Importance of Visual Marketing Strategy in the Real Estate Industry

19 October 2022
Importance of Visual Marketing Strategy in the Real Estate Industry

Almost all homebuyers start their search online. However, converting from window-shopper to paying customers is a process that is time-consuming, taxing, and even stressful. Because of this, keeping your content at the forefront of your audience's thoughts is essential for influencing their buying choices and keeping you in business.


And to tell the truth, trust must be earned from the very beginning of every interaction with a client, and in this digital age, that means a never-ending series of online exchanges before you even meet face to face.


In this regard, creative content is the medium via which the aforementioned trust-building materials are distributed, whether they are in the form of organic search engine results, email marketing, social media posts, or any other kind of distribution.



What is a Visual Content Marketing Strategy?

Picture yourself trying to describe a 600 sq ft house that has been fully furnished down to the leather chairs and king-sized bed in the main bedroom. Finally, consider how much more impactful it would be to simply show them.


This type of real estate content marketing that shows visuals to your audience to convert sales is called Visual Content Marketing Strategy. Photos and videos, as opposed to plain text postings, have been demonstrated to increase interaction on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.



Let's Dig Deeper: Why Visual Content is King in Real Estate Marketing

In recent years, the use of visual aids has risen to the forefront of real estate advertising. Excellent images, a thorough floor plan, tastefully set listings, and, more lately, the use of video, are all examples of the kinds of visual information used in these kinds of products.


Investing in visual content strategy may pay off in many ways and here are some reasons why it is considered King in real estate content marketing:


1. Communication with your target audience is less mentally taxing.

Because the information in visual material is often presented in chunks, it is considerably simpler to digest than words. Still, the typefaces, hues, icons, and symbols all work together to improve readability and comprehension.

As a matter of fact, infographics, slideshows, and videos are great tools to utilize when your material as the thought leader has to convey a great deal of data or a thousand words. Also, your topic ideas can include things like what you gleaned from a recent real estate conference, what you saw in a recent report on the property market or your own unique view on things.


2. Potential buyers can get a nice virtual tour of a rural home.

The reason property ads of real estate professionals include such detailed descriptions is so that potential buyers may see themselves living there which can be facilitated by the presence of visual elements. In fact, images may serve as a "property tour," increasing the likelihood that interested parties would plan a visit to the property that you are selling.


To serve as a guide, you can use the notion of the tour as a framework for your photography and videography of the property. The overall rule to keep in mind is to showcase the greatest features and qualities of the home, the ones you believe potential buyers and renters would like to see when they are actually seeing the house. By bearing these in mind, you can ensure that your shot list or real estate website has all of the key real estate features that are needed to be included in your social media marketing listing and promotional materials.


3. It's outstanding in helping real estate professionals in creating content stories.

Images may do more than just highlight the greatest features of the home you're selling; they can also convey information and tell tales that can only be justified by using a visual medium.


The old-fashioned charm of a historic building is one such example. When a home's distinctive qualities are captured on film, buyers may more easily envision the home's history and fall in love with it. Another example would be a super-luxurious home that uses only the finest fixtures and fittings.


Visual media is absolutely ideal for presenting such specifics.


4. It helps a real estate agent to effectively catch people's attention in an instant.

Visuals are very appealing to the human brain. The visual content of a post, such as a photo or a video, often draws the most attention from readers. In the same way, it is the first thing that people look at when seeing an advertisement.


To achieve this, you should highlight visuals and include them in the search engines results whenever possible. Moreover, the picture gallery might take up a substantial amount of vertical real estate at the top part of the page, above its fold, where the actual listing would normally be. Because of this, it's crucial to utilize high-quality pictures while marketing your property online, whether it is on sites like social media or listing platforms, to ensure that your ad gets seen.


If you can, upload some high-quality content. You may also increase interest from potential clients and renters by including video content in your listing.


5. It's easy to share with more clients and could possibly go viral

Statistics show that you can bag more customer engagement with posts or marketing campaigns if they contain images.


Also, in addition to liking and commenting, sharing may help increase interaction and can lead to more leads. This is why media like films and photographs can quickly spread over the Internet. You've probably heard of viral videos of home tours that get a million views or more. The quality of the visual content is, of course, a major factor in its degree of shareability.



Lumina Homes Virtual Tours: An Interactive Way to Engage Homebuyers

There's no need to be a Hollywood A-lister to create a video that goes viral and brings in new customers. Your content marketing plan will gain steam if it is consistent with your brand, interesting to your target audience, and useful to them.


Gladly, the Lumina Homes website has exactly what every house and lot in the Philippines buyers are looking for-- a Virtual Home Tour!


With the recent pandemic that creates a great impact on the typical transactions and process of homebuying in the Philippines, Lumina Homes outdid itself by developing a visual marketing innovation that is pretty useful and engaging to our affordable house and lot buyers as well as to our Lumina Sellers and business partners.


Through our 360-degree Virtual Tours, our potential client like you can now get the idea of our affordable house and lot for sale as well as our thriving communities. Now, you can browse our most popular house plans in 3D and even take a virtual tour of our unique showcase area to get a feel for what a Lumina Homes neighborhood is like!


Worry that you can't visit your preferred Lumina Homes subdivision since it is located in the province away from you? You can also make home reservations anywhere at any time via our Lumina Homes Online Reservation system.


In Lumina Homes, you don't just enjoy shopping affordable house and lot investment but also a hassle-free and convenient home buying experience!

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