5 Money Lessons from Filipino National Heroes

29 August 2022
5 Money Lessons from Filipino National Heroes 1

In Hollywood, they had Stan Lee who created some of the most celebrated superhero characters in the world, like Spider-Man, the Avengers, and X-Men. In the Philippines, we had Filipino comics legend Mars Ravelo, the mastermind behind Darna, Captain Barbel, Lastikman, Flash Bomba, and many more.


Regardless of where they came from and who created them, these superheroes are looked up to for their exceptional contributions to fighting the bad guys. But while they're a work of fiction, let us acknowledge that heroism can also be showcased in real life, where our heroes fought and died for the nation's sovereignty and freedom from oppression.


It's a cliche, but only because it's true: not all heroes wear, or have worn, capes. Before our heroes became heroes, they were just like us—ordinary people who also struggled with their finances, but who managed to make intelligent financial decisions to survive the hustle and bustle of daily life.


As we celebrate National Heroes Day, let's look at some of the lives of our local heroes, be inspired by how they managed their finances during their time, and consider emulating these money lessons to achieve financial freedom.


Here are six practical money skills from some of the Philippines' National Heroes:


Marcella Agoncillo


  • Teach the youth about financial literacy

Best known as the main embroiderer of the Philippine Flag, along with her daughter Lorenza, and Jose Rizal's niece Delfina, Marcella Agoncillo was married to Don Felipe Agoncillo, a brilliant lawyer and jurist. Although born to a well-off family, Doña Marcella taught her six children to work hard to attain financial independence.


Teaching the value of money and personal finance to young kids will raise financially independent and literate adults who will learn the importance of earning and saving money, and reaping its rewards later in life.


Andres Bonifacio


  • Have multiple sources of income

Nicknamed the Supremo of Katipunan and Father of the Philippine Revolution, Andres Bonifacio is an activist leader who also has some valuable and practical finance lessons to impart to today's generation.


He was forced to work at a tender age when his parents died, and his younger siblings were left under his care. They made walking canes and paper fans at night and sold them in the streets.


Bonifacio had to juggle various jobs to make ends meet, including being a bodegero (warehouse keeper), supply clerk, sales agent, and Moro-Moro performer. He was also a maker of company posters because of his excellent penmanship.


Ka Andres is worthy of emulation for his dedication to fulfilling their family's financial needs by venturing into multiple jobs that he could profit from. Bonifacio was a testament that if you have multiple skills, you can bank on them. But make sure to not tire yourself too much. You also deserve a break! Rest when you can.


Manuel L. Quezon


  • Consider getting a life insurance

 It was under Manuel Quezon's presidency when the Philippines attained its independence. In 2018, a biographical movie about him, aptly titled Quezon's Game, depicted his heroic stance during the Holocaust. When other nations refused to intervene, and with intense opposition from colleagues, President Quezon was instrumental in the rescue of over 1,200 Jews from the then Nazi-occupied Germany under Adolf Hitler.


His heroism aside, his money lesson for us is about getting a life insurance. This piece of information was highlighted during Sun Life's 125th anniversary in 2020. After President Quezon's untimely death due to tuberculosis, it was said that his Sun Life insurance helped sustain his family's finances.


If you've been thinking about getting a life insurance, President Quezon's story may help you make the decision. But of course, consulting a financial advisor could answer most of your questions before deciding to invest your hard-earned money in a life insurance policy.


Jose Rizal


In 1901, the distinction as the country's official national hero was bestowed upon Dr. Jose Rizal. Born to a wealthy family, Rizal had the privilege of attending prestigious schools. He studied medicine at the University of Sto. Tomas, and later on continued his education in Europe.

The following is a rundown of lessons we could learn from the excellent money management of Gat Jose Rizal.


  • Be conscious of your spending habits

 Rizal's attitude towards money made him frugal and conscious about his spending. Rizal managed to get by and survive on his limited finances while living overseas by closely tracking his expenses. According to Esquire Philippines, "Rizal was very detailed in recording his daily expenses. He would record every peseta spent from postage stamps and books to lottery and theater tickets."


He spent a considerable part of his savings on books but scrimped on food. In a letter to his sisters, he also bragged that he did not take a bath for months because a bath is very expensive. He would also look for cheaper accommodation and sometimes stay at a friend's house to save on costs. During the cholera pandemic in Spain, Rizal enlisted to care for cholera patients in some doctor-deprived places to earn money.


Rizal sure knew the importance of frugality when you don't have the means yet, but also to remain sparing even when you already have the financial capability, which means choosing to save up for major financial needs before fulfilling your wants.


  • Pay off debts on time

When Rizal decided to publish his first novel, Noli Me Tangere, he had to ask for help from his friend, who lent him money to print the first 2,000 copies of the novel. After several months, Rizal paid off his debt in full.


Borrowed money is sometimes necessary as we all need a lifeline every now and then. However, being responsible and managing your debts properly enables you to achieve peace of mind from financial worries brought about by accruing high interests if your debts are unpaid for a long time.


  • Invest in a property

Rizal was also clever with his earnings and winnings. He once won a lottery ticket worth P20,000 and used the money to buy a property in Dapitan, where he was exiled. He made investments in agricultural lands and managed to profit from his abaca business.


This lesson hints toward maximizing one's hard-earned money by hopping onto an investment vehicle of your personal choice. This could be in properties like our national hero did, but could also be in various others, like stocks or long-term mutual funds.


Be your Own Hero: Save and Invest your Money with Lumina Homes


How we spend, save, and invest our finances is a significant indicator of our financial freedom and literacy. Borrowing money is not inherently bad, but it must go together with proper debt management. Getting a loan, car insurance, or buying a property may sound like a risky move, but with careful planning, all of these make for great investments that you could enjoy as you go on with your life.


Just like Agoncillo, Bonifacio, and Rizal, we can be heroes too, by making smart decisions with our personal finance. With Rizal's experience in investing in a property, for example, one could be rewarded with excellent returns. Buying from Lumina Homes, known to offer an affordable house and lot for sale, could just well be the best investment waiting for you.


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