Agent Tips for Real Estate Youtube Vlog Topic: Ideas for Your Channel that are Helpful

5 July 2022
Agent Tips for Real Estate Youtube Vlog Topic Ideas for Your Channel that are Helpful

In today's business world, video has risen to the top of the list of most potent tools accessible to entrepreneurs. Online viewers love videos because they provide visual advertising and give your company's brand a more human face. Statistically speaking, making videos is a terrific method to enhance your reputation online, convey your professional opinion, and boost your search ranks and leads.


Fortunately, real estate agents in the real estate industry are well aware of the benefits of using videos to promote their practice. It's easy to create leads with video content like that on platforms like YouTube and Facebook Live.


In fact, some researchers found out that video-enhanced listings outperform those without videos by 403 percent in terms of queries. In addition, there are three reasons why YouTube is an excellent location to publish your video material online:


  • Google owns Youtube, the world's second-most popular search engine.

  • Since people's attention spans are so short these days, relying on a streaming service like YouTube is essential.

  • Due to the difficulty of producing videos as compared to written content, Google gives them more weight in determining a page's search engine results. Video results are also supported and integrated with this service, making it easier for users to find them.


So if you're looking for some ways how to up your game on YouTube, this topic is for you!


How to make catchy real estate videos for your real estate business

With more than 1 billion active viewers, it's hard to argue against YouTube as the best platform for real estate video marketing, despite the competition. The goal should not be to reach all one billion viewers. Instead, you need to focus on a certain, narrow audience. That necessitates a real estate video marketing strategy and a thorough understanding of how to improve your YouTube channel. Let's discuss the different ways on how to make your YouTube Channel gain more visibility and viewers.


It's important to design your real estate agent channel page great as your real estate website.

Anywhere you have an online presence, your brand's aesthetic elements should be emphasized. The same is true for your YouTube channel for real estate. In order to add a banner and profile picture to your channel's homepage, be sure to include your headshot, your business name, and contact information as well as a trendy image of one of your greatest listings.


All of your agency's information should be included in the "About" section of your YouTube channel.

Your company's contact information should always be shared, no matter how aggressively you advertise yourself in the real estate industry. Always keep in mind who you're trying to reach with your content may not know where to locate you on social media or how to visit your website. Make it easy for people to find you in the digital world or get in touch through email and phone — particularly in your YouTube channel's About section.


Make catchy headlines that are easy to find and that encourage readers to click through.

Titles for YouTube videos are just as important as SEO-friendly, humorous, and appealing real estate blog article titles, so make sure they combine relevant keywords and encourage viewers to watch your videos. The good news is that crafting titles for blog posts and YouTube videos is essentially the same.


Images in your video thumbnails might help visitors quickly identify the main point of interest in the clip.

The thumbnail graphics that display in the video list on your YouTube channel should explain precisely what each video is about. A frame from the video isn't required, but it must convey the main idea of each clip in the photographs used. If, for example, one of your films illustrates the differences between buyer's and seller's agents, a picture showcasing the title of the video, your name or agency logo, and a photo of you assisting a customer should be sufficient for viewers to understand what the video is about.


Describe your videos in a way that is ideal for search engines.

Attempting to sum up your real estate videos in a few phrases will not suffice. Your video's description should instead include an extensive explanation of the material, such as a transcript of your clips. In this way, viewers will be better prepared and know exactly what they are signing up for before they start the film.


Ensure subtitles are available for the deaf and foreign language speakers by providing captions.

Despite the fact that subtitles aren't a real estate video optimization factor, it assists in reaching those who can't hear or whose main language is not English. In order to increase your lead generation, you should consider using Transcripts, which provides speech recognition technology, to provide captions for hearing-impaired users, and Google Translator Toolkit to create subtitles for foreign users that can translate your content into as many as 58 different languages.


Add Cards and Annotations to your real estate videos to encourage viewers to take action.

Over the years, YouTube marketers have used annotations as their primary call to action (CTA) in their videos. However, a new sort of CTA is on the horizon in the near term. The video platform released cards at the beginning of 2015 and would ultimately replace annotations as the major technique of mid-video marketing firms may utilize. Remember the basic structure of promotional pop-ups, no matter what CTA you use in your clips: an explanation of why viewers should click and a link that takes them to the page they expected to see.


Develop a long-term video content for real estate marketing strategy.

A successful YouTube channel relies on your ability to stay focused on your objectives and stick to a specific set of standards in every step of your video production and delivery. This strategy is best crafted by first determining what topics and viewpoints would best teach your audience, then focusing your attention on the specifics of each sort of video you want to provide.


