Labor Day 2023 Celebration Ideas at the Workplace

18 April 2023
Labor Day 2023 Celebration Ideas at the Workplace

Now that most of the employees are now back to work in their offices and everything in the country is back to normal, employees can celebrate the different types of holidays observed and celebrated in the Philippines with a much more enjoyable summer vacation or activities.


In recognition of their efforts, society celebrates a day called International Workers Day or Labor Day. In the late 19th century, advocates in support of workers' rights lobbied for the establishment of a national holiday commemorating the contributions, achievements and struggles of workers in all fields. As it's a national holiday now, in many countries, people get the day off to celebrate success and relax.



Labor Day in Philippines as a National Holiday

Each year on May 1st, Filipinos all around the nation celebrate Labor Day in honor of their hard labor and dedication to their communities. The first Philippines Labor Day started in the spring of 1903 when a labor congress demanded for fairer working conditions from then American-led government that made the Philippine Assembly passed a bill recognizing May 1 as a national holiday. Now, the public holiday, is also called "Araw ng mga Manggagawa" (Day of the Workers) in the Filipino language.


In the Philippines, people take things easy, watch, and hang out with friends and loved ones. Celebrations include labor actions and parades in Manila such as in Malacañang, which is now Presidential Palace, and other important towns.


The minimum wage, inhumane working conditions, and other concerns that threaten workers unions' rights are at the heart of their grievances, which are brought to light by these actions. On this day, we honor all Filipino workers, regardless of their occupation.



5 Creative Ways for Employees to Celebrate Labor Day in the Philippines

There are a ton of ways to join your colleagues in the Labor Day celebrations even if you don't have the day off. In the spirit of Labor Day, here are some suggestions on how you may express your thanks to your coworkers and get into the holiday mood at the end of the office:



1. Provide your staff with an early start to the Labor Day weekend

There is a definite air of anticipation in the air days before a three-day weekend. Provide an incentive by telling your staff that they can clock out early on Labor Day. Your workers will feel very valued if you give them permission to start celebrating the holiday two hours early.



2. Compose heartfelt messages of thanks

If you want to show your appreciation for your staff, take a few minutes out of your day to write them a handwritten letter. It's a wonderful way to show your appreciation for their efforts in your life in a manner that won't be forgotten.


Fun Tips: Feeling a bit generous for the regular holiday Labor Day break? Little incentives may be given to top workers if funds allow, or the joy can be spread around the whole crew. Little gift cards, day trip to Starbucks or an additional paid day off are just some examples of low-cost bonuses.



3. Have a potluck party

Throughout the course of the rest of the day, have everyone bring a dish to share and set aside some time for everyone to unwind and spend some time talking or socializing with guests and one another by having a potluck.


To give you some ideas on how to add some thrill to your potluck party, you can check out this list:



Give the executives the opportunity to serve and provide meals for the staff.

Flip the script on the workplace hierarchy by having your department or upper management provide meals for their staff the Friday before the Labor Day holiday. To unwind as a group, any place you can go out and have a barbecue is a fantastic idea; grilling some burgers or hot dogs or even a samgyupsal dinner out is a simple but satisfying activity.



Acknowledge the hard work of the team by buying them dinner.

Offering complimentary lunch foods in Philippines is a great way for businesses to show appreciation for your staff without asking them to spend their own money, whether you're ordering in for the office or picking up the tab for a team outing down the block.



Take advantage of the outdoors and organize a picnic.

Use any nearby parks or other green areas to brighten your work environment. Spend the day together as a group picnicking and lounging and sun ourselves on the grass. Get some famous snack in Philippines and drinks that everyone can like, along with some games and other entertainment, and you'll be set for the trip.



4. Celebrate with an all-white bash

Have an "all-white" party and have every employee on your staff wear white on the Friday before Labor Day to get the celebration started right. You may go with a more traditional "white food" menu with vanilla ice cream, cupcakes, etc., or you can go with a more "patriotic" or "carnival" menu.


You can add some fun to your theme party by organizing some activities or play some games that your employees will surely enjoy. You can try some of these for starters:



In it to Win It

Since it may be done in person, as a hybrid, or online, this Labor Day event is adaptable to your team's needs no matter the state of affairs when you all return to the office. The TV program serves as inspiration for a variety of 60-second team activities. With the in-person alternative events, everything is brought to you, while the virtual and hybrid models inform teams in advance what standard goods they should have on hand. As a pre-holiday tradition, it's a wonderful opportunity for the team to relax and have fun together.



Salsa Showdown

This entertaining activity series is sure to be liked by everybody involved as it prepares your team for Labor Day barbecues by turning them into Southwestern cooks. Each team of employees has been entrusted with creating the greatest salsa possible from scratch. Afterwards, the teams compete for the title of Top Salsa by marketing their own recipes.



Surprise Awards Night 

Fun awards like "Hardest Worker," "Most Company Pride," "Best Team Player," and so on are great ways to recognize and show appreciation for your team. Have workers cast ballots and reveal the victors during your theme party. To show your appreciation, you might give the lucky winners a token award such as a cash bonus, a certificate, or even a trophy.



5. Toss in some snacks

Involving a lot of people or taking up a lot of time is not required to have a good Labor Day celebration. You can brighten anyone's day by bringing them a box of donuts or cupcakes. A celebratory message wishing everyone well and thanking them for their hard work on Labor Day should be placed with the baked goodies in the common area or kitchen.



Although there are many ways for you to reward yourself this coming holiday, make sure to spend your money wisely on something that will benefit you or your family in the years to come.


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