Kid-friendly Interior Design Ideas that you Must Try on at Home

18 August 2022
Kid friendly Interior Design Ideas that you Must Try on at Home

You don't have to give up your sense of taste or get rid of your expensive coffee table because you're a parent unless it has sharp edges, in which case you may want to make some adjustments. However, one must have a good eye to design a room that is suitable for adults but can accommodate toddlers with sippy cups.


If you share your home with active, inquisitive children, you should consider making some modifications to make the house more child-friendly.


Here are a few suggestions for keeping your home child-friendly without sacrificing its timeless elegance:


For the family room

Incorporate an Outdoor Rug into Your Interior


This isn't an inflexible regulation, so feel free to bring that outside rug inside with you. All that you need to have to keep them looking brand new is the occasional hosing down with water from an entire space and some time in the sun to dry them off.


It's also possible to use a rug designed specifically for busy hallways. In this manner, you can relax and enjoy yourself without worrying about whether or not everything is spotless, which is particularly challenging in a communal space like a family room. kids rooms, or a gaming room.


Don't Forget the Cushions


If you need more sitting in the living room because of visitors or young children, poufs, floor cushions, and ottomans are all fantastic possibilities. There will be no sharp corners that can help kid-proofing the room. Also, they will add a touch of elegance while also giving the room a more natural, relaxed vibe.


Exhibit Your Kids' New Found Items


Geodes and other types of rocks are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also very durable.


Alternatively, you might add another very child-proof décor, such as garden statuary, if that's not your thing. In addition, using repurposed materials or making do with what you already have is also a less expensive alternative to going all out on costly furnishings.


Play Around With Decorative Pillows


Accent pillows are a great way to spruce up a space, and if someone spills on one, it can be quickly replaced or cleaned. Choose bright and bold hues and patterns for the living room and family room to add personality without sacrificing durability.


For the dining room

Select Organic Components


Think about things and materials that are designed to get a lot of use and/or love, which are often seen in the natural world.


You may also use skins or wool carpets. Due to their outdoor nature, they are safe to use around children. Just toss one over a bar stool or chair and you've got instant coziness and a little bit of extra texture brought to you by these natural materials.


Choose a Solid Wood Dining Table


The fact that there is a child in the home is acknowledged by the distressed wood finish and the splattered paint accents. Because it is non-porous and smooth, solid wood may be used in the food preparation area without fear of sharp edges and contamination.


For the living room

Rugs with Light Colors Should Be Avoided


It's ironic that the colors designated for nurseries are the ones that most parents would avoid using in their own homes with young children.


The light colors are easy to stain from spit-ups and spills, yet they need minimal effort to clean. You could choose to give the carpets in your house a deeper shade and perhaps some designs.


Be Careful When Deciding on Wall Paper


Silks are not suitable for use around children since they are easily ruined by dirt and liquids. There are several papers made of grasscloth that are similar. Kids are naturally interested, and these are sure to pique their interest.


As an alternative, you could wallpaper the ceiling for a unique and out-of-the-way accent that won't damage easily, or you could choose a removable wallpaper that isn't as precious and isn't meant to stay forever anyhow.


Show off Your Kid's Talent by Framing His or Her Artwork


Put your kids' greatest artwork in frames and hang it up on the wall.


You may preserve their works of art indefinitely in this way, and the result can be elegant if the frames are simple and contemporary, and the artwork is hung in a traditional grid pattern from floor to ceiling.


Purchase some High-Performance Fabrics


What's more appealing: using a cheap fabric that will need to be recovered in a few years' time, or a high-performance fabric that will last a lifetime without showing any signs of wearing.


When deciding whether to invest in high-quality materials for upholstering or otherwise altering your furniture, consider how often you plan to replace the upholstery or the adaptations and whether or not it's worth it to you to save money in the long run. You can also try to learn how performance textiles can withstand several washings and still look like new.


Free Up the Layout


If your family is big or expected to increase in size, you may want to think about having your dining, family room, and gaming room all open to one another. As a result, you'll be able to keep an eye on the kids while still having more quality family time. The areas may appear and feel more cohesive if a neutral color scheme was used in conjunction with some trendy but smooth)finishing touches.


Decorate Using Old Books


Rather than treating children's books like art, you may do what several galleries are doing and exhibit them in a more tasteful manner.


Find some stunning decorative pieces for your coffee table or console by shopping at a used bookshop. These won't break the bank, and if your kid goes on a book-destroying rampage, it won't be a huge deal either.


Invest in a child-friendly urban environment


These tips will be particularly useful if you have just purchased a new house and lot from Lumina Homes and are looking to renovate the interior. But kids' safety and security must not end at home.


Thankfully, Lumina Homes built its communities in child-friendly cities making it the best choice for home-seekers who have small children in their families.


City leaders and municipal mayors are aiming to create a place that is safe for young people through their comprehensive child-friendly urban planning-- and Lumina Homes take advantage of this objective by building communities around these provinces.


In addition, Lumina Homes also create urban design communities that help in reducing air pollution through its greener neighborhood. Lumina build public spaces inside the subdivision in which children can spend time in shared spaces with our kids in the neighborhood through our mini parks and playground that Lumina kids love.


We also have perimeter fence to avoid climbing wall and secure privacy as well as your kids' safety as well as a 24/7 guard house.


Pick your preferred Lumina Homes community now and take a tour anytime and anywhere you are in the world through our 360-degree Virtual Tour. Hurry and make your home reservations now!

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