Include Dog-Friendly Places

Unfortunately, it may be difficult for homeowners to determine where the best location to take their dogs. Don't forget to include a list of dog-friendly businesses and services, such as kennels and restaurants, on your next video content. You can also encourage people to post pictures of their four-legged buddies online. This is a great way to attract people to interact with your videos and YouTube Channel.


Feature some kid-friendly sites

Because it doesn't matter whether they are looking for the best pizza parlor or the most recent news about the best schools in your area, providing parents with information about kid-themed information in your place is a great way of producing helpful content that is likely to be shared on social media. Take a poll of your mailing list to determine the best locations.


Promote Local Businesses

You've probably got a go-to hamburger shop or cappuccino spot that always love to visit. Perhaps you're familiar with the greatest place to have a cocktail near the stadium. There is a good potential that a company may connect to your YouTube Channel in exchange for providing your audience with information about interesting locations they should visit.


Interviews with local business owners and restaurateurs may also be used to cross-promote your product or brand. For the purpose of generating new business, consider holding a presentation or meeting at the highlighted shop.


Home Maintenance

The need to learn more about home improvement projects is a universal human desire. Home renovation projects that yield the most money should be prioritized. It's possible to take things a step farther and explore themes like arranging a property you're trying to sell, or how to avoid many of the usual issues involved with purchasing or selling a home. To apply this to your next video, you can do a video walk-through of your own house or property that you just worked on to demonstrate your competence in real-time.


Housing Trends

Housing trends may be the most universal issue for your prospective viewers. If you're seeking to target sellers or buyers, bringing up recent house sales statistics, mortgage rates, and financing constraints is an excellent spot to focus your efforts. Set up Google Alerts to get timely information on certain housing trends that you can utilize in your content.


Local Events

Anyone who consumes most of their time in the same neighborhood would be interested in hearing about upcoming activities. Any forthcoming, noteworthy events in your real estate market, from festivals to community initiatives and estate sales to charitable activities, should be communicated to your audiences. Keeping up with current events may be as simple as subscribing to event notifications on local websites or newspaper websites that cover your area.


Recreation Activities

If you're looking for a location to work out with your dog or the greatest gym to get in shape, featuring the best spots to work out is a terrific idea for your vlog. To increase your earnings, you can also include affiliate links to athletic items or recreational equipment on your YouTube videos.


Testimonial Videos

Even if you don't want to brag too much, having material based on current and previous customers who have worked with you is an excellent method to establish your credibility and exhibit your track record in the business. These may be through texts or video-based, but they can be a strong addition to your real estate video no matter how they are presented. Ask your email subscribers for testimonials, and you'll be amazed at how many individuals you get in touch with.


Are you still running out of real estate content ideas for your vlogs? Here are some of the topics you can explore for your real estate youtube channel:


How-to Videos:

Creating how-to videos is one of the most popular video marketing content on YouTube. Here are some of the tutorials that you can include on your next video:


How to Organize Better Open House

By planning the ideal open house, you may help home sellers get more attention from potential buyers.


How to Avoid a Mortgage Mistake

In order to keep your purchasers from causing a problem with their mortgage, provide your audience with some tips, advice, and crucial things to keep in mind.


How to understand the Sellers Market

Help first-time homebuyers receive the best prices possible in a seller's market by guiding them. Give your thoughts on lowball offers, fresh listings, and the like.


How to Handle Home Inspections

Help your buyers understand the need for a home inspection contingency so that they can detect any problems before they purchase.


How to increase your stakes of success in homebuying

Tell your viewers what they may anticipate from the property based on the money they've already allocated for their purchase.


How Can Buyers Make Their house more appealing

Tell them that the best way to organize a house is to pay attention to the smallest of details.


How to Create a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Tell your audience how to enhance their landscape's aesthetics and emphasize the necessity of making a good impression at first sight.


Closing Costs

Make it clear to your audience that you are one of the real estate professionals or one of the legitimate real estate agents in the country by providing information about closing fees.


Behind the Scenes of your real estate sales

Give an example of how you advertise your property listings.


Feature other real estate agents

Organize a panel discussion with other real estate agents to keep things interesting. Interviews, Q&A sessions, or just working together on your ideas are all great ways to go about this.


To sum it up, there are various ways how you can improve your video content on your YouTube Channel and establish an online presence on your channel. You just need to have a creative mind and must be open to some adventure or challenges for your next content.


For more video ideas and content concepts for your vlog, you can also visit our Lumina Homes official YouTube Channel wherein you can find a wide array of vlogs and short clips that can help you in promoting your real estate business.


You can also be part of our community as a real estate agent and grab the opportunity of online training and courses for free-- which can assist you in improving your abilities and skills in creating a real estate blog. It can also be a tool to widen your knowledge as a real estate agent offering you the opportunity at the same time to join one of the top leading and most trusted community developers in the Philippines.


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