Labor Day as a National Holiday and How to Celebrate it

22 April 2022
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Observances of both a secular and a religious nature are celebrated in the month of May. Labor Day, which is observed annually in many nations, serves as a secular reminder of the importance of hard work and dedication to the common good. For its religious holiday, on the other hand, St. Joseph's Day, the patron saint of laborers, is celebrated on this day.


But for this article, let's focus more on the secular holiday for the month of May.


Labor day was created as a secular holiday by the labor union movement to recognize the importance of employees in the economy and society. All throughout the world, people commemorate International Workers day on May 1st, which is also referred to as May Day in certain countries. First Monday of September is a holiday in several nations including the United States and the United Kingdom. Labor Day's origins may be traced back to the eight-hour work day reform campaign.


History of International Workers Day

Only the working class can declare a national holiday, and that is why it is known as International Labour Day. In response to widespread calls for eight-hour workdays, safer workplaces, and higher incomes, the movement gained traction across the globe.


After the first international conference of socialist parties in Europe on July 14th 1889 in Paris, France, declared May 1st every year as the "Workers Day of International Unity and Solidarity," the first May Day celebrations for workers took place on May 1, 1890.


That particular day was selected in light of current events taking on across the Atlantic. 1884 saw a demand for an eight-hour workday from the American Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions. This demand was made effective May 1, 1886. This led to the general strike of 1886 and the Haymarket Riot in Chicago, but it also finally led to the formal approval of the eight-hour workweek.


Trade and labor organizations celebration of labor movement around the world

The 1st of May is observed as May Day in the majority of nations throughout the globe. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the bank holiday is not established on May 1st but is celebrated on the first Monday in May.


In the twentieth century, the Soviet Union officially endorsed the holiday, and it is now observed as International Workers' Solidarity Day in many communist countries. Celebrations in communist nations during the Cold War period were typically marked by big military parades with the newest equipment on display as well as public displays of support for the regime.


Despite the fact that May 1st or the Labor Day weekend also symbolizes the end of summer for many Americans in the United States, the first Monday in September is observed as Labor Day. Loyalty Day is on May 1st and is a federally recognized, but little-known, holiday in the United States. There is considerable speculation that this was done to avoid commemorating the 1886 riots. Another reason for the government opposition to May Day labor festivities in the United States has been the adoption of May Day by communists and socialists as their principal holiday.


On the other hand, in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands, Labor Day is observed on a different day in each of these nation because of the way the holiday was first observed in each of these places.


The Labor Day Parade

Worker protests and demonstrations following the Civil War led to demands for shorter workdays and improved working conditions. It's widely believed that the first Labor Day parade was held on September 5, 1882, in New York City. Some tens of thousands of union members, including bricklayers and jewelers, typographers as well as many more craftsmen took unpaid time off and marched alongside their locals. A picnic, speeches, fireworks, and dancing marked the day's conclusion.


History of Labor Day Holiday in the Philippines

An inaugural celebration for Filipinos on May 1 was conducted by the Union Obrero Democratica de Filipinas or the UODF in the Philippines in 1903.


Thousands of workers marched from Tondo's Plaza Moriones to Manila's Malacanang Palace, the country's then-residence of the governor general, to seek full independence for the country.


On April 8, 1908, the Philippine House of Representatives enacted a law designating the first Monday in May as a national holiday. On May 1, 1974, Ferdinand E. Marcos signed the Presidential Decree No. 442 known as the Philippine Labor Code.


The Presidential Decree No. 442 or the Philippine Labor Code signed by former President Ferdinand E. Marcos stressed the fact that both the employer and the employee are on the same workbench, doing distinct tasks, but they are bound together by a shared goal of efficient production to fulfill the needs of their fellow people. Private enterprise is therefore required to bring about an increase in wealth that would meet the requirements of man. Labor and capital are not at odds and should work together.


This year, the labor day weekend marks the first year in which Filipinos will be allowed to celebrate the regular holiday outdoors. Whether you would like to spend it for leisure, recreational, spiritual, and educational aspects, it's important to keep in mind to still observe the health protocols of the government in your labor day celebrations to ensure the safety of everyone.


But if you would like to spend this Labor Sunday in a much relaxing way, here are some activities that you can do with your family and friends:


1. Have a dine-in or take out dinner with friends or family

Take advantage of restaurants that cater to your desires if you don't have the luxury of time and order the most lavish meal they have to offer. Labor Day is a good time to give yourself a break. When you order takeout, you may bring your family and friends along for the meal.


2. Plan a movie date

Consider booking some movie reservations at the movie theater nearest you while enjoying some popcorn. Choose the movie that you would like to watch in advance to avoid unnecessary anxiety in making decisions while at the theater. You can enjoy your first movie theater experience after a year of lockdown restrictions either with your family or friends.


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