Rizal Day Fast Facts: Getting to Know Jose Rizal

20 December 2022
Rizal Day Fast Facts Getting to Know Jose Rizal

The Philippines has a long and illustrious history, marked by heroism even during the worst periods of colonial rule. Because of their contributions to the battle for freedom and the heroes' lessons they left in our history, they are often honored with national holidays on the anniversary of their deaths.


In fact, it is now a tradition in the Philippines to honor these people and events as a way to remember when the Philippines was controlled by other countries and how their efforts led to the Philippines' independence.


One of these important personalities in the history of the Philippines is Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal, the Philippine national hero.



When is Rizal Day celebrated?

On December 30 of each year, Filipinos commemorate the passing of José Rizal, the Philippines' national hero. It was on this day in 1896 that José Rizal was put to death. This year, 2022, Filipinos will celebrate the 126th anniversary of Jose Rizal's life and work, which began during the country's time under Spanish colonial authority.



How do Filipinos celebrate this national holiday?

One of the national holidays in the Philippines is Rizal Day, and many Filipinos have been celebrating the occasion in the same way for many years. It was established that the execution of Jose Rizal at Bagumbayan, now known as Rizal Park, would be commemorated annually on December 30. The first celebration of the memorial holiday was in 1988, some years after Rizal's execution in 1898.


The first Rizal Day ceremonies

It was at Malolos that the first Rizal Day, a national day of mourning, was held in 1898, and all the fatalities of the Spanish colonial rule of the Philippines. This was done by the country's first president, Emilio Aguinaldo.


It was not until the Philippine Commission Enacted Act No. 345 was passed on February 1, 1902, that December 30 was formally recognized as Rizal Day.


Official ceremony at Rizal Park in Manila

It is on this day that some people all around the globe, not only in the Philippines, honor the memory of Filipino hero Jose P. Rizal and reflect on the many fascinating aspects of his life. As part of the formal celebrations for Rizal Day, a ceremony is often performed at Rizal's shrine at Luneta, Manila. As part of the annual wreath-laying ceremony at Rizal's landmark shrine, the President of the Philippines (and sometimes the Vice President) usually spearheaded this celebration.


The Philippine Flag is raise half-mast

The national flag of the Philippines is lowered to half-mast as the president of the country presides during the memorial ceremony.


Wreath-laying ceremonies

Wreath-laying ceremonies are also conducted in different parts of the country by the local government unit including the Rizal Shrine in Calamba and the Rizal Monument in Baguio City.



Jose Rizal, a Jack of all Trades

Throughout the Philippines and the rest of the globe, Rizal is held in high regard as a cultural hero. The following are only some of the factors that support the continued celebration and study of Rizal's life and works.


As a writer and an author

José Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda, whom is also known in a shorter moniker as Jose Rizal, is the Philippines' national hero and the author of two seminal works that were instrumental in the fight for independence: Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.


And to tell the truth, if Jose Rizal were to write his own resume, it may run 10 pages long since he was so prolific!


As a poet

It is well known that Jose Rizal was also a poet, since his works such as "Mi Ultino Adios" and "To The Philippine Youth" are staples of school declamation competitions and have become popular literature pieces in the Philippines.


As a doctor

You may have noticed that references to Jose Rizal sometimes use the form "Dr. Jose P. Rizal." This is because, in addition to being a famous writer, Rizal was also a medical practitioner. He became an ophthalmologist because he wanted to help his mother, who had been blind due to old age.


As a polymath

Like many other great minds of his day, Jose Rizal was able to use his extensive knowledge to teach in a number of different disciplines. In addition to being a writer and activist, Rizal also contributed to science and the media.


As a polyglot

If you knew all this about Jose Rizal, the fact that he spoke many languages wouldn't come as much of a surprise. More than twenty languages were at his command, and he spoke each one perfectly. He was a little shorter than the typical Filipino, but his brains were his best weapon.



Honoring Rizal with Ubiquitous References

Philippines Lays Rizal's death and life through the numerous images, sculptures, and epithets created after him.


Images, sculptures, and coins

His legacy lives on beyond the Luneta shrine; parks and monuments dedicated to Jose Rizal may be seen all over the globe. Over a hundred monuments, plaques, and busts honor him throughout the Philippines; it seems like every town has a memorial to the country's greatest hero.


You need not go any farther than your own pocket to find a memorial to Rizal. The Philippine one peso coin features the likeness of national hero Jose Rizal. They claim that at least once throughout their lives, all Filipinos, regardless of wealth, gender, age, or religion, will come into contact with a one peso coin.


Also, monuments to Jose Rizal have been unveiled in a number of different nations, including Japan and Spain, both of which he visited and resided in.


Animal species epithet

Even when in exile in Dapitan, Rizal remained productive. Amazingly, Rizal had a role in the collection of three kinds of creatures that would later be given his name. These include the "Heller" (Apogonia Rizali) species of tiny beetle, the "Wandolleck" (Draco Rizali) species of dragonfly, and the "Boetger" (Anura) species of toad (Rachophorus Rizali). This proves that you may find traces of Rizal in anything from buildings and plazas to natural habitats and animal species.


There are hundreds more intriguing and contentious details regarding Rizal's life than the ones we've covered here. Although he lost his life at a very early age, he had a full and eventful life that inspired tales that are being told today.


In point of fact, the popularity of Jose Rizal's name led to the naming of a province in the Philippines after him.


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