Spotify Wrapped 2022: Facts, Figures, & Top Finance Podcasts

19 December 2022
Spotify Wrapped 2022 Facts Figures Top Finance Podcasts

Lumina Homes know how much Filipinos love singing, and with it also comes our equal penchant for listening to music from any digital platform or physical device. Physical devices such as radios are still very much present, but Spotify, a digital music and podcast streaming service first created in 2006, has gained immense popularity for providing the convenience of being able to easily gain access to millions of songs and content from all creators around the world.


What is more, Spotify does not only house the most recent viral songs to cater to millennial and Gen-Z listeners, but also songs from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and pieces of classical music for the old school, making it accessible even to the older generation who wants to wax nostalgic and listen to Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand, The Beatles, and be mentally calmed with a Beethoven curated playlist.


Every year since 2016, the digital music streaming service company publishes Spotify Wrapped a highly anticipated summary of every Premium account holder's listening habits for the entire year, from favorite artists, songs, genres, podcasts, and more.



How to See Spotify Wrapped to Find Your Top Artists & Songs

As a business, Spotify Wrapped is an ingeniously created marketing strategy meant to promote the streaming service provider to music enthusiasts around the world. And it always works, with more, more users signing up for a Premium account to experience the Spotify Wrapped phenomenon and virtually share it with their friends via social media outlets.


As a service, Spotify Wrapped panders to the listening habits of millions of people who want to track their musical tastes and listening personalities every year. Aside from servicing its users with millions of music, content creators and artists also benefit by having their songs promoted on the platform and earning royalties for every stream.


Spotify Wrapped usually drops by December 1st and will notify users once they open the Spotify app. You will not be surprised that your friends would post about it sooner on social media, and that's when you can check yours to verify which artists and podcasters ruled your listening world. Below is a step-by-step process to check your Spotify Wrapped.


1. Launch the Spotify Premium app on your mobile phone. After being routed to your Spotify Home page, "Your Wrapped is here" will turn up for you to click on.


2. Upon clicking, it will imitate a "My Day" Story where a total of 12 slides will play detailing your listening personality this year, from the total number of minutes you spent listening on the platform, your top artists, favorite songs, genres, podcasts, and more.


3. Mid-part, you will come across Your Top Songs playlist of 2022, which is a compilation of songs you listened to the most from January 1 to October 31. To save it as an official playlist that you can access, tap the "Add to Your Library" icon. This will record your Top 100 Songs plus one extra (for fun, as Spotify liked to put it).


4. In the latter part, you will learn which listening personality type you are based on who you listened to the most, the genre you most often played, and the songs you vibed with a lot.


5. Finally, your last Wrapped story will give you "cards" summarizing all your important stats for the year's Wrapped. You can tap "Share" to download it as a photo, or post it right off the bat via your chosen social media platform, be it a My Day for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter post, Whatsapp, or as a text message.



Should You Sign Up for Premium for Spotify Wrapped?

In the internet age, it has become utterly easy to listen to music of whatever genre you are inclined to. Spotify provides that ease and convenience through its impressively developed digital platform, making all songs available to the site for every Premium user's enjoyment.


To track your music taste for next year's Wrapped, a Premium subscription for individual users costs ₱149 monthly; ₱169 for couples; and ₱194 for a family of 6. Premium account users will enjoy ad-free music, downloadable songs, curate songs in order, and a much better sound quality. Spotify is also available for free, but songs will be played with advertisements in between, songs are only skippable six times in a row, and songs are shuffled based on the platform's algorithms.


The World's Most-Streamed Artists of 2022

For three consecutive years since 2022, Puerto Rican rapper and songwriter Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, under the stage name Bad Bunny, is recognized as this year's Most Streamed Artist. Taylor Swift, monikered by magazines as "The Music Industry" for her relatable music and genius songwriting, gained the distinction as Spotify's Most Viral Artist mainly after the October release of her critically acclaimed 10th studio album, Midnights. Meanwhile, Harry Styles' "As It Was" garnered the most streams this year with more than 1.6 billion plays.


Below are the official top 10 global artists whose songs, albums, and playlists have resonated well with music lovers this year.


Most Streamed Global Artists of 2022

  1. Bad Bunny
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. Drake
  4. The Weeknd
  5. BTS
  6. Ed Sheeran
  7. Harry Styles
  8. Justin Bieber
  9. Kanye West
  10. Eminem

The Most Streamed Artists in Spotify Philippines

The Philippines was proven to be a bona fide Swiftie nation after making Taylor Swift the Most Streamed Artist in the country this 2022, followed by K-Pop Boy Group BTS, and the Top Filipino Artist on the platform this year, Zack Tabudlo, with his album "Episode" getting the second spot in the Albums category, and his hit song "Pano" reaching the fourth spot as the Most Streamed Song in the Philippines.


Below is a list of songs, artists, and podcasts patronized by avid Filipino music fans.


