Tips to Become Successful Part-time Real Estate Agent

14 January 2023
Tips to Become Successful Part time Real Estate Agent

A real estate transactions business has the potential to be both financially rewarding and personally fulfilling. You may put yourself in a primary job position as a full time agent to earn a continuous stream of supplemental income if you have the patience, dedication, personableness, and time-management abilities to establish a career in the area around your present employment.


To get your feet wet in the real estate industry and become a new real estate agent, you may be intrigued by the idea of working part-time as an agent. Doing some real estate work on the side is highly recommended by industry professionals, and for good reason: you can determine whether this is the correct career path for you and if you love it, all while minimizing your financial commitment.



Pros of Working as a Part-Time Real Estate Agent

A full-time realtor works with buyers and sellers of house and lot in the Philippines for at least 40 hours a week, while a part-timer devotes less than that amount of time to the profession.


As freelancers who sell real estate, you get to set your own hours and bring in extra money, but you also have to deal with things like startup costs and competing commitments. Although this line of work requires careful scheduling, it may be a reliable source of income if you have the resources to promote your firm, generate leads, and receive your license, as well as the money to cover start-up costs.



How to Start a Part-Time Real Estate Business

Part-time agents in real estate may make money if they put in the time and effort to understand the business. You only need courage and some familiarity with the market fundamentals.



Establish your specialization as real estate agents

Identifying a service area, geographic region, or kind of real estate that you want to focus on is called targeting a niche.


For instance, you may specialize in the sale of downtown commercial properties, affordable house and lot for sale, the provision of outstanding customer care to first-time homebuyers, or the handling of auction sales. Some brokers find it useful to create sub-niches by merging different types of clients.


Expert Tips: When deciding where to put your real estate expertise, it's crucial to take into account not just your personal qualities, but also any market factors that might impact your business. Consider what interests you, whether it's a specific price range of homes or a certain kind of company. You should think about the money side of being an agent, too, especially if you want to make more money via things like client recommendations and repeat business.



Create a business plan

Making a strategy for your real estate profession should not be considered as a formality. Instead, you should see it as a resource that may help you succeed financially, more efficiently, and with less risk. If you want to succeed in business, one of the finest things you can do is have a well-thought-out strategy to follow.



But what is a business plan?

Simply put, a business plan is just a structured approach to deciding how you'll go about beginning a company, including the big questions like what you'll sell and how you'll get it in front of customers. The point isn't to make accurate predictions; rather, it's to plan out your future actions and change as necessary.



Adhere to a regular schedule

A successful part-time agent has routines that they keep to religiously. To develop good time management skills, you'll need to put in some additional time and effort as required by the clients schedule and be accessible at all times for your clientele.


Tell your loved ones that you may require extra time to complete work-related tasks and may not be available at particular periods of the day or week. Also, during your working hours, make sure you won't be interrupted by anybody in answering your coworkers and superiors' phone calls. It's important to schedule time for yourself and your loved ones outside of work so that you don't go crazy at the year's busiest times. This is a rewarding career as long as you are responsible and stick to the plan!



Take advantage of viral marketing strategies

Social media and word-of-mouth advertising are both crucial in the real estate business and lead generation. In fact, using social media to its full potential may be a great way to bring in new customers who ar interested to get a home investment. Social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn should be created and maintained as a first step. Marketing successfully also requires developing connections with target consumers.



Research the housing market in your area

This will make you stand out from the other agents in the industry. Your chances of being recruited as a seller's agent go higher if, during a listing presentation, you demonstrate an understanding of the available homes and the local real estate market.


You can start your research by following the news, researching online, or talking with property value experts such as appraisers.



Make an impressive listing presentation

Listing presentations are meant to provide potential investors with as much information as possible about you and your business. Showing your professionalism, dedication, and interest in your work is essential.



Tips on creating an impressive listing presentation

An effective listing presentation is the product of thorough planning and organization.


Be sure you look presentable by dressing in business attire. Give your presentation some enthusiastic practice by running through a few "dry runs" with pals. Plan for any criticisms and inquiries, then reply with poise and confidence.



Connect with local professionals like lenders, inspectors, and contractors

Get to know them and they could be able to assist you professionally. Let's imagine you're trying to sell an affordable house and lot but first you need to get it checked out by a home inspector or have it fixed up by a handyman. If you have connections with the relevant parties (lenders, inspectors, builders, etc.), you may get preferential treatment. You won't make it as a real estate agent and earn as much money compared to other job without paying attention to this detail.



Keep in mind that you will receive out of your part-time real estate career what you put into it if you want to succeed. Success will increase gradually if you manage it like a legitimate company.


Even though having a real estate license may be a time-consuming and difficult procedure, particularly if you're doing it on the side and/or in your spare time or as a new real estate agent, you can pick a real estate brokerage or developer whose courses are straightforward and accessible at your own pace.


Lumina Homes, one of the top and most trusted economical housing segments in the Philippines, offers "Lumina Online University." This is an online learning platform where you can take classes on how to market Lumina Homes. These courses may be taken at no cost, so there's no need to sacrifice anything else in order to fund your education.


Be an accredited Lumina Homes Seller and take advantage of the benefits of being a part-time real estate agent now!

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