6 Easy Ways for a Room to Look Bigger

27 January 2022
6 Easy Ways for a Room to Look Bigger banner

Let's face it; most rooms aren't quite the luxurious getaways we'd want them to be. Small rooms are snug and practical, yet they may seem claustrophobic and challenging to manage. As it happens, crowded rooms can quickly become depressing when you have more things than square feet. And, as more city folks choose for "micro-living," cramped quarters may be a significant hindrance when it comes to creating the perfect house.


But just because a room has a small amount of space doesn't mean it needs to feel confined. Everything matters when it comes to decorating a small room. There are, however, some innovative design ideas that might help you make the most of your available space while also simplifying your daily tasks.


 You can genuinely make a small room seem larger with only a few well-placed objects and clever design decisions. This may be achieved by clever lighting design approaches, color schemes, furniture arrangement, mirror positioning, and even the location of mirrors in the room.


To know more about these tips, we collected smart ways on how to make your tiny space look bigger.


Make a room look bigger

There are several small room ideas and tricks of the eye that may be readily implemented into any little space of your house. The following are some space-saving solutions to help you make more space in your house or workplace, no matter how little it is. 


1. Let in natural light by opening up your room.

By bringing in natural light via wide windows, you'll be able to have an open space in your house and eliminate any sense of detachment from the outdoors. To let in more light, use sheer window coverings or remove them from the entire room. Plants or flowers near the windows can also add some welcoming feeling and coziness to your home.


Natural light brightens and expands every space, making it seem more spacious. You will indeed be surprised by how much impact even a modest change can make.


2. Bring out your artistic with multi-functional furniture.

It is essential that you must keep in mind that large, heavy furniture may consume a lot of valuable floor space. That's why the trick in making a small space seem larger relies on strategically placed furniture.


A chest storage that doubles as a couch, a coffee table, or even a bed with storage drawers is a great example of multi-functional furniture that can be utilized in several ways in the same room. These tables can be stored by folding when not in use, making them excellent options for small spaces. 


3. Make your room brighter by using a few lamps.

With several sources of light, you can make a room seem more significant. It comes in handy when there isn't a lot of natural light that can enter your home space.


Instead of depending only on a single overhead light, use a few lights to equally distribute light across the space. Also, your lighting sources should be mounted on the wall instead of taking up valuable table space. It's easy to direct light with swing-arm sconces behind a sofa, but a more dynamic ceiling pendant can really liven up the atmosphere of an otherwise plain small living room.


4. Create the illusion of a larger room with mirrors.

Make a space more open and seem bigger when you use mirrors. You may create the sense of extra space in a room by using mirrors to reflect light from windows.


Create a sense of depth by placing a focal point in the middle of the room and aiming your mirrors toward it. In addition to reflecting ambient light, mirrors may also be used to increase a room's overall brightness at all hours of the day or night. Placing a mirror near a window to reflect the outside world is one of the most effective ways to do it. You can also place mirrors on dark areas or walls where natural light is not possible.


The use of mirrored cabinet doors, as well as mirrors on the walls and glass tabletops, will also make your space seem larger.


5. Get a light color scheme.

If you have limited space, avoid using dark hues. Larger spaces benefit most from the use of dark color schemes, which are now fashionable and easy on the eye. It might seem as if the walls are closing in on a room that is already cramped when dark color schemes are utilized in smaller areas.


Light paint colors are well-known in the design community for their ability to elongate and brighten a space. Natural light is more effective when it is reflected off of bright and reflecting walls, which creates an open and spacious feeling. 


Using accent walls to make a space seem larger is an option that might be considered. An accent wall adds color and interest to an area without overwhelming it. Always keep in mind that brighter rooms seem larger and more welcoming, so pick for soft colors like off-white, blues, and greens. Consider painting your wall moldings and trim a lighter shade of the color you want to use on your walls. Using this method, the walls will seem to recede farther into the room, making it look even more spacious.


6. Maintain a balance proportion.

The last thing you want is out-of-scale furniture, so be sure you adjust yours to meet the room's dimensions to get the best possible arrangement and avoid too much stuff. Consider couches and chairs with smaller arms to have more sitting space, as well as ones with longer legs so that you can see the floor underneath. The space seems to be more spacious as more of the floor is shown.


A circular table will also take up less space if your dining area is too small for a traditional rectangular one.


There are a lot of ingenious design concepts that will help you get the most out of your small living space and make your life simpler. Furthermore, it's a lot less expensive than getting a new house.


But, if you are renting and would like to do many renovations and redesigning in your home, this may create a lot of hassle for you compared to when you have a space you can call your own.


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