Philippines' Most Streamed Artists of 2022

  1. Taylor Swift
  2. BTS
  3. Zack Tabudlo
  4. Ben&Ben
  5. Justin Bieber

Philippines' Most Streamed Filipino Artists of 2022

  1. Zack Tabudlo
  2. Ben&Ben
  3. Arthur Nery
  4. Moira Dela Torre
  5. Adie

Philippines' Most Streamed Songs of 2022

  1. Ikaw Lang - NOBITA
  2. Pagsamo - Arthur Nery
  3. Paraluman - Adie
  4. Pano - Zack Tabudlo
  5. Isa Lang - Arthur Nery

Philippines Most Streamed Podcasts of 2022

  1. Barangay Love Stories
  2. skypodcast
  3. Dear MOR: The Podcast
  4. Hugot Marcelo
  5. Punchline with Alex Calleja!

Top Financial Podcasts for Money Enthusiasts

Spotify is not only a convenient streaming service for music, but also for highly informative podcasts that learners of a particular subject matter can access and listen to for inspiration. In this section, we list down the finest finance podcasts that moneymaking aspirants can learn from through industry leaders in just about every topic in the financial world.


  • Ditch the Suits
  • The Rich Dad Radio Show
  • Millennial Investing
  • Smart Passive Income
  • Disciplined Investor
  • DIY Money
  • Invest Like The Best
  • Odd Lots
  • Bloomberg Surveillance
  • ChooseFI

Ditch the Suits

Hosted by Steve Campbell and Travis Maus, this finance podcast sets its tone to be candid, straightforward, and brutally honest about financial topics that some people may find uncomfortable talking about. Campbell and Maus take its listeners to financial literacy covering topics such as managing your family's wealth and its protection from exploitation, financial preparation for retirement, and multigenerational wealth planning, among many other in-depth subjects.


The Rich Dad Radio Show

Its podcast title would probably ring a bell for those who have come across the best-selling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by author Robert Kiyosaki. In this money podcast, the inspirational author covers topics such as personal finance, business, economics, and the tricky road to financial success for investment enthusiasts. In his 45-minute episodes, he's able to share expert advice on what to prioritize in one's pursuit of financial independence. And there's arguably nobody who could be better off discussing these topics than somebody like Kiyosaki himself who experienced economic hardships, and how he got out of it in the end.


Millennial Investing

If you're a millennial investor working your way toward building your own empire of wealth, Robert Leonard's personal finance podcasts are perfect for your goal. The podcaster tackles topics with industry experts on making smart financial decisions, as well as for those who are into the stock market and property investment vehicles. Robert discusses technical stuff with simple language so that even the most inexperienced but aspiring investor could comprehend and learn a ton.


Smart Passive Income

For aspiring online business owners and side hustlers, Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income podcast is something you should highly consider listening to. The host is a family man who was able to provide for his loved ones by venturing into different online businesses since 2008. He dedicated an entire blog site about his financial journey, and is now podcasting with episodes for as brief as 15 minutes to 45 minutes. In his podcasts, Pat Flynn busts myths of the hustle culture and provides smart advice to earn passive income through an online business of your choice.


DIY Money

If you have little time and an understandably short attention span, listen to Quint Tatro and Daniel Czulno's Do It Yourself Money podcast, which are merely 15 minutes long per episode. But its short durations notwithstanding, the duo is brimming with financial tips for people interested to learn about smart budgeting, investing, personal wealth management, and the importance of savings, among others. Take advantage of their short but informative episodes and become a better-learned aspiring investor of any investment vehicle.


Invest Like The Best

Featuring an hour's worth of episodes discussing relevant topics in the finance world, Patrick O’Shaughnessy's "Invest Like The Best" exposes exciting success stories from investment industry leaders. The host and interviewees get to discuss ideas, concepts, and methods on how to make wiser financial decisions among investment enthusiasts. He covers topics on financial technology, digital assets, the internet economy, and more financial matters that are of interest to his audience.


Odd Lots

Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway's Odd Lots podcast from Bloomberg is definitely a worthwhile listening journey toward learning important industry updates, financial news, and the latest on the global economy. The two financial experts will comprehensively inform you about topics you'd need to know as an aspiring investor. Broadly, the duo discusses practically anything related to economics, finance, and the global financial market. And they do so with expertise while making sure that budding investors can learn without being boggled with incomprehensible industry terminologies.



Hosted by Jonathan Mendonsa and Brad Barrett, Choose Financial Independence is a perfect podcast for moneymaking enthusiasts who intend to achieve financial literacy and independence through expert advice and firsthand experience narrated by industry leaders and ordinary people alike. The podcast duo discusses topics on taxes, financial planning, and other riveting matters involving the provision of tips rest assured to help investment-aspiring listeners.



Real Estate: Your Investment Vehicle Toward Financial Freedom

The buying and selling of real estate properties are one of the most lucrative moneymaking ventures that financial investors can entrust their hard-earned money for profit. Real estate is the lesser risky investment venture in the financial market, and the property sector prides itself on being resilient in the event of a grave economic downturn.


For property seekers of an affordable house and lot for sale, Vista Land's Lumina Homes is a trusted home developer of an affordable house and lot for aspiring property owners in the country. With over 10 years of providing quality and affordable housing, and with awards given for these provisions, Lumina Homes is an excellent choice for an affordable house and lot for Filipino families.


Inquire about your real estate and financial concerns today via our website and social media channels, and grab the chance to own an affordable yet quality house and lot in the Philippines in a strategic location and a laid-back neighborhood.

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