


12. Pope John Paul II Tower


You will notice how faithful the Filipinos are in the city of smiles, because here you will see another sacred landmark of Bacolod City, and this is the Pope John Paul II Tower. This tower is dedicated to Saint John Paul II as a commemoration of when the pope's visit the city. The tower stands on the same spot where the Pope held Mass during his first trip to Bacolod City in 1981.


The tower has several papal artifacts, such as his throne and photographs from his stay. The city of Bacolod may be seen in all its splendor from the observation area atop the ship. The tourists love taking photos in every corner of the tower, meditating and feeling the fresh air, and forget their problems to relax and have a great time exploring the area.


13. Bacolod Public Plaza


Have fun and recreational activities with your family and friends at the city's other great place the public plaza. The Public plaza is located at the heart of the downtown area. The San Sebastian Cathedral is just across from the municipal hall, and the plaza is a popular gathering place for locals. Originally built in 1927. It has a gazebo with the names of famous composers including Beethoven, Wagner, Haydn, and Mozart carved into the wood.


14. Manokan Country


Every trips and vacation would be incomplete if we did not include food, but don't worry because there are restaurants in Bacolod City Proper where you can go on a food trip with your friends. The Manokan Country is a small cluster of eateries located in the parking lot of SM City Bacolod. They serve affordable and delicious grilled chicken called inasal. You can also choose different parts of the chicken here, like the chicken butt or chicken intestines, which they call isaw. Additionally, when you eat at this restaurant, do not expect that they will give you utensils to eat inasal because it is very popular and it is their tradition to eat the inasal with their bare hands and there is no best time to eat inasal you can take it in morning, lunch, but very great if it is dinner.


Now you see some of the beautiful Bacolod city tourist spots, from their historical structure, heritage houses, and even their rich culture. Maybe it is the right time now to have a plan to visit Bacolod city to experience personally those fantastic views, fun activities, and delicious food trip of chicken inasal. In case you will fall in love with this place like you don't want to leave, don't worry because there are affordable house and lot on Lumina houses Bacolod that you can check if you want to stay and buy a residential house.


Lumina Bacolod is situated in Barangay Vista Alegre, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, the travel time using a private car is about 20 minutes from the Bacolod Downtown Area and 15 minutes from the New Government Centre. It is also close to government buildings such as the PSA and SSS. The community is just 5 minutes distant from wet and dry markets. Schools ranging from elementary to college level are also accessible. Moreover, you can also avail of their amenities like the Multi-Purpose Hall, a fully secured area with a guarded entrance, mini garden and playgrounds for your kids, and eSpacio where you can hang out with your family inside your own Lumina community.


Living in the safe and secure Lumina Homes neighborhood will allow you to fully appreciate the city of smiles. 

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